Peppermint: for Headaches

How to make a natural medicine at home to
treat headaches, and some extra trips and advice. 1. Nowadays many of us suffer with headaches. There are a variety of different causes, however
most are caused by tension in the muscles. 2. There is a simple remedy that you use to ease
your headaches. Best of all, only one ingredient is needed. Recipe, You will need:
1 bunch of peppermint leaves. Method: Simply remove the leaves from the stems and
place in a food processor. Blend this to a fine mixture and then sieve
to extract the juice. You can also add a few drops of water the
juice if needed. 3. Use a cotton ball and rub the mint juice around
your temples and forehead. 4. The menthol contained within the mint will
have a soothing effect. 5. You can also use peppermint oil if you prefer. This can be easier to apply as the essential
oil sticks to the skin. 6. It’s important that you try to relax for
at least 15 minutes without looking at computer screens or phones. 7. Sit with your back straight and allow all
of the muscles in your face, neck and shoulders to relax. 8. Breathe deeply and inhale the peppermint juice. This process will allow oxygen to reach the
brain and loosen muscle tension. 9. You can also try some gentle stretches by
moving your head from side to side, chin to shoulder. Gentle movements are key. 10. This will stretch out the muscles which may
be causing your headache to begin with. 11. If you persistently get headaches, try to
sit up straight and do not slouch throughout the day. 12. You ask a friend or relative to massage the
shoulders and neck, to manually press out tension points. 13. If this is a persistent problem, be sure to
see your doctor. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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