Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 19 || English Subtitles || 18th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Aunt, please take care of you. I am tired of taking care of me, how much more should I be patient, how much more should I have to take care of myself,
they have asked the groom team to go back on the day of my daughter’s wedding, I have not said anything,
they have get my daughter married to a servant, I was being patient and then this divorce, he is the servant, he is liable of their command, how can he divorce her. You just be strong aunt, when I will search umer, I.
What will you do? What will you do? You will please him, or you will push him in the road by his collar, it will make a fuss of my daughter, it will be her insult. Still, what he has done with roshni,
he should get the punishment for that. what is the point rayan, what is the point, will it wash away the spot of
divorce on my daughter, and we should agree that we are unlucky, we are unlucky. Why are you talking like this aunt, I have told you that I will not put any problem on roshni. you are making so much big promise, rayan. I know and I have the courage
to fulfill this promise. Get married with my daughter roshni. Aunty. Mother, what are you saying this? I do not want to get married
with anyone. Roshni, I have already agreed on
your choice once, now let me try, I want to die with peace, please for God sake
just keep silent, you have my swear, why are you silent, will you give the name to her, will you accept my daughter? Aunt, your command is on my head, I will agree on your command. I will do the wedlock by today, just make the arrangements. Okay i will do. you have my swear. You will count there favors in
your fingertips the whole life, you cannot count them. Can I start reciting their name?
If they have done the favor, we are returning the favor now as well. Keep quiet, please be quite,
she will listen. It is better that you press my
throat from your hands, in order to keep me in front of them, I can see that how you all are
making fun of my bills, in front of my eyes, with my wife. Umer. I know how to shout as well, just consider it as a favor that I know
everything but still I am silent. What will you do? nothing more, I will divorce roshni, but I will not use you things, I am giving divorce to Roshni, I am giving divorce, I am giving divorce. If you have so much sympathies
with your mother, you should have live with her, why did you come with me? What is the point of coming with me? Please, mother, why are you doing this? Let us go. Mother. Roshni. Rayan is not picking up the phone father. Just keep on trying, maybe, his phone is here or there,
he cannot see or listen it, he will pick it up yes, I will also text him. yes, once you have connected with him,
just let me know. How much should be the
amount of wedding gift child? Just ask aunt,
whatever she is saying just write it. Child, you have given the
name to my daughter, you have keep the respected
of a without support girl, I do not have any other wish. Aunt, why are you making me ashamed, you just tell me, I will give. God will give the reward to you, this is my pray, preacher you just write the
gift of wedding legal. I think , that once you will ask
your daughter as well, at last , she will spend the life. Maybe, preacher is saying right,
you can ask her. Greetings, father. Yes rayan child where are you? I am sorry father, I was busy,
could not called you back. father is asking for you
that where are you, tell me? I have told mother that my friend is not well,
I came here to meet him. yes, I remember, how your friend now, father and me is was calling you
so that we can come for his condolence. Rayan sir, just complete the submission fast,
I have to go somewhere else too. Rayan, what submission,
what are they talking about? Father, I am in hospital, so they are asking for bills
and all that is why they are calling me. Okay, child, just do this fast and come to office,
I have some important work. yes, father, I will come. Rania, rania, why do not you understand my talk? I am talking to you. What are you doing mother? I was listening the music. Just stop your stupid acts, you know where Rayan is? He must be in his room,
he must be sad. he is out of his house for the whole night, do you have any idea? He is not a kid, that if he goes somewhere,
he will be lost. If the situation will be same, then there will be no trust with him,
someone will make him fly. what are you talking mother?
Do not say this. that is why I say repeatedly that
make him engaged with you, so that he will not get involved
in any other activity. he made me fail in all the try and
I do not know why he is doing that? that is why I am saying that
just win the heart of Ayesha, she is not allowing him
to get involved in you. Now, I cannot lick the feet of Rayyan to win
the heart of Ayesha aunt, mother, I am sorry, I cannot do this. you stupid girl, sometimes, you have to make the donkey, father too, if you will win her heart, she will be the biggest supporter of yours,
tomorrow. So, what should I do? Should I sit in her steps? Yes, what is wrong in that? Until you will not get married with Rayan. Okay, fine, I will try, you tell me that where Rayan is? In morning, father was asking
Ayesha about rayan, she said that he is with his friend,
he got into an accident, but I do not trust her. So you think that aunt is telling lie. yes, 100% sure. Rayan, is not picking up my phone. umer. I do not want to talk to you ,
just leave me alone. I know , you can hear me, please, do not do this,
why are you over reacting? You cannot take these
small things on your heart. Small things, you think that this is small thing that
you have made me so small in 2 minutes. I do not made you small, sorry, I am saying sorry and you know what, I have talked to father, he will come on weekend
and will meet you, He is trying to come since 4 months. This time, he will meet you,
definitely, promise, let us go, now stop over reacting, now have breakfast then we will go out
and do shopping, it will be fun. Thank you. You are welcome. Nasreen, you just make salad, and do not forget to make the pumpkin curd,
father, really likes it. Aunt. And you just do one thing that takes one
cup of tea to Rehmat, she is not well, just give her the medicine and
also give her some food to eat as well. Aunt, what are you making? Can I help you? Why? You do it every day, today, I can help you,
and you must be tired. this is my responsibility that I
can complete it very well, you can complete your hobby,
some other day. it is not about hobby aunt, this is my responsibility as well, I have to take care of rayan after marriage, and I mean everyone. you can complete your responsibility
after marriage too, just let me do my work now, yes, if you want to make anything
apart from this for you, then I have no issues, you can. Roshni. Yes, mother. Why did you left the food? Were you not hungry? No, you have it? yes, I was helping Rayan
and I have taken 2 4 bites. Rayan, have gone? yes, akeel brother, called him in office, he was saying that he would visit in evening, child, you think that I have taken
the wrong decision? Why are you asking me this now? Because I know you, you do not agree on this marriage, you must have 10 questions in your heart, and you must be angry too, but you do not understand that I have done this all for your betterment. What betterment mother? You have make the knot of me
to someone forcefully, Rayan is engaged and very soon, he will get married too, this is like that, you have make me out of one hell
and send me to another hell. God forbid, I am you mother, I cannot do this ever, I am sure that you will be happy with rayan. Mother, why are you so misunderstood? I am a divorcé, why do you not accept that ? I just know one reality that rayan is the person, who has so big heart, love only has this big respect, he will forget all the talks of past and he will keep you happy. Which love? Rayan, Child I have seen the sea of love
in the eyes of rayan for you, I have seen him disturb in your helplessness, I have seen him worried for you, he will never taunt you of being divorcé, in fact , he will wipe your tears, he will not see your unlucky,
you are not unlucky, you will see, God will give you so many happiness, that people will have ideal on your fate. mother, I am not being misunderstood
in what you said mother, I am not satisfied. I am not giving you any satisfaction child, this is the prayer of a mother and I have complete trust on my prayer, you will be very happy with rayan, I am telling you. Where were you? Mother was saying that your friend
was in hospital, how is he now? Yes, he is fine now. Will you have food? No, I had it already. I was thinking that I would also go with
you for the condolence of your friend. No, you do not need to. What is the reason, of not taking me along with you?
I have already met all of your friends. There is a reason, I do not find it important to tell you. Just say clearly, that you feel ashamed of telling
our relation to people. yes, I do feel ashamed, a lot, happy? I know very well, why are you doing this,
and who told you to do this? Whatever you are doing, you will have the regrets for that one day. I am already regretting. Rayan. Enough. relax, my life, it happens in the beginning,
everything will be fine, rania. I am just thinking that when you will go from this house, this house will be so silent
and upset without you, I went to your grandfather
today with my request, I wish that he will make your
departure with his hands, now you tell me that my wish is wrong? No. you know that I have given so
much pains to grandfather but I am his dearest son, I know that my crime is not forgivable, but still I want that he will come in your
wedding and will depart you from his hands, I do not want that tomorrow
any one will question you that why your father is standing
alone in your wedding. Father, why do you think like that? I do not care of that. But I do care for that, you just consider this as my wish. Mother, mother, mother get up, mother, mother, get up, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother get up and open your eyes, you cannot do this to me, mother get up, get up, mother, get up, you cannot leave me, mother I will die, mother please. Greetings mother. Greetings, Hello, what? May God rest her soul in peace. What happened? Aunt died. Why have you this with me mother?
Father, tell me, from where now my mother will come,
have you forgive my mother? Have you accepted her? Have you forgive her?
My mother will not come back, my mother will not come back ever. Wow! Look at you, nervous? I do not know what your
father will say to me. whatever he will say, just listen silently, he is angry, from up but from inside,
he is good from heart. Yes, exactly, like you. Yes ,like me, but just keep in mind that we only have half an hour in which you have to impress him because father have an important meeting in evening, so half hour. only, Half an hour. Yes. It takes two years to impress you
and to impress your father, only half an hour, cute. You need to get married with me
not with my father. Wish me luck. poor roshni, she is all alone now, first her father died, and now her mother, she do not have any siblings, just see that her family is finished now. This is right but that is good that her father family have
put hand on her head on time, otherwise, it will be very difficult, otherwise there will be no one,
who will put off the funeral. But, I am amazed that roshni’s husband is not there on the funeral of his mother in law. This is true, but what can we say? God knows, she was living with her mother from 4 months, we have not seen her husband
coming in this house. Roshni is very happy in her house, and as far as her husband is concerned, we have already informed him,
he is out of country, he cannot come that early. She is like our daughter, she has grown up in front of us, and we are worried for her that is why we are concerned of her. I can understand that, but you should not do a talk that is hurt, roshni is already depressed. where do you meet Maryam for the first time? in university. Well, you have not tell me your whole bio data, what your father do? He is dead. oh , I am sorry and your mother? She lives at house. which house? I did not understand your question. my question is very simple, your mother, whom people
call Rehmat maid, she cooks food at house of people, a part from that, what else she do? yes, what? You are not liking the introduction of your mother, or the reference related to?
Why are you silent? When you know everything, so what is the point of asking question? I know everything, but now I have to tell tis to Maryam as well. Maryam, knows everything about me. But she does not know that Hasmat Ali sir have given you education and have made you able to
sit with big people. I think so, you. I think that you
do not have any idea that, by wearing expensive suit
and expensive mobile, to live in the house of big people, a person can never change his status, the reference of past will follow
the person until his grave. What do you mean
by mentioning all this talks? This is the blank check, just write the amount by your choice
ad go from the life of my daughter, what are you thinking? Just write your amount,
I will sign without seeing it. How can you even think that
I will do business with my love? What can be your goal to come here, apart from neglecting all the
favors of Hashmant Ali khan? I love Maryam and I want to get married
with her with respect and love. The word of respect and love is not looking
good from the mouth of yours, how can you assure the happiness of my daughter,
when you have left your own wife. If you do not trust me,
you can exam me. The selfish person like you, cannot be loyal with anyone,
apart from your own self. I am not that foolish. You are insulting me. I am not insulting you,
I am just showing you the mirror.

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