Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!

Hello, everyone, at home I’m here in sunny London where I get to the craziest thing that I’ve ever done in my entire YouTube career, which is play a video game with Ryan Reynolds. And not just any video game We’re gonna sit here and we’re gonna play some Deadpool together because he has some, experience in that regard, so Here we go, I guess Take one Ryan: Hi. Alright Sean. I get it. Where’s my controller? Jack: T-This is your controller Ryan: That is? Jack: I’m gonna let jesus take the wheel in just a minute. Ryan: oh no no Don’t do that. Okay, you want to hold it for now? Jack: I can Ryan: Okay (Beep) Jack: Welcome. I’m here with my um new best friend. Ryan: Yes. Jack: His name is um um Jimmy Buffett Ryan: something like that. Yeah. I was wasting away in Margaritaville. Jack: We’re here and we’re gonna play some Deadpool I think you have some experience with this man. Ryan: I played Deadpool, but I haven’t played Deadpool Jack: H-have you have you ever played video games before? Ryan: Yeah. Oh, yeah when I was younger, yeah, I played a ton of video games And then now I have a three year old and one year old at home Ryan: So there’s just zero time for something like that. Jack: Oh god. Ryan: Is this the Nolan North version? Jack: Yes, he’s fantastic Ryan: Yeah, I love Nolan North Jack: So you can do the voice for him now if you want Ryan: Yeah, I guess so right we could just yeah, we can just I don’t want to dump Nolan or the guys the genius We’re a little bit into the game. So I’ve passed the tutorial aspect in there. Okay, all of that is done So I’m gonna give this to you now. When was the last time you played a video game? Uh Castlevania This looks like a highly militarized version of Castlevania, yeah. Okay. This is your camera you can move around with that Oh god, that’s great. Look how good you’re butt looks. oh i know he’s got a really nice butt. My butt is not nearly that nice ,so you’re gonna need to jump up this wall so you can just jump shot either Sean no no tell me how to jump I don’t know. Okay, A is your jump button? Okay. oh Jack: I feel like I’m the one with a three year old right now, Ryan: I know, you are the one So this wall behind you where the green things are if you just jump Jack: Left and right across this you’ll make your way Ryan: this thing? I’ve just keep going straight.Jack: No, no, no, no go back, okay I don’t fucking know how to play this. I’ll teach you how to play a game. So you’re gonna jump against this. Oh, There you go. You’re very busy playing Deadpool why couldn’t could start like starts. This is Great, just jump and jump again. There you go Oh, oh, oh, I’m a natural ladies and gentlemen Deadpool in action This is your gun button. Okay, and then this is can I just swan dive off this thing? And yeah, you don’t take take fall damage in to an empty pool of broken glass. And yeah You are the sewer. So be careful of what’s around you nice little safety role You are getting your ass handed to you right now. Really? um speaking of asses What does Colossus his ass really feel like? Oh my god. It is actually shockingly supple Looks like he works out. I’m getting dead. I’m dead. I just got killed you died as Deadpool. Oh This is embarrassing this is very embarrassing this is what this was and how this was supposed to go By the way, we had don’t want to play for a bit. I don’t you see you kick some ass here Okay, I don’t want to like show you what no, no show me out. Yeah, you can also teleport I mean, why wasn’t that in the damn movie? I know right? I was in the middle of the movie I was like, can I leave there’s no teleportation importation in this movie the new movie. I saw it last night I thought it was fantastic great huge fan. Thank you. That’s great. That’s great to hear Um, well, what was your favorite part about shooting the movie this time? favorite part of shooting the movie was I think it was probably Anything interact and all the interaction between Deadpool and cable that stuff I love that says fantastic because he’s like the adults in the relationship Deadpool sort of the child. Yeah, I like that those two are Basically at odds for most of the movie and then sort of finds some sort of tiny Inkling of common ground is that you and Josh in real life. That is I’m very scared of Josh in real life So yes a scary man. I’m almost sure he has rabies So yeah, but he’s he’s an amazing actor as well so he just brings like a kind of heavy weight You’re so good at this it’s it’s what I do. Yeah I’m sure if the two of us got to acting you would class me in that a small bit so Because it’s the sequel to Deadpool, yeah because nobody thought the first deadpool movie was ever gonna get made Yeah, you kind of had a lot of people backing you for the second one Yeah, we had a little bit of support for that which is which was nice So was there a lot of pressure to make it as good if not better than the first one? Well, you always have that pressure. You know, you’re always trying to make everything a little bit better than the last time I mean I still look at that for one I’m like, oh, I wish we could’ve made that better or this better or that better Yeah, you always kind of have that feeling because we’re all so close to it but but we had sort of started working on the Deadpool two Script ideas on while we were shooting Deadpool one without any kind of idea that we’d actually get to make it. Yeah But we just love Deadpool. We love the character We love that world so much, you know and I think that comes across on the screen, you know You see when you see people having an amazing time or sort of doing something that they truly love on the screen it translates to The audience. Yeah, absolutely. So it was a story. We really wanted to tell since 2015 So when you like act out the scenes, obviously a lot of those jokes are pre-written, but how much of it is? Script the jokes and riveted do you get to improv the day? Well, it’s a healthy dose of both a lot of the improv people think Oh that’s like so hard to do and I said I’m not actually improving. I’m I started as an improv comments I why I moved to Los Angeles, but But the a lot of the jokes I’ve written ten options for 1 joke So I’ll sometimes I’ll just I’ll just keep going as they’re rolling and just decision to different makes yeah But but yeah when we’re when we’re working on the script. Yeah, I’m acting it all out. I’m walking around the living room I’m doing you know sort of we’re sort of setting all the you know Yeah, all the scenes and how we want to do them. So it’s uh, there’s a lot of fun Were there any jokes in the movie that you wanted to make but couldn’t or had to remove yeah There was one or is it there’s one? That’s a little Disney joke that we couldn’t do. Oh really? Yeah. Yeah, we had to take it out. But uh, yeah Yeah, but it was as I look back and like I think that that was probably for the best Yeah, but otherwise, no everything’s up there Everything we wanted is in the movie and not unlike the first, you know It’s just everything is a little bit bolder and you know for Deadpool to we don’t have that burden of telling an origin story We have to we get to just dive right in the audience, you know, Deadpool Why do we have to take all that time to? Introduce the audience to Deadpool the world the rules everything how he’s probably became deadpool to all that stuff So we didn’t, you know, we just got to sort of have fun Yeah We got to just hit the ground running and I think it shows as well because there’s a lot of chemistry Between everybody when they’re on set and yeah, like everybody interacting with each other. It feels like a little yeah a little family Well it is that’s our goal was to make a family movie *such a family movie* Deadpool one is a love story definitely Deadpool two is there’s a certainly a love story in there, but it’s a family film That the pill so Deadpool three is like an alien invasion movie Deadpool Three my god, you’re just gonna give me a fucking heart attack Have you gotten many reactions from people who have seen it yet. It’s the most fun. I think I’ve ever had in My life is watching it with an actual audience. That’s cool. Yeah, it’s it’s pretty cool, man It’s cuz you’re you know, you’re just you see I’ve seen these things 100 million times and yeah for them It’s brand-new and this is the first time and I just love how vocal they are. I love how loud they are I love you know, all that stuff. So that’s been that’s been amazing I think that’s kind of the same stuff with YouTube things cuz that’s that’s my favorite part about doing anything is Seeing people’s reactions to what you make yeah, and seeing how much it affects them and how much it means to them Yeah, also with your job you get sort of instant feedback You kind of know exactly what yeah, you stand with something. That’s far with something That’s precisely my favorite part about doing YouTube is that I don’t have to wait for anybody Arclight just it is by the way and I am as we talk about the movie I realized I am beating the shit out of this lady. Yeah, or she beat the shit out of me I invite I’ve died once already. Yeah. Well, she’s she’s our arclight play very powerful, you know yourself. I know the characters Yeah, I just haven’t spent a ton of time playing this game, which I well you’re gonna have to no no No, I do really am do you like the game? I do. Yeah, I’ve played late game I’ve played the entire thing for Youtube before and ever like everyone just adored it. Then this is before the and you finished it. Yeah This is before the first movie even came out Really? Is that a spoiler like what happens at the end at the end of this? I can’t tell you that does he find the piece he so eagerly seeks Does he ever no never is that piece actually out there? No, no, not for anyone. We’re actually all just hurtling through space. Yeah just in a giant green and blue doom machine Alright, I find a little not to get too crazy about this, but I find Peace in my family We have two little girls. I got a wonderful wife. I’m like, yeah, I like that. What is he doing? I don’t know I realize as you talks very serenely about your family and your love for them. Yeah, it was very lovely I realized that Deadpool is being impaled and Pretending to touch her boobs Wow. Yeah, this is a Deadpool game through in so this is not this was not created in 2018 No, it was not else. So what happens if you can’t get out of this so you just stop dude This is your life now for the end of time. Oh, yeah, okay This is the piece that has been missing humans are one of the most adaptable species on the planet Yeah, and Deadpool is a cut above the rest. Absolutely. He’ll find a way to make this work. We were talking a little bit about The whole movie being about family. Yeah We were talking you just talked about your own family and we talked about the movie itself is based around Russell and how he’s kind of an outcast in where he is and he’s trying to look for his family and Deadpool’s about his family and Everybody kind of looking for their own thing. Yeah, and to me personally doing this job that I do Yeah, I meet so many kids who are going through that I mean so many people who are going through their lives looking for that piece of them Yeah, and I wanted to know if you if you’ve ever gone through similar things or if you have any advice for people Who are looking? Oh Yeah, I mean like growing up this heart, you know, it’s hard because kids were not taught You know coping mechanisms were not taught how to kind of communicate our feelings Yeah, a lot of men especially are taught like nah You should be macho and yeah hyper masculine and all that stuff and you kind of you can kind of quickly That’s a slippery slope. You can kind of quickly lose yourself because you’re silent about things, you know What’s great about Deadpool is that we meet tons of kids as well. We never say no to kids We’re going through through something and one of visits that we never ever said. No, they always get to come down Yeah, always get to be on the set. See what’s going on. Sometimes I’ve put them in the movie that’s come a lot of kids with cancer love Wade Wilson because he’s a guy that is dealing with cancer because Sort of flipping the bird to this disease and while that may not always be a reality in real life. I can see how kids Gravitate toward Tory Owens take some inspiration in him So yeah, you know, I mean there’s these are strange times too But they’ve always been kind of strange times right like everybody’s I know when I was 18 17 when I was 11 I was always kind of going through something and it wasn’t until I was like in my 30s that I realized Oh, you can actually kind of talk about yeah, and that’s kind of the piece of advice I gave everybody everyone thinks their world is crumbling around them at that time. No matter what generation they’re in Yeah, and I think it’s it’s when you get older and you get more comfortable in your skin You’re like, yeah, I could have just talked to anybody about this So and also not to get too sentimental But the worst feeling on the on the planet is feeling like you’re the only one Yeah, if you’re having something that’s going on that you feel like just absolutely devastated about or you can’t move through it You always think I’m the only person on earth who feels like this and that’s exactly that’s the worst feeling on earth But the truth is you’re not you know, yeah I think that’s the beauty of doing YouTube as well is that it’s an outlet. It certainly was an outlet for me Yeah to realize now there are people who like video games too who are going through similar things and People are sure who are all going through the wrong things. So did you did you foresee your Your presence online becoming so huge absolutely not I don’t I mean, I’m sure when you started off acting you didn’t think it would be where it is now No, no, I’m well behind what I predicted No, I am yes, of course But I think this is that I think this is interesting because like you did something that you loved that you genuinely loved. Yeah and he it worked out for you in a way it became a little bit bigger and it became something that people love and adore and You know, it’s always it’s always funny Like that’s the thing where everyone says if you had all the money in the world What would you do? And that’s the thing you’re supposed to do So yeah, you know while that always isn’t as easy as that little adage It’s uh, you know, you sort it’s sort of inspiring to you know, go your own way Yeah, and I think anybody has the capacity to do Literally, whatever they want. It sounds cliche Yeah, and it sounds dumb, but I think that that’s definitely true And I again I did not expect any of this kind of stuff to happen I certainly didn’t expect that playing video games in my bedroom in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere I’d be sitting on the couch talking to use Oh Dreams do come through a world What’s been the best moment of your career thus far you look down to one? Well not to be sappy but this is definitely up there. This is up there I mean, I don’t get to do this type of stuff often I love it, and we get to look at it in I couldn’t be the bigger bigger underdog right here You’re in my field this game. And yeah, you’re you’re crushing it I’ll come over to Canada sometime and well, you can’t hop on the Deadpool set. I’ll put you in the suit Oh god, just go. I would not fill out this suit nearly as well as he would I think you do Alright go on the Josh Brolin workout plan the old cable plan. That’s intense. Okay, I don’t I don’t have nearly as much Augmentation as that man has oh he is he is that guy? I’m all in for Deadpool – he’s kicking your ass He’s kicking the Avengers ass he’s kicking. Everyone’s ass. He’s gonna win a lot of fill-in of the Year awards. I think spoiler I’m not the best at video games what I know. It’s kind of false advertising really it’s kind of what I got What also makes you good? That’s what I mean. That’s why people like you is that why people connect to your channel? Is that wipe, you know because you’re not like perfect at it, I hope so Nobody wants to just see somebody be like absolutely perfect. Yeah Well, my great thing is that if I’m having fun playing it, you’re gonna have fun watching it. Yeah, I gotta up my game I could give you some stiff competition if I could get good at this please do I I would love learn and really good at This it’s like who’s that? It’s not that hard. That’s a my dad. Oh my god. I haven’t seen him for years That was my mother-in-law. So it’s it’s kind of weird Wow what you’re okay. I didn’t hurt I did it Oh you did it, but you’re not. You’re not good safe there, buddy No, like blood around the screen, you know, Deadpool he regens. There you go. There he goes. Does this suit regenerate? No, no, that’s good. I like the a Deadpool – how the suit ends up with just duct tape all of it yeah, that was one of the things that we said as soon as we left the movie that we like how You junkie you get dismembered. It’s no secret all that. Do I have deadpool? Gets messed up every now and then did you did you like method act? I? Can’t mess it back that I need. I need all my body parts Yeah, Deadpool can lose some body parts every once in a while Yes, and it was uh, that’s one of my favorite moments of the movie Actually that will take some severe Damage in the film and then we have this sort of come to Jesus moment with all the rest of the cast where they’ll never show up and it just keeps escalating to this kind of crazy absurd place and then just Totally shifts to this dark place and I love that. I love that we get to do that kind of stuff in Deadpool Yeah, I think that that that was a really great thing in the sequel because it elevates his character much more He’s not just the jokey man. He has a no side to him that most people don’t normally get to see Yeah, but he’s also you know He’s a guy that filters pain through the prison of humor And I we always sort of feel like the more pain that pulls in the funnier he is Yeah, and the more relatable he is because you know unity Deadpool’s got such a piece of the Merc with the mouth He’s got this motor mouth. And if you don’t put him in a position of being the underdog in some fashion, it doesn’t work So you have to kind of take everything away from him and then put him on his mission. Yeah It works very very well. Your your face looked fantastic movie Deep fried testicles. How long does it even take to get something like that done? It’s about three hours of Prosthetic makeup. I mean if we’re doing the full body, it’s about nine hours Which is kind of brutal cuz you’re going into work at 2:00 in the morning and then the crews getting in every round this is not 9:00 a.m. And then they’re shooting a 15 hour day and then you have a couple hours to get it off and those days were done but The makeup artist is bill Corso who’s just a genius? Yeah, and he makes it so it’s just a little bit easier than it again A lot of other people would use these big foam Pieces and he doesn’t do that easy these really thin pieces so I can move through it. That’s awesome It makes my kids just sob though it’s that and they would say I would leave in the morning and then they come at lunch and I look I literally look like A deep fried testicle and it would just make especially my year-and-a-half old daughter She would just sob I would she need days of reassurance At least you’re preparing them for what you’re gonna look like in the yes, scar them early Yeah, you know nothing can surprise them then after that they’re ready for the world Oh, yeah, this is like this is very much like Vegas when you go on that skydiving throw you up in the air Have you ever wondered what happens to Deadpool if you were to cut them perfectly in half I have what do you think happens? I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to go watch Deadpool 2 and maybe find out So well, I think we’re gonna leave it here It’s getting a bit dominoe. It’s getting a bit. Graphic. Yeah, it is. It’s getting a little lewd. Well, there you are Oh God, you got your best friend with the odds Domino he does Well be there’s your favorite boy We didn’t get the best section though, which is the section where you get to beat Logan as much as you can Until you get all of that that only happens after I fall asleep at night. Yeah. Oh man, so That’s that’s not huge Jackman though. No, it sure isn’t that’s like five foot nine Wolvie from the comics. Yeah, that’s real Wolverine. Yeah Yeah, Hugh Jackman kind of outdid himself never heard of him Thank you for having me on the show no, I really appreciate it. It’s not a follower on the social media I know I used to finally meet you in person. I had a bit of a freakout session when you did that really Yeah, why cuz I was like in the middle of recording something. I left out on my phone. I was like, oh fuck Oh, how do you see it? Like it pops up. Oh, yeah if you’re verified, so And then I was like, oh god, I can’t post anything. No, Kevin. Follow me again. No, come on post away. I love it But but thank you so much. It’s good to meet. You really nice to meet you too. John aka Jack Ryan aka Bill oh… Ryan: Wade… Jack: people weren’t supposed to know. Okay, so Thank you guys for watching! Thanks guys, okay! Can you give us a cool a send-off? I don’t have a cool send-off. All right, no, no, no!!! Cut! *laughs* (Outros) – I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe – Thanks for this Watching!

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