Queen Royal – Princess Alix dead: Luxembourg royal family reveal ‘great sadness’

 The Grand Ducal Court made the announcement over the Princess, also known as Alix, Dowager Princess de Ligne, yesterday In a statment, it said: “It is with great sadness that Their Royal Highnesses Grand Duke Jean, the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess announce the death, today, of Her Royal Highness the Princess Alix, Princess of Ligne, Princess of Luxembourg    “The funeral of Grand Duke Jean’s sister will take place at Château de Beloeil in Belgium ” A cause of death was not revealed. A mass will be held at the Saint Michael’s Church in Luxembourg, website Royal Central has revealed   No date has been given for a funeral. Pricness Alix was the youngest sibling of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who died in 2000, just after his abdication from the throne  Current reigning duke is Henri, Alix’s nephew. Alix was born in 1929. Her husband Antoine died in 2005 at the age of 80  The couple had 17 children.  

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