Real Patient Testimonial – P3 Pharmacogenetic Testing – Teen With Depression

I’m the proud mum of a bubbly, sweet, 14 year
old daughter. She’s the star of her soccer team. She absolutely loves playing soccer.
But not long ago we had realized that she wasn’t acting like herself. Her father and
I and even her friends realized that she was rarely smiling and she hardly ever had any
motivation for things that she loved, including soccer. We tried everything we could to get
her back to her normal self and we wound up taking her to a psychiatrist. We were willing
to do anything for her including putting her on the medication that was recommended. But
her depression was only just getting worse. I knew that through my work I was enrolled
in P3 and that it also would cover my dependents. I figured, we should at least give it a try.
The swab kit came to our house, it was very easy to use, but still I didn’t have much
confidence that it was going to help. But the results did come back and when they did,
I cried. The medication my daughter was taking was not right for her. Not only was it not
right for her, but it was actually making her symptoms worse. The same report though,
gave us 16 drugs that would work for her. We took that report to the doctor, he reviewed
it, and he put her on one of the drugs that would work. Within a couple of weeks, my daughter
was laughing, she was playing soccer again, and back to her wonderful self. Thank you
for saving my daughter’s life.

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