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  1. There is no evidence the Seperatists
    stepped off onto that rock, or ANY rock, or even that part of the shore. In fact all the best historians agree that it's highly unlikely. They all say why would they step off onto a rock when it's much easier and safer to step off onto the sand ? Of course the town won't say that, might be a few less of the PAYING public visiting Plymouth. I mean many wouldn't want to visit Plymouth if they could see The Rock ? Can't have that, can't lose money, God forbid !
    So they just changed history to help fill the town coffers. The rock is a local legend that happened to travel far and wide. I should think a professional news agency would check their facts concerning the rock a little better than that.
    Most everyone in Plymouth has known this for many years. The word Pilgrim wasn't used until the 19th century. The "Pilgrims" referred to themselves as the Seperatists, not "The Pilgrims" For everyone in the know, it's Seperatists. It's a nitpicky detail to be sure, but important to those born in Plymouth. Like me. Besides, the Seperatists did NOT land there first even. They first landed farther east acros Massachusetts Bay, out on Cape Cod.
    As a funny aside, my brothers and his buddies use to raid the change tourists throw down onto the rock for beer and gas money !

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