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My name is Kevin McKean. I came to Intouch Chiropractors because of my migraines that I’ve had. I actually
started getting them while I was in BUD/S which is SEAL Training for the Navy. And just out of the blue started randomly going blind during the training. I’d just
have these excruciating headaches that would just bring me to my knees.
It was back-breaking to me because I was so active during that time and all of a
sudden my dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL were just being taken away from me. And
there was I felt like there was nothing I could do about it.
They gave me medication during that timeframe, but never really helped me out. So I was pretty much on my own during that. You know it’s frustrating and
obviously frustration of something that you can’t do especially for me can boil
over into relationships. I had a little boy at the time. He was 1 or 2 years old
when my migraines were very very severe, and I couldn’t even be a father to him
because I was in a room sleeping the whole entire time. So I missed a lot a
lot of time with him, especially at a young age because of my migraines. So I
heard about Intouch Chiropractics. Actually they pretty much came to me. Dr.
Tapia came to the college when I was working over at Southwestern College at
the time. She was looking for a certain person to put on this career fair. And she started
talking to me and asked me to come over to her booth and the rest is history. At that point in my life I was willing to try anything and everything. So I
thought to myself, why not, this is one thing I haven’t tried. This could
potentially work, so I came to the office. It was very warm and welcoming.
Everybody knew who exactly I was when I first walked in. It made me feel a lot
more comfortable coming into an office. After my first adjustment,
I had big doubts just because I was it wasn’t what I thought the
traditional chiropractics was and I thought how could that small of a touch
really do or cause any effect to my body at all. And I was completely wrong. The next day I was so ridiculously sore my whole body
was just like okay I’m adjusted like this feels weird. So I just kept going back and my migraines actually started to lessen and
the pain of my migraines even was damn near gone. Now after I’ve
been here for the last four years I feel great. It’s opened my eyes tremendously just because I feel so much better and life
is.. I’m living life to the fullest now. I’m back out, active, running, playing. I mean it’s awesome. I’ve been with the fire department for three years now.
Dr. Tapia and Dr. Young both helped me get through the Academy. During that
timeframe, they actually even came to my Academy graduation. Just because they’re a huge part and a huge step in my life to be able to overcome that hurdle of my
migraines. I feel great about the future just because of what I know I’m
capable of doing now, and I have no fear of getting migraines and being down for three days at a time. I feel like I can conquer the world at this point. I
highly recommend this doctor’s office to anybody and everybody. My name is Kevin McKean, I’m a firefighter for the city of San Diego. I love traveling, hiking and
surfing and I’m a patient at Intouch Chiropractic.

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