Overcome Depression and Sadness | HIGH PERFORMANCE Emotional Intelligence Ep. 4| Self-Help Yourself

can you transform your sadness into
something more productive that will actually transform your performance in
every area of your life it’s all about how you view it and how you can change
it that’s coming up in today’s video essentially every emotion is nothing but
a message a message that is influencing how you think feel and act in any given
situation know this that if you understand and embrace your emotions and
be constantly aware of how they are impacting you and the people around you
in any given situation you are guaranteed guaranteed to see higher
performance in every area of your life keeping that in mind every emotion
impacts us by telling us a message in these two ways number one it asks us a
question it asks us a question and on basis of that it does this to influences
our behavior it influences what kind of results we see and if we are to see high
performance results we need to have a better understanding of our emotions
emotional intelligence is key what is it that I love is currently going away from
me right now this is the question we ask ourselves whenever we feel sad and the
reality of sadness is that we are going through a lot of pain even though we as
humans are either designed to experience pleasure or avoid pain we are going
through this pain and we’re so emotionally aroused that we do not know
which way to go this is how sadness typically impacts us but it also
influences us in a certain way and it’s up to us to acknowledge
that sadness is one of those powerful drivers of behavior that either can make
us stay where we are right now or focus change focus change to a point where I
want to do something that is going to help me stop feeling sad at this point
of time that’s how we usually look at sadness any kind of specific mental
illness or something like depression or even a stronger state of going to the
point of suicide all of this comes together in one way or another to help
us understand that yes essentially I am sad a much greater degree of sadness can
be interpreted as depression along with a whole variety of symptoms that tend to
go along with it however sadness is what we feel at the
very base of it and when we ask ourselves the question that what about
what I love is going away from me right now so here we see a disengagement from
pleasure we have things going a certain way a certain event happens or something
happens to us and now systematically we feel in this way that something
pleasurable is going away and that is causing us to feel pain that is what is
happening whenever we feel sad something pleasurable that may be going on right
now and it may even be the fact that it may be not a sense of pleasure but a
sense of normalcy that is going on right now and that is causing us to stray away
from the normal that is viewed as pleasurable even though it is not
necessarily a pleasurable event things are going fine but now I am experiencing
pain and now I am going through this great degree of sadness can you relate
to different incidents in your life when you felt this way that things are going
normal something happens and then you just feel miserable
that’s the thing here you want to clarify with yourself what is the
influence here the influences do I want to hold on to this do I want to hold on
to this kind of emotion and that’s how captivating sadness can be sadness has
the ability to dominate has the ability to encompass everything that we are
experiencing at a given point of time and it’s very easy to fall into the trap
of just engaging in the pain and believing that that is where that is my
identity and that is the main thing that is wrong with how most people view
depression or negative incidents in their lives have you done this at any
point of time where you’ve seen an incident you’ve experienced it and you
realize that oh my god only bad things happen to me all of these negative
events are just a part of my life you start to associate all of these things
with your identity and you start holding on to that sadness more and more it
becomes more of your role your role of being a sad person and once you’ve
become a sad person you start to view yourself as only a sad person there is
no way to come out of this role and you attract other people who are also sad
and then you ask yourself why is my life so terrible why is my life so bad this
is where social interactions play such an important role social influence is so
important in these situations because if you are continually surrounding yourself
with people who are going to develop what you already are that’s where a
problem comes into play social influence plays a very impactful role you surround
yourself with people who drink alcohol you drink alcohol surround yourself with
smokers you smoke as well you surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs
you surround yourself with positive people positive people who make impact
not only in their lives families lives but also the people
around them that is how you are going to be as well
sadness is essentially that internal drive that forces you to continue
feeling that way for a prolonged length of time so long as you let it so don’t
let it quite simple right you’re either clarifying whether you
want to hold on to that sadness or you want to move on you want to recreate the
situation in your own likeness that I am NOT a sad person this is not who I am
this is not the role I want to play this is not my identity my identity is that
of a happy person my identity is that of someone who experiences joy who spreads
joy to other people’s lives then systematically you can create the
changes in your life to come out of that sense of sadness that sense of
depression that okay I am feeling this way right now you may continue to feel
this way because you are emotionally aroused for a length of time as I’ve
already mentioned but keep in mind that you have the potential to come out it’s
not your fault that you fell into depression however it is your
responsibility to come out of it to come out of that emotional arousal once you
have gathered the resources around yourself to overcome sadness this is the
kind of approach you won’t have to either tackling sinus or depression how
can I come out of this view yourself as a happy person someone who drives
pleasure from either helping themselves or helping other people always save
yourself first and then look to save other people the potential that you have
within you to save other people is amplified so much once you save yourself
first it may be financially it may be with
regard to education it may be with regard to anything
always save yourself first and that’s the whole issue here where you’re only
thinking about yourself there has to be something of a healthy balance and that
comes from emotional intelligence trying to emotionally educate yourself about
how you think feel and act in any given situation view yourself as someone who
can recreate your life someone who can take action take responsibility for who
they are right now and you have that inner ability to stop being side and
actually transform your life there is a light at the end of the tunnel so long
as you look to seek it it may take any length of time for you but taking
systemic and regular action towards overcoming sadness and depression that
lies in your hands if you want to become more emotionally acquainted more
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