PEMF Devices – Help Heal Injuries / Inflammation / Depression

hello there I’m super psyched to talk
about the topic I’m going to talk about today which is PEMF devices it stands
for pulse electromagnetic field devices which are totally safe for the body
they’re FDA approved they use them so let me tell you how the science first
came out and I actually own one my wife and I really purchased one and I want to
talk about my experiences with it so the PEMF devices were created during the
initial time people had in space and what it did is that they would use them
within like the space station to actually create something called the
Schumann residence which is the kind of the harmony of the planet our planet
kind of has its own heartbeat or pulse and then they began experimenting the US
military did and other groups did and what they found was that pmf devices
would dramatically reduce inflammation in the body and speed healing so for
example if you were in the military Special Forces all that kind of stuff
you’ll use pmf devices for recovery all the time if you’re involved in any kind
of space or kind of space related agencies in the world it’s very very
common most of these you are actually the best ones apparently in the world
are produced in Russia interestingly enough a lot of magnetic studies are
actually from Russia but most elite athletes use PEMF devices again kind
of kind of the higher end or more forward-thinking therapeutic places we
use PEMF devices and what they do is they basically use electricity to kind of
create a pulse that’s rougher lit roughly in the frequency that’s
harmonizes with people so you may have heard about for example they called
electro smog which is your Wi-Fi devices electricity in your home
those run at a frequency your cell phone the those run at a frequency much higher
than the human brain and body were originally designed for and there have
been some repercussions because that people have the Wi-Fi on at night they
don’t sleep as well if there’s been a lot of relationship with certain cancers
or even so for example if people carry the phone in their pocket it can reduce
bone density very very unhealthy but what this does is it actually creates a
pulse that is very much in harmony with the human body and this is an example
the one we own so I’ll get it some better light right and then let me tell
you my experience so I work three to five times a week lifting weights and I
put my body under a fair amount of stress when doing so what so there’s
different options and some are drugs so for example people with injury or
straining the muscle they may take ibuprofen which is great in that it does
create an anti-inflammatory response but it for example is terrible for your
microbiome and in your gut flora which if you don’t know is the major one of
the major things that helps your immune system so it has some major detriments
for the body and long term music and I think it’s kidneys get affected by it
but once you study the microbiome you would never take never ever take
ibuprofen or Tylenol again but ibuprofen specifically is an anti-inflammatory so
that’s a very commonly prescribed over-the-counter thing people take but
again I would encourage you not do that second is ice ice is a great
anti-inflammatory so many athletes especially let’s say they run a race
they’ll actually take an ice bath afterwards it reduces inflammation it
minimises lactic acid buildup etc this is kind of a upgraded version for all of
those and I used to do i spaced on occasional but even just ice
compression on injuries was very helpful and I’m sure you’ve said I’ll put ice on
it when you get an injury so it’s very you know it’s great but I’ll give you an
example so I do something again heavy lifting at times and when I do this
heavy lifting occasionally I will stress parts of my body out
so maybe my lower back or my abdominals or certain areas I can feel when I’m
finished are actually hurting which means by the way if you hurt the day of
doing it that means you may have stressed something but also in the next
couple days you usually are gonna really hurt so what I will do is I’ll actually
do a treatment of this since 18 minutes and what happens when I do it is that is
in about 20 minutes after or so the pain is gone so let’s pretend I stretched my
lower back doing some sort of weight weighted exercise the stress on the
lower back and I was like ooh feeling that when I do this little literally
will go away and the healing so so well I use this post-workout the evenings the
workout the only challenge is when you do this you will naturally have a kind
of tiring effect on the body if you have or know of anyone who struggles with any
kind of depression the FDA by the way has approved this since like the 70s for
many things and other things more recently but they use pmf devices for
people who suffer from depression and there are people apparently who are who
there’s different kinds of these so this for example this make this Almog a lmam
is made by a company Ella med L amed and they have a whole bunch of different
options but but but let me tell you some of the things they talk about arthritis
osteoarthritis osteochondrosis I’m not really sure that is both bone fractures
and injuries very commonly good again for for broma bone fractures PMF device
a very common neurological diseases so people with
Parkinson’s dementia Alzheimer’s they actually noticed dramatic differences
from them from a neurological perspective varicose veins complications
of diabetes so there’s a lot of benefits that have been shown from using these so
they’re not cheap but it’s probably better you get a better one than a
lower-cost one this one is roughly six hundred US dollars to get but again it’s
it’s designed with daily use to last roughly ten years so the last longer if
you don’t use it daily so I mean you can do several treatments a day so it’s very
very very powerful profound if you’re someone who’s an athlete if you’re
someone who works out all the time if you’re someone who I mean if you know
anyone with neurological or things like that
that’d be beneficial any of the issues I mentioned it’s amazing how quickly you
feel better the only thing is it does make you kind of tired and sleepy I
guess it you know whatever it’s doing it that that is the only side effect is you
get sleepy or more physically tired afterward it’s a great thing to do
before going to bed but I just wanted to bring it up too because it’s one of
those things that we invested in and we had tested that there’s a local doctor
in Trinidad who has like full body PMF and we had tested it before we purchased
but so-so and if you have a forward-thinking doctor where you live
or therapy place you should build up access to one of these so test them out
and if you’re someone that would use it regularly so for example the cost to
actually get a treatment may be twenty to thirty dollars for this for twenty
minutes and again that’s twenty to thirty uses
for the price the investment so for me it’s well worth that and many more so
for me it’s invaluable so again if you’re an athlete or know
someone who has maybe a large family that may
have this or again neurological or the diabetes or arthritis this may be
something to check out so if you have any questions please feel free to reach
out to me here and I would be more than happy to help you but this really has
been quite powerful and profound for me so I just wanted to share it with you
because I thought you may benefit from it and again ideally check it out with a
local therapist or doctor who has it so you can check it out and see how awesome
it is and then you’ll probably want one and if you want I can probably put you
in touch with the person who got the one that we purchased so I’d be more than
open to do that and the model that we have is the AL mag zero one so awesome
have a great rest of your day thank you so much take care

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