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  1. This will never happen we have to many crooked cops and a horrible justice system.
    Plus the police are racist in most cases .

  2. How about the kuwaiti guy who was convicted of a woman who worked in his cafe for hurrasment and he didnt touch her he was prisoned for 15 years! For no reason may God give revenge for him pathatic system

  3. Rodney Reed needs to be free!!!
    That man has been on death row for Over 20 year's a crime that DNA and witnesses say that he never committed.
    The woman who was murdered was dating a cop and was having a affair with Rodney Reed who is supposed to be sentenced to die was for November 20 th. The governor extended the execution 120 day's.
    I'm sure that there is petitions online to sign to let this innocent man free.
    Please take a minute and sign the petition.
    You. can watch his interview and the story on Dr. Phil.

  4. Humble idea, but with a for-profit prison system as broken as the USA's, error will always be more than prevelant.

    Sad thing is these errors eat away at innocent peoples lives, while evil men and womens pockets are lined.

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