Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Patients Regain Their Lives

When it is successful and stops their headaches,
they’re overjoyed for a lot of different reasons. Probably the most important is that their
headache’s gone. They get to enjoy life. We had a 50-something year-old patient. It was
just beautiful results. She came in overjoyed because she got to go out and act normally
now. She was saying she got to go out and play
with her grandchild out in the sunlight. Heretofore, she had on sunglasses. She literally could
not go outside. Her description is her life’s given back to her. She gets to partake in
family activities. She gets to eat chocolate, which she could never eat before. Again, if
this works, it works on everything. The major thing is that the headache’s gone.
But, there’s a lot of complementary benefits, as well, to it. So, it’s extremely satisfying
from a professional, personal standpoint even, to watch the patients come back. We see a
lot of nice things in medicine. I’ve always enjoyed being a doctor, and in pain management,
easing pain. But, this is the most dramatic we’ve seen when they describe that they’ve
actually had their life back. One girl — two girls — who could not go to school before,
are now back, fully capable of going to school back in college. A twenty year old girl had
to withdraw from college, could not leave her home, and is now fully back at college,
full life style, This young lady is even changing her major
in college, and has moved over to neuroscience, just because of her response, her experience
with this. Again, the grandmother, who can now go out and play with her kids. A young
man that can do gymnastics now, that couldn’t before. So now while we see a lot of nice
things in medicine, I’ll just say that this is particularly nice, particularly gratifying.

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