Oppression – short film

What even? No. This one doesn’t fit you either. Actually, you don’t look good in anything. Some babies were dropped in their heads, but You were clearly thrown at a wall. you really think this will cover up that horror you call face? No amount of make-up can prevent people from vomiting when they look at you. Aimee, are you ok? Oh yeah I forgot you exist! Do you really think anyone here cares about you? Wow there bud, I do. You don’t make a difference being here. In fact you would make an amazing difference if you were not. Aimee, don’t listen to her. Aimee, give up. Even I know that you aren’t going anywhere in life. I’m your best friend, I know you really well. You can try all you want, but everyone knows that you’re worthless Brains are everything, but in your case they’re nothing Aimee, wake up. Just as I thought, pathetic. Can’t even concentrate in class. Why do you even try having a life? That’s not nice at all. Why would you talk to her like that? It’s because she deserves it. Aimee! I can’t handle all this thoughts anymore. I hate myself. Are you being harsh on yourself again? Everything will be ok You’re a great, beautiful, and smart girl. you would’t want me to do this to myself, so why would you do it to yourself? Be a nice friend to yourself, ok?

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