Good morning welcome to take your life back today, so my name is Ralph Reese I’m an addiction recovery coach a life coach and your host of this show to take your life back today’s show It is a ice cold Wednesday morning here down in Virginia early in the morning but it doesn’t stop me from bringing our messages your messages your requests into your home into your rehab centers your homeless shelters and possibly even into correction facilities let’s talk about six ways to tell the difference between Sadness and depression because a lot of people that have said appear depressed and a lot of people of depressed obviously appear sad people sometimes believe that the difference between sadness and depression is one of Degree as if people are just feeling sad measure a 1 on the feelings that are hard to deal with scale well the press people hover around oh somewhere between 7 and 10 out of the 1 to 10 scale Here’s number 1. You can eat you could still enjoy things you like Sadness being seriously bummed can be terrible But even if you’re sad you’re still able to enjoy things like pie if you want to watch TV maybe Archie Bunker or stuff that you’d love to do period before you were sad had hit you you could still enjoy doing them it may take a bit of persuasion, but you can get Into it at the end as long as you have that motivation behind you but depressed on the other hand one of the most important aspects of depression is experience of anhedonia or a lack of interest in enjoyment And the activities that used to love doing maybe like writing, maybe sky diving whatever it might have been you just don’t have the Anxiety or the motivation to do it if you absolutely loved capable of writing or anything like that It is a fog. It is worse than sadness It is called depression number two are your emotions about specific event or a thing? sadness on one hand This is an interesting one my folks Because there is not Line you may just feel sad for a reason you can’t put your finger on it. However often sadness is specific In its cause itself the death of a relative or an angry Some sort of change in your life, maybe homesickness a friend’s illness. You name it a relationship problem However depression let’s be clear here depressive episodes can be triggered by Civic events Such as all the ones that sadness But those events have caused you not to get out of the sadness, and it’s gotten into a full-force depression stage Number three are are you maintaining normal eating and sleeping routines and Sadness you may be badly upset after a breakup or even experience the Blues in general But in a whole you’re still able to maintain your desire to eat work Maybe even go for a jog if you want or get sleep roughly as planned as usual however depression this is one of the Dsm-5 definitions that depression is often associate with a serious disruption in normal eating patterns sleeping patterns or living patterns you may become Insomnia or sleep all day and not want to get up Number for friends is do you experience? Variations in your low mood and sadness the Blues are not a life sentence even though many jazz Classic jazz songs may tell us otherwise and there’s room in there for Alleviation you have here It’s where you don’t feel sad at all and then suddenly this sadness comes back like you were doing something distracting for instance and then you’re not doing that anymore that said it’s just reappears, but however to presh depression in Moderate depression low mood is fairly consistent throughout today Though you may get bright spots sometimes in severe very severe depression depressive episode Wisconsin daily seemingly unrelenting never to go away number 5 Do you experience self punishing who are extremely? self-critical thoughts Friends in sadness well you might feel responsible and a bit sucky for something bad You have done in your past you often don’t experience any permanent sense of worthless guilt however I’m depression depression has its own special house of a company health or a pattern some of which are particularly Strange one of the most distinctive features is is that your thoughts often become incredibly? Self-punishing, it’s difficult to see yourself as anything except for rotten bad Worthless, and you blame yourself for everything Last but not least on the list here is have you had self harming thoughts suicidal thoughts in sadness Suicidal ideation is not typically social with normal levels of non depressive sense however In depression severe depressives may sometimes take the self punishing thoughts mention in the previous item to higher levels as described the DSM who’s struggling with severe depression may have had suicide thoughts or other critical thoughts folks these six ways to tell the difference between sadness and depression are Very clear said this is something that eventually hopefully will go away Sadness also can go away within an hour too, but depression If you’re at that depressive stage things just don’t look good in your eyes number one can you still enjoy things like well sadness you can in depression and Depression people just they don’t feel excited about anything in life anymore Number two are your emotions about a certain thing in your life and sadness it can be It could be grieving over a loved one like today My mother’s second birthday in heaven After a year and a half because she she was killed on may 31st 2016 after a year and a half. I’m still very sad But I’m not on the other hand depressed over it There’s a difference said is grieving. It could be loss of a friend depressive our Is when you just don’t know what to do And you have some funky thoughts in your mind number three maintaining normal and eating sleeping routines when you’re saying you’re able to still Have a desire to eat work out Even go to work But when you’re depressed Everything is thrown into full circle and in some cases you might even want to sleep the whole day away and not even get up variations in your mood and sadness The Blues come and go you will be said here and there But in depression in moderate depression low mood is fairly consistent throughout the day Nothing changes and number five. Do you experience self-publishing those self extremely self-critical thoughts and said and is my friends You might? Never experience a what’s a permanent sense of worthless or guilt but in depression? suicidal thoughts do come to your mind and you you constantly feel worthless and You don’t know which way to turn number six is have have yourself have you had self harming thoughts and sadness suicidal ID Radiation is only typically associated with normal levels of non depressive sadness however severe depression endured severe depressive in Depression may sometimes take to self punishing thoughts mention in the previous item to higher levels some people that are depressed Do not want to commit suicide, but they try it to draw attention folks if you have any of these signs For depression that for sadness because the proud sadness is common in our lives, but if you have any of these signs in depression Please seek out help immediately Get a hold of someone you can call me at eight four four four zero five health because we can help each other take our lives back folks But you need to do something, and if you are either in the sadness mode or in a depressive mode Reach to God ask God to guide and to write you Thank God for everything you have remember if you’re watching me God has blessed you with 86400 seconds to breathe and live today today that is a Huge plus in your life because if you don’t have that 86,400 seconds you are not alive you are not watching me Reach to God and say thank you God and remember always Thank God for everything you do haven’t stopped friends stop dwelling other things You don’t have because if you have a little you have something But if you want everything you will end up with nothing Call me at eight four four four zero five helped put this together you and I we can help each other Take our lives back and may God bless you

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