Phor & Nikki Have a Serious Conversation | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– ♪ – I just feel like
we need to have that one-on-one conversation,
you know, as adults, regardless of the situation. I can’t go back and rewind time. All we can do is move forward. How you been?
– I mean, good. – Yeah?
– Feeling better? – PHOR: Trying to. Like, I learnt
a lot from therapy, you know what I’m saying?
– Mm-hmm. – I took time to myself
to accept and mature. I had to just let
go and let God. – How are you now mentally?
– I’m doing better. That took a lot
out of me, [bleep]. Like, I had a vulnerable moment
on national [bleep] television that I was trying to
keep from happening. I still sit and think
about–I’ll be down, I’ll be [bleep] up
inside and thinking, having all these
negative thoughts. You was the only person
that knew everything I was going through. When I lost you, that was
the last straw for me. [bleep] me up that I didn’t
have you in my corner, G. It hurt me so bad, G. – ♪ – But you was part
of my depression. We was best friends
and vice versa. We had the same energy. You was my happiness,
you know what I’m saying? That [bleep] gone. – My intentions never,
ever was to hurt you. – You’re sending videos
naked to females. – What are you talking about? – NIKKI: ‘Cause you
didn’t send me this video. – I could take accountability to where I went wrong
in my relationship. I can admit that. But I’m more so hurt that I lost
a friendship that could’ve been, you know, something
forever lasting. – I put my pride to the side to even leave that comment
on your page. – ♪ – I still reached out to you
to make sure you was okay. – It hurt me because I’m like,
“You only hit me up because everybody
know about it.” And you been know what
I was going through. So it [bleep] me up. – At least I tried,
you feel me? – ♪ – I was just in Atlanta.
I was gonna call you. But you blocked me, right? – Because, like, I feel
like you still want me. – ♪ – What do you want me to say?
I still love her? I don’t. I got love for her. It’s the difference
between being in love and having love for someone. This would mean more to
me, more than anything. I’m being honest with you. – Like, I don’t have no
ill will towards you. – Being with you right now
and having this conversation, it means more than anything
going on in the house. – ♪ – You know exactly how I feel. I love you. – I feel like you have more
to get off your chest than me. Like–
– Absolutely. – But no hard feelings? – I didn’t know where
it was gonna go. But I’m actually glad she came. I might not get another
opportunity to talk to her in this type of way. So I knew this was my time
to get things off my chest. And I took the initiative
to do that. Come on. – ♪

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