Potential Malignant Narcissism and Psychosis: Onision.

People’s made videos about me and its fucking humiliating cause they’re all over the place and I dont know what to do about it Oh my God Why do you do that? Wow, you would really do that- you would really do that!? Love me This is a video about a potentially disturbed man Gregory Jackson, widely known on the internet as his alias, Onision Onision is a YouTuber who has recently undergone FBI investigation for grooming If you dont know what grooming is Grooming is typically defined as a pedophile preparing someone under the age of 18 to meet them via the internet It is also defined as adults conditioning those under the age of 18 to view themselves in a different light, (manipulation) for sexual gain While this may sound disgusting, you all need to remember nothing is set in stone yet We’re going to talk about the traits of a narcissist Definitions and use Onision as examples We are going to address his first narcissistic trait, his inability to take responsibility I just wanted to let you know how disapointed I am. You know? Just for reference, I’m using recent videos, none of the old ones I’m aware of his previous harassment controversies with his ex-wife and Euginia Cooney Right now, that’s obsolete It first starts out with him saying he’s disappointed in having people send the FBI after him And he proceeds to have a few rage fits Now I’m going to analyze these fits If these fits are real and unscripted They are what you call “Narcissistic Rage” They are fits narcissists enter When they have been caught breaking a rule, or violating a social norm What are you doing?! Now, there is no saying for sure if these fits are real Because it could just be fake Take note of how he is unable to acknowledge what the problem is -all about, like, cracking down on aliens but I’m not- first of all- I’m not Why would you call the FBI?! In a narcissist’s head, there is no problem, thus there isn’t anything to acknowledge Which may help you to understand why he is saying what he is saying He also has more examples of this like in his following video, “wow” Where he again does not take responsibility for the problem at hand Nor does he acknowledge it And breaks down over his Patreon being deleted -like you are so commited to censoring innocent people -well our opinions have been invalidated so many times of him That we’re going to disable his Patreon Wow, wow, you would really do that- you would really do that?! He then shares another trait with narcissists Shifting blame Whereas he cannot see anything wrong with what he did And instead blames us for his Patreon being deleted So instead.. You resort to the paycheck! And you got it! Even though Patreon themselves explained they removed it after he doxxed Billie Which is kind of scummy They couldn’t remove his Patreon when he was harassing Euginia Cooney But they did when it could become legal The rest of this video is mostly gaslighting and blame shifting However I do want to point out you will see him react to situations very inappropriately Such as rip his shirt off or begin incoherent yelling Keep in mind, he does this every video And it’s mostly an attempt at grabbing attention It is not a meltdown he had in the moment Some parts of his freakouts seem scripted We can infer this is likely due to his already wet hair And the kombucha bottle being filled with water And for those of you that don’t know, kombucha is a type of tea That has fermented over a very short period of time Giving it a very very low alcohol percentage Now, we move forward a little his in line of videos And we can see he has said sorry Sorry for being irrational and schizo But there was nothing leading us to believe he could have been acting schizophrenic It’s likely he could be using various self diagnosed mental conditions To gain sympathy Which ties into another narcissistic trait, being the center of attention Take note, throughout these videos he does this a lot He tries to gain attention and sympathy Through these, he gains control And through control, even though it sounds disgusting He gains sexual gratification This is prominent in his twitter feed Where a majority of his twitter questionnaires Are oversexualized and made to boost ego and control Also, during this video, he mentions that he doesn’t know what to do about people making fun of him all over the internet People have already made videos about me and its fucking humiliating cause they’re all over the place and I dont know what to do about it This is likely a real narcissistic rage fit Whereas he is acting out extremely emotionally Due to not having control over the situation he is currently in He then mentions he created a new website, Onision.com The solution to all of his problems A place where he is likely in control and can do as he pleases Feeding into a God complex Onisionfans.com Is the solution to ALL of my problems Moving onto his next video, “oops” He starts off by playing a victim card Something that isn’t uncommon in most people Not just narcissists Then, he says he is being harassed He then tears down his studio, yelling at us “we have done this, we are the cause, what we are doing to him has caused him to go beserk” -greenscreen right? Bye! Bye greenscreen- oh now it’s gone! Now it’s gone! Now in the final moments of this video, he begins to scream at the camera “If I cannot get you to like me, if I cannot get your approval, what’s the point?” If you can’t like me- if I cant (unintelligible followed by dry heaving) if I cant get your approval? If I cant get you all to like me?! Whats the point?! Love me If part is unscripted, this is a side effect of losing total control and losing his center of attention Causing him to react as so Moving onto the next video, “ok ok” Onision begins his video by saying “I’m fine, I’m acting” He proceeds to say everyone is calling him a groomer He then refuses to acknowledge that he practices his own personal hygiene in order to avoid saying he is a groomer Again, this is inappropriate behavior, a reaction to avoid acknowledging the real problem at hand The video continues He tries to prove he isnt a groomer And at the end he says the harassment needs to stop, he cant take much more of it -groom, as much, like- I smeared smeared that on my face I’m clearly am not like a hygienic- super- uhh, human so Please stop- the harassment has to stop and I can’t take this much longer because you guys are- Which sounds like a prelude to something else Now I’m going to side track here for a moment And talk about something very serious A few days prior to his first video on Onisionspeaks He uploaded a video on his UhOhBro channel titled Hiatus (I got his channel name wrong during the recording) In this video, he kept referencing “purple people eaters” And purple people “Purple people eater” is a reference to a child’s song It’s pretty self explanitory, but that’s where it gets disturbing At the end of the video, he says he needs to find his “Purple people eating shotgun” What do we make of this? Well, I’m not sure myself And I’m not forming an opinion on it Now then, we’re going to get back on topic His nex video, “plees” Where he claims his therapist has asked everyone to remove all videos of him It would be hard to believe That a shrink with the correct kind of information on his current situation Would support him in this situation We can’t assume his shrink would not say this But we can infer it is likely a manipulation tactic To help him feel like he has more control, and more power The rest of the video is once again shifting blame, and gaslighting There isn’t much else there And now, we are moving onto the final video, “Now” In this video, he comes out and says sorry once again But he says sorry to Patreon, his only source of income This is a “Hoovering” tactic Usually used by narcissists, where they will beg and beg after doing something hurtful And once you give in, they will go back to how they were before After doing this, he proceeds to pour soda all over his head and body Exclaiming, “Is this what you want?” -(Screaming, misc. noises) Is this what you want?! At the end of the video, he begins to spasm a little As if he is starting to lose it Please give it back (Laughing) (Gasp) Please? Now this part is going to be pure speculation It is only a review of an inference from what we have presented to us so far There are disturbing moments in this video That go beyond a potentially scripted meltdown If you believe hard enough, you might just be able to crack the mask -I am so sorry- I am such a mess, oh my god…. (Spitting and grunting) During periods of psychosis Your emotions will be lost in something that you will be unable to determine what is real and not real It is a deep, dark, and disturbing place However we cannot say for sure if this is the case We cannot tell if it is the case as it becomes confusing For example, right after uploading his last video “plees” Onision goes to livestream League Of Legends Where he plays only with his fans People who will support him unconditionally And boost his ego This fact is confusing If he were in such a mental state, why would he go and play League Of Legends Right after uploading his freak out? Well, there is some theory and speculation here The first theory is that Onision had recorded all of these videos in just one day This would make sense, because his children and Kai are no where to be seen Especially on the weekend and during Thanksgiving break Friday, Saturday, and Sunday There are other things that factor into this Such as his hair being wet in two consecutive videos And wearing the same shirt in two consecutive videos However, after his latest freakout followed up by a livestream We can see his hair is wet From what we can assume is the most recent freak out Meaning he would at least shot that one in the same day If that is true the question still stands, where is Kai and his children? From everything we have in front of us We could probably assume that this man may be showing signs of psychosis But is not psychotic yet or is acting to be so Thank you for watching

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  1. Also he has his own Facebook page, Just make sure aware I just report his behavior and block him. if you want to see it just let you know this is serious right now!
    here his link:

  2. I hope this video gets more views, it’s rly good, I like the presentation/flow of it and ur voice is rly calming. Def gonna subscribe in case you put out anything in the future 🙂

  3. This is a very well put together video, Onision is fucking scum, and the exploration into how he exhibits traits of narcissistic personality disorder were interesting and seemed pretty spot on.

    I would just caution against potentially creating a narrative that demonizes mental illness. Leaning heavily on the rhetoric that he may suffer from some "spooky scary" psychosis/schizophrenia only furthers the problematic discourse for many others suffering from similar mental illnesses, especially by comparing them to the shitlord himself, Onision.

    That being said, I don't think this video really did that, but it seems like it could be going in that direction if you were to make more. Additionally, two of your links in the description are broken, the wikipedia one, and the psychosis one (the wikipedia one has an extra 'l' in the url and the psychosis one is missing an 'l' at the end of the url).

    I really hope you make more videos in this style though, I loved the spooky lofi investigation vibes!

  4. I saw the private pictures his ex leaked and I have to say not only narcissism but there has to be a LOT of overcompensating. That’s probably why his twitter is non stop sexual stuff, feeling uncomfortable in his body with how small it is.

  5. People defending him on this account is fucking trash. He a huge history of abuse and I knew he was a sociopath back in 2009 before all this fucking crying.

  6. Hey everyone,
    I've recently seen that people have been addressing me as Greg (Onision) because of my voice augmenter and comparing the way I speak to Greg. I do have a main channel where I can prove with my actual face that I am not him, but right now I don't wish to take that risk, I may do so later after all of this has died down. I will be releasing a video in a while or so without my voice augmenter so you can hear the difference between my voice and his.

    But anyways for the time being
    my name greg

    Also the video is up, you can hear me without my voice changer now

  7. The human diarrhea, OnionSharts, is not psychotic – he's just a mean-spirited asshole with a certain degree of low cunning. A bit like a cross between a skaven and an ork, with the mind of a 13-year old FPS squeaker in the body of a 30-something man child.

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