Our path home.

I knew that retirement was coming up, so I retired from teaching
in 2018 at the end of June. And, you know, a few years
before I actually retired, I thought to myself, “You know what? “I think this’ll be my second chance “to become that artist again.” You know, and I started
thinking about that more, and I started thinking
about how that might happen. So when I retired, my dad, at the time, was quite ill, so I spent the next several
months up until he passed away that fall, in November,
basically spending as much time as I could with my family,
looking after my dad. As a family, we were all
reflecting back on my dad’s life. It kinda gets you reflecting
back on your own life, you know, and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder how my dad feels
now kinda looking back.” He wasn’t lucid a lot of the time, but I’m sure he had gone through a process where he was probably
looking back and going, “Did I do what I wanted to do?” You don’t ever wanna be in that
position where you look back and go, “Shoot, I didn’t
do what I wanted to do.” You know, like, “I need more time.” So I’m sure there was kinda
this little message in there for me like, this is it, do it. If there’s something you have not done and that you want to do, do it. It’s the best thing ever. Like, it’s kinda like, aah, you know? I could not have predicted
when I retired from teaching what the next year or so has been like. And people who know me, they’re
like, “Who is this person? “You’re like 10 years younger
than you were before!” You know, “It’s taken years
off and you’re so happy “and enthusiastic all the time.” It’s like, well, it’s hard not to be because I’m doing my passion. All my paintings are, you can’t see them. They are lined up over here, and they’re leaning against
the windows, and I look at them and go, “Geez Louise,
like, what a progression.” The growth has been huge, like, amazing. And I don’t see that stopping, right? I see that continuing. For me, the process of
creating art is, to me, the most interesting, fascinating
part of being an artist. And it’s play, and it’s experimentation. Right now it feels like it’s
the greatest time of my life. Like I feel like all the
regret of not following that art dream and all the sadness, ’cause I didn’t let myself
dwell on it, it would kinda, you know, kinda creep into
my thoughts, and I’d be like, “Nope, we’re not gonna go there.” Like, this is life, this is what happens, let’s just kinda keep that to the side. That’s gone, so all of
that is just, it’s gone, and I kinda think, “Geez, you
know, I could die tomorrow, “and I will have gone after “what I wanted to when I was little.” You know, I have no regrets now. I have no, no sense that I haven’t followed a dream.

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  1. Canadian accent for sure! I checked out your (very nice) website. Really like your work and your msg in this vid. I can relate. Hi from TO👋😊

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