Post-Con Depression – Ad Parody

Does your life appear monochromatic? Do you sometimes feel yourself moving in slow
motion, as if a thick smog impairs your movement? Do you get headaches sometimes? If you have any of these symptoms, you may
be experiencing Post-Con Depression. Post-Con Depression, or PCD, can affect anyone,
although it is most common with young adults. If you have recently attended a convention,
your chances of developing PCD increases exponentially. PCD affects millions of people around the
world, and no one is safe from it. Fortunately, there’s AlwaysCon. AlwaysCon is a solution available by prescription
with a 96% success rate of curing PCD. AlwaysCon blocks monotonous cognitive functions
like school or work, and replaces them with a never-ending convention. AlwaysCon is not recommended for pregnant
or breastfeeding mothers. Consumption of alcohol while using AlwaysCon
may result in unexpected purchases and loss of memory and/or friends. If you’re on the fence about trying AlwaysCon,
just listen to what this highly educated German doctor has to say. [I am not a doctor.] [This product is unsafe and you should not
buy it.] Not available in Antarctica. See our ad in Fony Pony Magazine for details
and precautions. Ask your doctor about AlwaysCon. AlwaysCon. Always conning.

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  1. Littleshy, I think you have a problem. You may need an intervention for taking too much AlwaysCon.

  2. I kind of have it but the reason was because this is the second year that I can't make it to ever free North West con

  3. 0:58 My friend almost died ponying while driving. She was so close to hitting that truck, but thankfully her Twilight Sparkle plush used her magic and teleported the car away in time. She learned a valuable lesson that day.

  4. German '''''Doctor''''' translation: "I'm not a doctor. This product is unsafe and you shouldn't buy it."

    Nice, I'll definitely buy it. ^~^

  5. I cried when coming back from bronycon… It's sad I know, but it was my first convention and it exceeded my already high expectations. It was hard for me when it ended…

  6. I Got post con stress depression from listening a reading of "how to be a true heart brony" at pacific pony con 2017 as volunteer. I tried to forget that panel, but it still makes me scream inside.

  7. This is totally fake! I'm German and I can assure you that this so called "doctor" doesn't recommend AlwaysCon as LittleshyFiM wants you to believe! He only talks about how Derpy can solve the hunger crisis and bring world peace!

  8. Just so everyone knows, this is what the german doctor said:

    "I am no doctor -sighs- This profuct is unsafe you shouldn't buy it"


  9. I speak german so the doctor part made me laugh

    p.s. if you're wondering, he said EXACTLY what the subtitles said… yeah…

  10. Phase 1: Pre Con Hype
    You find yourself overly excited about what's to come. You'd love to talk about it with everybody in your daily life but you always realize just in time that you simply shouldn't for your own good.

    Phase 2: Con Burnout
    You find yourself sitting on a bench, (sometimes drunken) outside of the con facing the ground below you. You're usually tired, exhausted and critically dehydrated.

    Phase 3: PCD
    Video explains it better than I ever could – thank you Littleshy.

    (Bonus tip: For serious PCD take AlwaysCon Forte.)

  11. Is There Any Brony Cons In Canada? Cause I Don't Have The Money To Travel To Another Country To Go To One

  12. If only this product was real…having post-con depression is just the worst thing to experience after I go to an anime convention. #thestruggleisreal

  13. What happens when you take Always Con when you've never been to a con in your whole life?

    I'm gonna find out!

  14. you know… since always con has THE worst symptoms, and may not always be available…

    I'd rather just suffer and have pcd…

  15. I've got some of these symptoms despite not having ever been to a convention. 😨 Wait…have I been to one? If I have I don't remember….

  16. Anyone else been seeing drug ads with pictures of smiling people and no reference to the diseases or conditions that are actually supposed to be treated by the drugs?

  17. *From a survey consisting of only young adults
    *From an experiment with 2 survey responders
    "Not available in Antarctica."
    *Not recommended for use before taking a drug test

  18. I feel like you should have gone further with the fine print reading, saying some ridiculous stuff.

  19. I laughed really hard but ESPECIALLY at the end XD Can't believe I didn't see the pun coming XD

  20. Breaking news: Sharp increase in PCD cases around the Puget Sound as Everfree Northwest closes its doors for another year-long wait.

  21. Darn it, I live in Antarctica. It is really cold here and our flag is just our continent. Why cant-we have Always-Con. You are racist to Antarctican people!

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