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– Shake it really well, open it up and – Chug, chug, chug! (upbeat guitar music) – Hello, I am Fletcher. – I’m Jim Bob, I’m Fletcher’s dad. – My name is Russell,
and I’m Celine’s dad. – He’s sweet and kind. – What are we eating today? – Today you’re going to
try and couple of snacks that I used to eat when I was in college. – When I was a lot younger, a lot skinnier. – I was just gonna say that. – Close your eyes. – [Little Girl] I’m putting
my hands over my eyes, so I can’t see. – All right you guys can open your eyes. – Oh, yum! – I’m not eating cheese. – Chicken!
– I know! – This is Mr. Z’s finger
licking baked chicken. – We have a couple of dad’s
favorites and this is not one meal these are all individual meals. – I already know what that is, dressing. – Yeah, Italian dressing,
you can buy a bottle of salad dressing for not much money
and when I’d wake up hungry in the middle of the night
I’d just got to the fridge and take a swig of salad dressing. – What a swig? – A swig is just like a little – A shot. – Yeah a shot of salad dressing. – What’s this for? – So we didn’t have ovens in our dorm room and I really really liked
grilled cheese sandwiches, so I would take this and
heat up a cheese sandwich. – How often did you eat it? – I would get it every single time. It was a lot better than
the other options out there. – Who’s Mr. Z? – Mr. Z was this master sergeant
who thought that he could make a better food so
that way its healthier for all the military members. – Perfecto! (giggles) – Uh oh! (hair dryer whirring) What? – It might take a while. – What we have next is a tuna melt. This is again another
cheap meal and you can make this in a toaster oven
which made it sort of ideal. – Its so squishy! – Wanna give it a try? What do you think? Yup, your dad had good taste. Not much money but good taste. (blow dryer whirring) – Yes when I was three? Never deploy and just
spend time with your family or else I’m just gonna cry every day. – Everybody has to go
every once and a while. – Can I please come with? Pretty please, pretty please! – No. – But I wanna eat this chicken! (laughing coming from behind camera) – Is that the only reason
why you wanna go with me? (blow dryer whirring) – It’s almost done! – I don’t wanna eat that! – Here you go. – Oh my god that’s hot.
– Oh no wanna eat – It’s a little warm. – Hot. – See, told you. – Oh my god. – So after we had our appetizer or dinner, you always have what after dinner? – Dessert? – Now we’re gonna make what
we call a Kit Kat burger. Rice Krispie treat is the
bottom, Kit Kat is your burger, and then Kit Kat is the top. (laughing) – Would you eat any vegetables? – In college? Fruit, I ate a lot of
fruit, I did do fruit. – What about vegetables? – Nope. – We used to get free
Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn because my grandma used to
date Orville Redenbacher in college.
– Ouu! – Were you sad to leave your
parents like I would be? – Nope, do you think you’ll
get sad when you go to college? – Yeah, definitely. – Do you think the salad
dressing will help? (laughing) – Yes. – No I’m gonna be living
with my mom and dad. – Aww, yeah I think that’s a lot better. – Until I’m 50. – I think that’s a lot safer, yeah. You can live in my house until you’re 50. – Oh look at that oil,
doesn’t look as appetizing that’s why it’s better to
drink it out of the bottle. (laughter coming from behind camera) Feels less gross.

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  1. I didn't know college life was that hard, until my cousin came to visit and she cried when I gave her forty dollars. And she stole my whole snack stash and sent me a message saying: I'm sorry but I need the food more than you.


    “I DONT WANNA EAT THAT- oh, now i wanna eat… that! dad feeds sister awwww.”

  3. Your dad had good taste. Not a lot of money, but good taste.

    (This was a joke, but I legit hate Italian dressing)

  4. When Celine laugh at his dad for dropping a piece of the KitKat but Celine drops the whole entire thing 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. But why couldn't there parents provide them with like 20 dollars a month to help them pay for there food since there parents r more capable of getting money faster

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