Natasha Is Depressed • Endgame 3D 4K • 5.1 Audio

Yeah. We boardedthat highly-suspect warship
Danvers pinged.
It was an infectious
garbage scow.
So, thanks for the hot tip.Well, you were closer.Yeah. And now
we smell like garbage.
You get a reading
on those tremors?‘Twas a mild subduction
under the African plate.
Do we have a visual?
How are we handling it?Nat.It’s an earthquake
under the ocean.
We handle it
by not handling it.
Carol, are we seeing you here
next month?Not likely.What? You gonna get
another haircut?
Listen, fur face.I’m covering
a lot of territory.
The things
that are happening on Earth
are happening everywhere.On thousands of planets.All right, all right.
That’s a good point.
That’s a good point.So, you might not see me
for a long time.
All right. Uh, well… This channel’s always active. So, if anything
goes sideways… anyone’s making trouble
where they shouldn’t… comes through me.Okay.All right.Good luck.Where are you?Mexico.The Federales found a room
full of bodies.
Looks like
a bunch of cartel guys…
never even had a chance
to get their guns off.
It’s probably a rival gang.Except it isn’t.It’s definitely Barton.What he’s done here…what he’s been doing
for the last few years…
I mean,
the scene that he left…
I gotta tell you,there’s a part of me that
doesn’t even wanna find him.
Will you find out
where he’s going next?Nat?Please?Okay.You know, I’d offer
to cook you dinner… but you seem
pretty miserable already. You here
to do your laundry? And to see a friend. Clearly, your friend is fine. You know,
I saw a pod of whales when I was coming over
the bridge. In the Hudson?
There’s fewer ships… cleaner water. You know,
if you’re about to tell me to look on the bright side… Um… I’m about to hit you
in the head with a peanut butter sandwich. Hmm. Sorry. Force of habit. You know,
I keep telling everybody they should move on… and grow. Some do. But not us. If I move on, who does this? Maybe it doesn’t need
to be done. I used to have nothing. And then I got this. This job. This family. And I was better
because of it. And even though
they’re gone… I’m still trying to be better. I think we both need
to get a life. You first.

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