Positive Symptoms and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel Star
schizophrenic so if you’ve had schizophrenia for a while or like mental
disorder you’ve probably heard positive symptoms and negative symptoms so what
does that mean let’s make an imaginary like baseline
normal person so this is like baseline normal okay
so a positive symptom is anything added on that let’s say a normal person
wouldn’t have for instance hallucinations delusions, okay normal people dont have those apparently I didn’t know that till I was 17 but we have them because we’re super cool all right
so anything added on but let’s say our normal baseline person wouldn’t have now
a negative symptom surprise is the opposite all right meaning if it’s
something that should be there all right that a normal person should have and you
don’t it’s a negative symptom so for instance not feeling emotions all right
normal people tend to feel emotions sounds exhausting alright so we’d have a
little chunk taken out there apathy taken out there you know having problems
like sleeping depression that kind of thing taking chunks out so positive
symptoms verse negative symptoms now why why is that good or bad like why does
that matter Rachel well it’s really good to track them it’s really good to
track because it helps your doctor kind of know where you’re at and
for instance you’ll see that sometimes you’ll be exhibiting more positive
sometimes we’ll be exhibiting more negative ones but track that kind of
stuff keep up with it so you can share that with your doctor and for yourself
too and manage your mental disorder so positive negative symptoms it’s not a
good or bad thing all right they’re just different and they’re just
parts of a lot of different mental disorders and we don’t want to be normal
anyways we’re cool schizophrenia bipolar depression that’s
schizoaffective like they’re not good or bad it’s just a mental disorder
all right it’s it’s neutral okay and you’re not bad for having it here I’m
Rachel star thank you so much for watching like subscribe for more mental
health and stupid stunts *clicking sound* bye *outro music

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  1. Yeah its neutral. Also was not chosen. You cant beat yourself up about what you have done in psychosis. Its like an drug addiction but wont completely stop. Or may never. You go into it a different person. Come out like what the fuck did I just do. Everyone messes up. Its part of life. Love and success is what everyone needs to be focused on. Best revenge is massive success. Success means a lot of things to everyone. Everyone has their version of what it is. So. Stay cool and never give up.

  2. Love the video, very informative. 🙂 I was wondering, could you do a video on what a full blown Schizophrenic/Psychotic episode is like? Maybe you already did and I just don’t remember. Just wondered. 🙂

  3. My son has schizophrenia. However if you are not told that you would not know. He is also diagnosed with a neurological impairment nonspecific. The question I have or rather the concern is that he doesn't share what he is thinking about or feeling. I don't want to put him under any stress by constantly questioning him. But there are times I'm wondering if he is experiencing some type of hallucination. Since he's been diagnosed he's has always claimed he's never experienced any hallucinations. The only time his illness is evident is when he decompensates due to refusal to take medicine or his medicine is not at the proper levels in his system and at that time he only exhibit delusional thinking and not much else. Do you or any of the posters with schizophrenia have any suggestions on how I can approach him with questions in order to gain a better understanding of how to help him he's 26 years old.

  4. i like what you said about mental disorders not being a negative thing, "it's neutral." i deal with prejudge, so much about my daughter and myself having bipolar I/schizoaffective, and schizophrenia, that apathy sometimes is a GREAT feeling. heh this whole "negative" "positive" still has me confused. i figured it out once, then (due to short term memory loss) i got all confused again. i think, that there should be other terms, that are more comprehensible. another great video rachel! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the good video and breaking it down and helping me to understand it better! And yeah, having emotions can be exhausting sometimes! lol

  6. Rachel i'm a schizophrenic with schizophrenia and I can absolutely relate to these symptoms of schizophrenia, oh by the way I just found your channel and subscribed to it, keep up the wonderful work creating new videos for all of your subscribers and viewers.

  7. Thank you! You literally taught me more in a two minute video than I learned in a three hour lecture. Also, your energy is amazing.

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