[Preview] A life without migraines

What I was told 10 years ago is that
chocolate can trigger the migraine, cheese can trigger the migraine,
age, beef, meat, alcohol, all these things… I was told I should live
a steady life with 16… Go to bed at nine every night,
wake up at seven every day, don’t go out, don’t do anything
to disturb homeostasis. So in addition to always having
that pain and fatigue you also have the guilt component,
you think it’s your fault. Because when you have
such regular attacks there will always be something
prior to the attack where you think it was your fault
that the migraine got triggered. And that’s also a big aspect
of what ketone bodies can do for you. They can show you it’s not your fault,
migraine isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s the genes. And when you realize that
it’s a genetic defect in some form and you can just swap the fuel, change your diet
and you get your control back, it also takes away that guilt component.

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  1. Lack of bioavailable Copper is the cause of migraines. One can have low or high copper, but it’s the bioavailability of the Copper is key. I have low levels of Copper both in Serum and hair tissue mineral analysis tests. As soon as I took enough copper liver chelate, 8 mg a day, my migraines with aura disappeared. I drink coffee, and it depletes minerals including Copper, so if I drink too much, or anything that depletes minerals, it will bring on migraines due to the loss of Copper.

  2. I started keto May 2017 and I haven’t had anymore migraines. They quickly vanished.
    Many other benefits including no more car/motion sickness. So thankful!

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