Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment; The Permanent Unit

For a permanent stimulator, that means we’ve
done the test on the patient. It’s worked extremely well and they want to do the permanent.
What we do is the day that we take out the test stimulator, I sit down, and once again,
go over the process of a permanent stimulator. It’s usually done about two weeks later. It’s
also a relatively simple medical procedure. The difference in the test and the permanent
stimulator is that the permanent stimulator has the battery implanted under the skin versus
the test, where it’s on top. In the test stimulator, we mentioned that
there’s four very, very thin, little, what look like IV tubes, actually plastic-covered
wires under the skin over the eyebrows and then in the back of the head. With the test
unit, conceptually, the little leads come out of the skin to a battery on the outside
of the body. With the permanent stimulator, we pass the
leads from the front, the little wires from the front around the right side to the back
of the head, and then all four of them, there’s two in the back under the skin to where the
battery is. This is the battery we use for the implant. This is actually their newest
model that’s available. It doesn’t matter where in the body for the
permanent stimulator that the battery goes. It can go anywhere. For technical reasons,
we usually put the battery under the upper outer rear, the upper outer gluteal region.
A little incision is made. The battery is inserted into the skin and closed up.
With the permanent stimulator from this battery, we have those four tiny little wires passing
under the skin, again two to the back of the head, two over the right ear to just above
the eyebrows. What the patient will feel is this very mild, little tingling sensation
in the forehead and the back of the head. Again, it’s very mild. People ask me a tingling
sensation. Sometimes, the patient will say, “I guess I could get used to that.” It seems
like it could be a nuisance. It’s not the case for patients that this unit works in.
What they report is it feels great. It’s very soothing

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  1. I had this procedure done last fall, after having nonstop headaches for over four years, and all the scans coming back showing no problems, to the point where I was just waiting to turn into the girl from THE EXORCIST.  I had the permanent stimulator planted just eight days after the temporary trial, and had the temporary trial removed in the doctor's office just three days before the permanent unit was implanted.  About four and a half months ago, just three months after the permanent unit was implanted, I had to have another surgery to replace the lead when it migrated down into my neck.

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