Quick Update – What’s to Come (inconsistency, slumps, and choking under pressure)

In a world where hockey means everything,
one bad player will try to… take this puck up the wall an- oh… *sounds and stuff*
Hello everyone! This is your host, badboogl with an update
of what’s to come in the next videos. In the comments of the last video, someone
with the great name Buster Knutt asked if I could address the nature of inconsistency
and slumps, and if there was anything we could do about them. If anyone really wants to skip related information
and get straight to the cake, they can click on the video details to see a timestamp that
links to the moment when I go over my one and only current unofficial suggestion in
the video. But, I want everyone to know that I don’t
have a magic bullet. So far, I have one possible unofficial suggestion
and I would like to hold off on officially unofficially suggesting it until I do more
research. By this point, I imagine the people that had
wanted to skip ahead already did, so I’d like to say thanks to those that are sticking
around for more than just a “quick fix”. Like I said, I don’t have a magic bullet
for this problem, and I don’t think anyone else does either. What I do have is an interesting theory that
I’m working on that involves level of skill, attentional focus, working memory, and inhibition. I don’t want to get into it right now,
but I know people are going to think I’m a criminal and freedom hater for withholding
information, so here we go: the unofficial suggestion is to try mindfulness meditation. If you think it sounds like mystical shit,
you’re kinda right. Well, you’re right in thinking that it sounds
like mystical shit, but it’s seems to be well evidence-backed, so I’m looking into
it. For transparency’s sake, I would like to
state that I’m pretty skeptical in general, but I’m going to try and be extra skeptical
on this channel because I would hate to misinform strangers about something they know I’m
invested in. Although I will claim no legal responsibility
for any misinformation, I would hate to be a source of it. That being said, if anything I say seems off,
feel free to bring it up so that I can know if I’ve made a mistake or spoken in a way
that doesn’t make much sense, or whatever it may be. If you just wanna call me stupid in the comments
or tell me that I suck at this, that’s okay too. Just know that I’m only going to take seriously
those that seem as though they want to be taken seriously, and even then, there will
surely be other limiting factors that come into play. Alright, I just wanted to fill everyone in
on what’s to come, and get the sources out there so that others can do their own research. So now, if you’re not one of the people
that skipped ahead, if you click on the video details, there are links to the articles that
I am currently reviewing while trying to put this all together. I feel like I’m droning on and on, but I
wanted to mention one last thing: I did some experimental stuff with the audio in this
one, so let me know in the comments how it sounded! Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you
enjoyed the content! This is badboogl and thank you for watching! PEACE.

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