Non-invasive depression treatment saves Jacksonville mom’s life

the suicides last week of two famous people Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain that we heard so much about put the spotlight on what many experts are calling a public health crisis the recent surge in suicides that we don’t hear about spades husband says the famous designer battled depression and anxiety for many years Bourdain’s depression may not have been as evident but the celebrity chef and TV personality had a history of drug abuse and admitted the slightest thing could send him into a downward spiral major depression is one of the most common medical disorders in the United States suicide rates are up 30% and researchers say they found more than half don’t have a diagnosed mental health condition either way many people go untreated or have trouble finding medications that offer the help they need Melanie Lawson researched a newer treatment that a local doctor says is tapping into a patient’s brain and treating depression without any side effects we met a woman suffering from depression and she had tried it all counseling medication self health books and she didn’t have any luck so in a desperate last-ditch effort she tried a non-invasive treatment that she said started to work in just two short weeks she didn’t want to identify herself because of the stigma associated with depression so let’s call her Gina but she did want to share her story to try to help someone else unless you’ve been there Gina says you just can’t imagine what it feels like to be depressed so you thought about taking your life yes and I unfortunately I did attempt one time you get to a place where you’re not thinking rational and you think that people would be better off without you she describes it as unbearable physical pain that’s not just in your head it turned to alcohol and I started drinking a lot and that’s what brought me here I ended up having to go into treatment for it she turned to alcohol and Gina says she found it hard to even leave the house doctor de carvalho says she was a shell of the person she is today we’re talking about a person who could not even get out of bed in the morning significant depressions feelings of guilt worthlessness hopelessness no appetite she couldn’t sleep at all also massive anxiety racing thoughts doctor de carvalho believed she’d be a good candidate for transcranial magnetic stimulation we will move this magnet to that area of the brain and deliver small pulses that will bring up that chemical this picture shows differences in the brain of a depressed person versus one that’s not dr. de carvalho describes it like you’re waking up dormant areas of the brain when that happens 45% of patients go into complete remission 65 to 75% respond well but could need follow-up treatment in the future now you have a treatment where you walk in just like you walked into the ER and we go right to the spot and we start treatment right away no waking no libido issues none of that stuff no nausea no vomiting Gina’s friends and family started to see the difference after just 10 treatments or two weeks visiting that past is painful you know but yeah now I smile now I have hope now I kind of I think it said it leveled the playing field so that I have a chance now and I can do the therapy that I need to do and get back on track Gina’s prescription was thirty six treatments five days a week and it was covered by her insurance dr. de Carvalho says it’s a partnership with the patient’s current doctor and the person administering TMS to make sure the patient gets the right prescription and has the follow-up care he or she needs CMS is available in several places in our area I have put all that information for you on news for Jax com Melanie Lawson Channel four the local station

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