Overcome Worry and Stress | Short Sermon

During the holiday season, there are many
things that can cause us to feel anxious. We face a lot of challenges that can
make us doubt ourselves and think, “Can I really do this? Can I really keep up with
this schedule? Can I really get everything ready in time? Can I really get through another holiday season without my loved one? Can I really
treat that relative like I’ve forgiven them after what they did to me?” Now, this is where I’m supposed to tell you, “You’re gonna make it! You can do it!” Because
that’s what we want to hear, right? I mean, we’re always looking to be reassured
that we’re capable, that we’re smart enough, that we’re strong enough, that
we’re good enough. But the truth is if I told you you were gonna make it, you
might listen to me, but you might not. But the good news is that there’s someone I
know that, when He tells you you’re gonna make it, you can believe He knows what He’s talking about. And I know that some
people think that choosing to believe God forces us to let go of reality—to
ignore the facts. But I believe that God Himself is a realist. You see, God knows when we can do it and when we can’t. So many people will just
keep pushing this idea that if you just work hard enough, or you just try long
enough, you can do anything. But the truth is as humans we are finite beings. We all
have our limits, but God doesn’t. There have been so many times where I’ve cried
out to God, saying, “God, I can’t do this! This is too hard!” And He has gently
replied, “You’re right. You can’t handle that, but I can. Give it to Me. Let Me help
you.” When you take the time to slow down, to wait on God, to read His Word, to
listen for His voice, you’ll find that He is your strength. When you choose to put
your complete trust—your faith—in Him, you’ll find that He is right there
beside you, helping you to carry the weights of life. God even went so far as
to carry our greatest burden on His shoulders when Jesus died on the cross.
He knew that redemption was impossible for us to achieve alone, and so He did
the heavy lifting for us. If He loves us that much, you can trust that He loves us
enough to carry today’s burdens as well. Whatever is causing you to look forward
with fear or anxiety or doubt, lay that at the feet of Jesus, because He
cares for you.

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  2. Thanks Troy. I am just now facing the loss of a 3 year relationship and it feels like the end of the world—especially since the holidays are coming up. I know I’m definitely not alone and that God is with me; He’s even given me signs and touched my heart in certain ways to let me know that He cares and knows best. Though I feel like everything is going to be miserable for the holidays and I won’t know what to say to everybody, I know that I have Jesus with me every step of the way. Thank you for your encouraging video! God bless you, Troy and thank you!

  3. Oh yes l love this video l understand that stress over holidays but God is love and strength like you say ,it's about celebrating Jesus and family friends bonding all other materials of this world means nothing anything possible through God always Thank you

  4. Troy, this is a wonderful video and very appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.  You are so right, we need to rely on Jesus and Jesus only.  Thank you and God bless you. xxx

  5. I so needed this. Thank you for the words of encouragement 😭♥️ Christmas and the holidays are stressing me out! Give it to God! Amen!!!

  6. How different my life might have been had I found your videos in my childhood.
    But thins are as they are, and you're definitely helping many in finding the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in Christ!

  7. I needed this so badly… I'm going through depression and you always make me feel better and hopeful. Thank you (and You) 💚

  8. I thank God, and you Troy, so much for this! I have been praying to God about this girl I really like in my class and I think He's going somewhere with it. She goes to Church also, but I don't know too much about her faith yet. Please pray for me and that if this is God's will, may it be All for His glory. Thank you brothers and sisters! May the love of Jesus always be with you and guide you in life.

  9. Thanks you Troy , I was totally lost .. facing continuous failures from past 6 years, I am just 22.
    academically + Physically+ emotionally+ mentally. And i am busted up!! Dont know what to do …so after watching your video, I fully handles my destiny in god's hands . This isn't mean I will stop trying I will keep on fighting. But now I will choose to keep trying instead of crying ! And Results I handle in god's hands.

    Keep it up buddy you are doing great work 🙏 God bless u .

  10. Hey Troy, I'm from India, I fortunately came across your channel when trying to understand "why I should fear God". This has been something that I always heard, read and knew about but couldn't feel it in my heart. I've watched the video you did on this particularly topic and it certainly ring some bells, and thank you so much for that. I'd appreciate a prayer from you and another video on it😊

  11. Heyyyy ………. I want to know the interpretations of god dreams

    Once I had a dream …… in that I saw Jesus Christ …. I was in the air n sleeping on this lap …….. he said me that …. the girl whom I love is gonna propose me after 2 days …… wn I got I i was really happy abt that …… but to be surprised …. she really proposed me after 2 days ….. n now b are in a relationship……. can u plzzz say me wt was this abt …… and will this relationship be firm …. forever……. bcoz God is good …… he know the past present and the future…

  12. Yes, God alone can do the impossible things. This year, I want to share His Word too, so I became a vlogger. I just shared how to start a remarkable new year, hoping that people will be encourage on how we should start the year right.

  13. What keeps us stressed during “holidays” is that we are doing pagan feasts and calling them God’s. Look at Leviticus 23 & learn his HOLY days. His moedim and calendar are set by Him. And, beware. It is not the calendar used in rabbinical Judaism.

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