Real Talk About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, Sephora at JCPenney, and Vitamin D Deficiency

Helps if you open up the lid. Agh, man down! I don’t care if it’s good for me. I’m not eating that stuff ever again Hi y’all welcome back to Julie’s beautiful life. I’ve got my cup of coffee Let’s just chat a little bit about some real stuff. I have recently had a subscriber asked for a life lesson I think we can do a little bit about that. So today one of the things I wanted to talk about was depression Because it creates such feelings of humiliation People do not talk about it. And it’s it’s really important for people out there that have these this Disorder to hear from other people that have this disorder but are living a semi functional life That’s the only way I know how to put it Is my life perfect? No. Is anybody’s? No. We all have our ups and downs and we all have our crosses to bear this is one of mine if something that I’m Experiencing can help someone else at an earlier age. That would be the greatest thing in the world to me I’m 55 and it’s taken me an awful lot of years to kind of just to admit that I have it just to Admit I’ve been through this that I’m going through this there’s gonna come a day where I’m gonna have another deep Depression and I’m trying to learn from each one trying to learn how to best navigate That I’m hoping I mean my my prayer is that I may be able to help someone else I may be able to help someone else’s family. Maybe someone will watch this and realize that Their sister their daughter their son their brother their nephew isn’t being dramatic isn’t being lazy But has a problem a really serious problem. This last month has been a little rough for me I’ve told you I have severe clinical depression I work very hard to kind of stay above the fray when I fall into a period of depression I spiral down and I land in a pit so deep and all I want to do is curl up in the fetal position and Hide, I don’t want to talk to anybody. I don’t want to see anything. I don’t care what is going on I don’t care about myself. I don’t brush my teeth. I don’t wash my hair. I don’t take a shower And I am NOT proud of that It is something that is not within my control When I am in the pit of despair is what I call it or deep in the cave That’s another way. I refer to it. Nobody can reach me. It’s not a conscious decision to be in that state of mind I’ve been learning through mindfulness, which we maybe should talk about another time mindfulness is a form of medication medication Okay mindfulness is a form of meditation. I have been learning to observe The depression rather than judge it rather than try to cure it. I’ve been learning to kind of sit back Take a deep breath and observe it feel it and pay attention to it through that practice I have learned some things and they’re not necessarily easy to share depression is real there are different types of depression there is Situational depression you have a death in the family. You lose your job. You find out you’re sick These are situations that can cause you to be depressed then there is clinical depression Which is it’s in the mind the medical community still doesn’t really understand a whole lot of it some recent Scientific research is pointing to its origin being in the gut I think we don’t know a whole lot about it I can tell you what it’s like from the perspective of a person who is depressed one of my experiences that has been very very difficult for me is when people that you know, And you love and that even family kind of blows you off and oh it’s just Julie being dramatic no, it’s not someone being dramatic and if someone around you is telling You they’re depressed Telling you they’re not handling life very well. You need to pay attention to that I went through many many years of being So deep in the pit that I could not function and my family Thinking I was lazy thinking that I was being Overdramatic when there was nothing I could do, I just could not function I was paralyzed in the brain I was paralyzed for those around you who supposedly know you the best and and who are supposedly you know loving you to dismiss this enormous black hole is Devastating and it’s dangerous when someone commits suicide Everyone wrings their hands and says, I can’t believe it why he or she had so much going for them? I want you to understand what goes on in your head when you’re suicidal because it’s not logical It’s not rational. It is an illness. I’ve often heard It’s very selfish when someone is suicidal They’re not in their right state of mind if this has happened to someone you love and has hurt you I hope you will at some point find the peace and understanding That this is a sickness. It’s not something that they set out to do to you when I was in a very deep depression I wasn’t working I wasn’t showering I wasn’t doing anything the more that those I loved blew it off Ignored it pretended it wasn’t happening the worse It was for me the more I thought about I don’t really want to be here anymore and not only that there was an element of Vengeance because those people who were blowing me off and hurting me in the process I wanted to hurt them back and I thought oh when I’m gone so-and-so is gonna feel so bad It’s gonna eat at them and they’re gonna feel so guilty again. I’m not proud of this the fact of the matter is anyone who is Intentionally hurting you and probably isn’t gonna care I went for a long period of time where I really thought that the best thing I could do for my kids with To get out of their life get off of this planet when I am NOT in a depressed state I can see that that would be horrible for my kids to have to go through and I actually had a psychiatrist once say there’s one thing that No child will ever completely recover from and that is the suicide of a parent I keep it front and center at all times. Sometimes that’s the only thing between me and certain death It’s hard to admit that you’ve been having these horrible dark thoughts going through your head and it’s taken me several years of being out of that to be able to talk about it and I want to welcome you to ask questions in the comment section if there’s Something you think I might be able to shed light on For you for someone in your life that might be suffering with this and it is suffering. It is deeply painful Scarring it is a horrendous Experience. I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of it so some of the things that I’ve been doing to try to alleviate this intense pain that comes Periodically and this last month has been rather difficult for me. There’s been some some things going on that have put a Significant strain on me and I could feel myself Spiraling and I’m trying desperately Just to beat this time see if I can keep myself from from ending up in the pit How much control can I exercise I’ve written some things down? I just wanted to talk about how I’ve been dealing with it and maybe something that you can do in your Depression if you have this or even in a situational depression, there’s some a couple things I keep in mind Is there anything I can do to change the situation that Has me so rattled because there’s there’s always a trigger There’s always something that sends you hurtling downward in my case. It’s just a situation It’s happening and I cannot change it There’s absolutely nothing I can do so knowing you can’t change Anyone else anyone elses behavior is kind of the first step in removing yourself from it Understanding that there’s nothing I can do to change this. The only thing you can do is change your reaction to it the only thing I can do right now in terms of this situation is to pray so I do that when I’m feeling especially Down, I’m really holding on by my fingertips I hit my knees and I start praying for a lot of years. I would have rolled my eyes and said oh, whatever praying Doesn’t do anything what praying does for me is it gives me hope hope is is what keeps us going It’s it’s what keeps me going. So that’s really important. So whatever gives you hope is a really good first step When I’m in that situation what can I do since I can’t change the situation what can I do to improve myself to take my mind out of that murk and mire wringing my hands and Worrying just ages me as I have learned. I’m learning to do something productive Sometimes it’s learning something new picking up the book watching a movie One of my favorite things is jigsaw puzzles And I like really big ones with lots and lots of pieces I can spend hours sitting at a table with a jigsaw puzzle and it just calms me it gives me something to focus on which is something that they teach you when you’re learning about how to Deal with an anxiety attack, you need to focus on something. They’ll tell you to count backwards Because when you’re in that super anxious state, it’s very hard to focus So if you can count backwards you really have to focus on that and it takes your focus off of the anxiety Which is consuming you another thing there is nothing in this world that can make you feel better like helping someone else Because even in the depths of despair Some level you’re aware that you’re still so much more fortunate than so many people I mean probably 70% of the world, you know Just by an accident of where you were born Gratitude is something that I’m learning to practice as well gratitude again It helps to shift the focus. It helps you to take stock of what you do have Okay, so you’re depressed and you have this problem. All right, but you also have Abundance just by virtue of the country you were born into that is something to be so thankful for and I wanted to mention that just because we had Independence Day this week and It’s kind of fresh in my mind. The next thing I thought we would talk about is Man down Sephora Yes, my hubby being the sweet man that he is surprised me with a gift certificate to Sephora this week But my excitement has turned to pretty severe annoyance actually Helps if you open up the lid we don’t have a Sephora in the area where we live so he went to JC Penney’s and he picked up a gift card at the JC Penney Sephora for those of us that don’t have an actual Sephora and we are stuck with a JC Penney Sephora There are a lot of rules That apply at the JC Penney Sephora that do not apply at the regular Sephora First of all, the JC Penney Sephora card is only good at JC Penney. You cannot use it at Sephora I cannot go online to and use my JC Penney Sephora card So I’m pretty ticked off about that because the next thing I found out is that when you make a purchase through the JC Penney Sephora you don’t get reward points for Sephora you get reward points for JC penny. I Don’t want JC Penney rewards I want Sephora reward points So I was not happy about that after going over and over the website to decide what I wanted to get I finally pick something only to find out that shipping cost 8.95 At Sephora you pay shipping under it’s either 45 or 50 dollars at JC Penney you pay shipping under? $100 I am pretty darn annoyed, but they also offer free pickup. So I thought okay I’ll just go pick it up. The pallet that I chose isn’t in stock in my store So I don’t want to pay nine dollars to ship this very small palette four shades in it to my house That’s my Sephora story I’ve since found out that I can order the pallet in the store and the shipping to my home will be free So now I’m happier. I Will never purchase anything from the Sephora in JC penny going forward unless it were some kind of a makeup Emergency, I love makeup I enjoy wearing makeup But I go out all the time without makeup on that doesn’t put the fear of God into me or anything I cannot think of a possible situation in which I would feel the need To go against this edict if I’m gonna spend money at Sephora, I’m gonna buy online We don’t have a Sephora nearby and maybe someday when we’re on vacation or something I will be in the vicinity of a real Sephora in which case I will go and possibly enjoy in the meantime I will buy everything online because I want those reward points at Sephora. I’m just a beauty insider at Sephora I am NOT Rouge or vib That means when they do do a big sale in the spring and last year. They did one in the fall to top tier gets 20% off and then the next one 15% off and then the beauty insiders get 10% off They carry higher-end products for the most part. Ulta’s really giving them a run for their money for sure they’ve added on some products that are Awesome, Sephora generally has higher priced items. They carry drunk elephant. They carry. You know what? I don’t even know they carry Pat McGrath Of course, my brain is just like what, what I can’t think of anything else right now drunk elephant and pat McGrath Natasha Denona some names for you Charlotte Tilbury. Anyway, they’re expensive generally speaking I can’t afford that I’m a budget girl. I own it. I live it. It’s fine. Do I? Want to try Sephora products? Yes, maybe someday I will be independently wealthy That day is not today if I am spending money at Sephora I need to get those reward points so that I can maybe get up to that next level where I could maybe Afford some things with the 20% off even 15% off, but 10% is just not going to do it I’ve got an eighty dollar product eight dollars off isn’t enough difference $16 off is a bigger help So anyway, that is my Sephora story and I just thought I would pass that on as I’m learning things about The world of beauty I thought I would share I was debating whether to even mention this or not it’s it’s kind of eating at me because it’s summer whoo, everybody’s wearing their Sun hats and they’re wearing their long sleeve tees and their Slathering themselves with sunblock and I’m down with all that I believe in sunblock. I wear tons of Sunblock I wear it every day However, I must admit I am spending a lot of time in the Sun and I know that’s a huge No-no in the beauty community for a variety of very good reasons when the Sun touches your skin your body makes vitamin D vitamin D as in Delta and vitamin D is Really important to your overall health vitamin D deficiency is linked to a lot of really bad things bone loss muscle pain bone pain back pain cardiovascular disease cancer asthma in children hypertension diabetes Type 1 and type 2 and multiple sclerosis. I think that’s all I had on my list I did a little research I will put the links to the site in the description box below one is WebMD The other is health line health line. I’m not completely sure about how Medically sound it is WebMD. I’m absolutely certain about in my younger days I had a tendency to be a hypochondriac just a little I would research things to death. This is after the advent of the internet My doctor told me I was not to be looking these things up. But if I absolutely Felt compelled to look something up. I was only allowed to use WebMD because he said at least I would be getting sound medical knowledge I I do still research things because I just have an innate curiosity about things that are happening to me But I always now think of Jeff Foxworthy loved watching like Dateline 20/20 of those shows But you know how every week they will they will feature a disease And I swear to you every week no matter what the disease is. My wife has it There’ll be three people on the planet that have this disease. My wife is one of them. She just watches it going I’ve got it. I have every one of those symptoms. I’m like you do not have testicular cancer You don’t even have testiculars Some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are muscle pain bone pain hair loss. Hold on a second Got to bring my notes up because my brain isn’t cooperating come on my computer is also not cooperating It’s just so slow right now, and I need an external hard drive It’s on the list of the many things that we quote-unquote need. Ok, some of the symptoms I’m gonna just read this getting sick or infected often fatigue and tiredness and I’m not talking about Oh, I worked hard all day. I’m tired. No I am talking about intense Fatigue where you cannot drag your butt across the room ladies This is the kind of fatigue that you may have felt in the first trimester of a pregnancy. I experienced that with my first child I didn’t have it with the others, but I Understand that it’s very common. So some of you may be able to relate to that just Dog-tired. Oh my goodness. Oh Yeah, ok bone and back pain depression You don’t normally have clinical depression and you’re experiencing a depression that you can’t shake get a blood test It’s it’s a simple test impaired wound healing now. That is something that I experienced from diabetes because This is also connected to diabetes that may all be kind of wrapped up into one. I don’t know bone loss I mentioned hair loss and muscle pain I was pretty shocked when I found out that I mean I wasn’t just a little deficient I had almost none There are some reasons that you might be a D deficient if you’re a strict vegan Most of the vitamin D in food is in animal-based Products fish fish oil egg yolks beef liver if you go there I do not go there The last time I had beef liver was when I was living at my mom and dad’s And they were making us eat it because when I was growing up, it was well known that Liver was good for you Mmm, I’ll find another way to get what’s good for me. I’m not eating that stuff ever again. Where was I going with that? Oh, yes, if you’re vegan fortified milk all animal-based products so that can lead you to D deficiency if your exposure to sunlight is limited it says you may be at risk of Deficiency if you are homebound live in northern latitudes wear long robes or head coverings for religious reasons Or have an occupation that prevents sun exposure I do know that in the Middle East in countries where women wear the full head covering the full burqa They do have horrendous levels of major major bone loss I mean you see these women there. They’re like 35 40 years old and they they look like they’re 90 They’re bent over their their backs are bent. That is a vitamin D deficiency If you have dark skin the pigment melanin reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight Exposures some studies show that older adults with darker skin are at a high risk higher risk of vitamin D deficiency There are some other reasons being obese really ups your risk being Elderly as you get older your body has more and more trouble building the vitamin D and some other things that I can’t remember off The top of my head, but as I said, I’ll put the links in the description box each person has to decide for themselves What’s what’s most important where are you gonna get your most return on investment going outside and In a bathing suit laying on a chair for 20 minutes allowing the maximum amount of skin to be exposed to the Sun for 20 minutes is Absolutely worth it. And then I run off into the shade and I Slather myself with SPF 50 and I wear it everyday as well on my face and my neck I am well aware of the risks, you know, I keep an eye on things for skin cancer, you know, I understand that I’m gonna have a certain amount of aging from that being a person that struggles with Depression if there is anything that can help I’ll do it and if 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure Helps my mood I’m in because there’s no amount of wrinkles That would bother me if I wasn’t depressed and the Sun really boosts my mood I mean I think pretty much anybody that deals with depression probably deals with at least an element of what they call sad seasonal Affect depression and that is you know in our in our hemisphere. We don’t get as much Sun in the winter That’s just the way it is and people can be more depressed in the winter And I definitely have that issue as soon as it gets warm, and I can head out to the the back porch I’m there if we go through a week where we have a lot of rain or a lot of Overcast skies I feel it very deeply each person has to make that decision on their own I just felt like I had to come clean because I feel like like I’m being naughty every time I go outside Without my sunblock on and I felt that I just needed to tell you one more thing This season of heading outside with no sunblock on for 20 minutes. I don’t use my retinol I will use it probably starting in September and I’ll use it all winter and spring but when I get to the point where I’m heading outside to Commune with the Sun I don’t wear the retinol. I’ve got terribly sensitive skin as you know, I have rosacea I don’t want to make it worse. I forego my aging remedy over the summer I don’t know why I absolutely felt the need to tell you this but I did and it’s it’s Because I cannot tell a lie, I know some of this was kind of heavy today kind of intense and I apologize for that No, I don’t apologize for that. It’s important that people with depression speak up It’s it’s important for us to tell our stories because there are a lot of us out there. Thanks for coming along today Thanks for listening. I hope y’all have a wonderful week. I’m sure gonna try I’ll see you here Next week life is very precious. Believe me to me is very precious Don’t miss a second of it go out and live your beautiful life

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  1. Great suggestions. I will keep your suggestions in mind. I have almost quit shopping at Sephora unless I don’t have a choice. I used to be Rouge and it honestly offered me nothing I couldn’t get at a department store. Anyway thanks for sharing. Love all your videos.

    Honestly a few minutes in the sun I feel is worth the risk. Not 4-5 hours but 30 minutes I’m good with.


  2. One way to not be miserable about the high prices of brands at Sephora is to compare ingredients to less expensive products. Think of yourself as a cosmetic sleuth. When you see what is actually in products and compare to the price many of these products will be less desirable. Plus you will be in control over what you are putting on your skin.
    The need to expose yourself to the sun to get vitamin D has been debunked. No sunscreen blocks 100% of UV rays, most people do not apply enough to get the claimed SPF protection and there are always areas that will not have full coverage like between fingers, the scalp, ears, etc. You can sit outside and enjoy the sunscreen and still wear sunscreen to protect most of your skin. We do know that skin cancer has increased to a rate of 1 in 7 people now. The atmosphere is not the same now as it was when we were younger and the advice was to sit in the sun. The best plan is to have your Vitamin D levels checked and let your Dr advise on the level of supplement you need. Cheers

  3. Ive been thru it, as you already know, everyday is a new day, a new beginning… Very good topic and information!
    Cheers to you, Jules.

  4. Oh my goodness how brave you are …. I have thought of this topic so much but I am so much more like a bird – I hide – I don't want anyone to know my weak points or that there is anything wrong with me but I battle with this and have since my Mother died when I was 20 but it has gotten so much worse in the last few years but I don't know why…

  5. Hi Julie ,I appreciate you sharing your story and this hits close to home for me ,I lost someone close to me from suicide and I can relate to the horrible comments close friends made to me about it !! They need to understand ,It’s an illness not a choice .
    So true we can’t change how people react ,but we can change how we handle it
    I rarely buy from Sephora I’m a drug store girl ,but sometimes it’s nice to own those high end products !!
    I deal with vitamin D deficiency also because I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible ,I’m now on high doses of vitamin d ,I need to try sitting in the sun more often ,even for 10 mins a day
    Thanks for sharing
    Love and hugs

  6. Hi friends! I neglected to mention I’m only sitting out “unprotected” for 20 minutes once or twice a week under my doctor’s care. I’m already on very high doses of Vitamin D supplement. The main reason for sitting out is that the sun boosts my mood significantly; I am certainly medicated for depression and I see a counselor. My doctors and I feel confident that the level of unprotected sun is perfectly safe and, as I said, the benefit to my mood is worth the risk (FOR ME AND UNDER MY DOCTOR’S CARE!!!)

  7. Thanks for sharing this video, Julie! Lots of different but important information, so I think many can benefit from your point of view. I don’t have clinical depression but one of my loved ones does. Sometimes it is very, very difficult to work through it with her. Also, I am around many people with depression (as well as many other psychiatric illnesses) on a daily basis, so I feel like I have special sensitivity to these issues ( I have worked at one of Indiana’s state hospitals for almost 17 years). Thanks for being brave and honest about this. It’s no joke, but it can be quite complex and therefore difficult for others to understand and to be helpful. You’re a strong, intelligent, courageous woman who is loved! Now that is something great, don’t you think?! Have a wonderful week, my friend!😊☀️😎😘🌸

  8. Julie…you are a beautiful person and so brave to share this with everyone. One of my close family members dealt with depression for years. I did everything I could to support her and let her know we all loved her. I just felt everything I did was only a band-aid. I still think about her all the time and wish I could have done more. You shared so many great strategies. I totally agree with you…helping others takes our mind off ourselves. 💓💖Laura

  9. I have a similar Vitamin D deficiency (almost zero at one point) that caused fatigue, mental fog, and joint pain. I took massive doses of D supplements for a while; now taking 2000 IUs daily to maintain “normal levels.” Unfortunately for me, I cannot tolerate temperatures above 72°F for any length of time without triggering my MS symptoms so am not able to take advantage of the natural way to absorb D (sunlight). Glad you can get the double benefit of D boost and mood enhancement. Thanks for sharing your demons; as you mentioned, knowing others struggle with issues makes our own burdens easier to bear!

  10. Hi Julie , thank you for sharing, my daughter was hospitalized this week for this. I also have anxiety. It is good to know we are not alone. Such a important subject. Big hugs to you ❤️😘💖

  11. Hi Julie. I work at Sephora Inside JCPenney. You were given wrong information. You do get Sephora Beauty Insider points at SIJCP. They should have looked up your Beauty Insider account to give you your points. Also, when your husband bought the gift card, he should have been told that the gift card would not work at the stand alone Sephora so he has a choice at that point to make a decision. Sorry this happened to you. Yes, if the store doesn’t have what you want and they order it for you, shipping will be free. What they can order for you online is much more than what are being sold at the store as well. Good video.

  12. It is NOT accident that we are friends!! I have dealt with depression all my life and I was 40 before I got help. I have a vit D diffency and get in the sun (about 15 mins early morning sun daily) AND take a high level of Vit daily. And post partum…those of us who had to hide it need to speak up and help this younger generation know that it happens and they can get help now when 35 years ago we were told to snap out of it. And Julie, you look great! You make up today is fantastic! I love you and look forward to meeting you face to face soon!!

  13. Julie it takes a lot of courage to share your, very personal, story and I want to thank you for doing it. You are right it still seems to be taboo to talk about anxiety and depression. It is very hard for those that do not suffer from this to understand and expect you to just snap out of it. I had one of those Sephora at JCP experience and never again. I always wear sunscreen on my face and chest, but I do wear lots of sleeveless tops and get plenty of sun. Hugs, Clara oxo

  14. Thank you for sharing this. I know exactly how you feel. I have suffered from depression since my teens. I take antidepressants which help but I think I need to switch to a different one. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't suffer from this how you have zero motivation to do anything when you're in the throws of it. I have so many questions. . .are you on antidepressants? It sounds like you see a counselor which I need to do again. Have you had to try different meds to find one that works? Anyways thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your vids.

  15. Hi Julie! I think we’ve all been though some tough times. I take meds but sometimes, even they aren’t enough! I’m always here for you!🌺🌺🌺

  16. Hi Julie thank you so much for sharing your personal story. My heart goes out to you and I pray for you to stay strong – it sounds like you are on a good regime. Depression is very present in my family. My oldest son was diagnosed with severe depression thus he ended up with a drug addiction which is really hard to deal with and my daughter has also dealt with severe depression her whole life. Uug. You gave some great tips for anyone dealing with this to try. I remember my sister working on huge puzzles and that is why she did it. Great tips on the Vit D deficiencies so important and very rampant in North America. I love the sun too 😎 Don't apologize Julie you did great – hugs to you beautiful lady xo Jackie😘💖

  17. Thank you for sharing your life. This only shows just how strong and brave you are for opening up and sharing your struggles. I know that by this you are helping others, if only to reassure them that they are not alone. Love to you!

  18. Julie, thank you for sharing and for your honesty. Depression is so exhausting and debilitating. Sloggin through the black cloud can feel lonely and hopeless — your story will help so many. ~Kimberly (and what's up with the Sephora fails at JCPenny's????)

  19. Mine creeps up on me I’ll be in such a great mood feeling of being on cloud 9 then wham out of nowhere I’m super depressed feel dazed zombie like no energy and negative thoughts constant it’s horrible and that last usually days .Then I’m back to the happy energetic cloud 9 feeling but the depression episodes seem longer then the happy it’s very weird.

  20. I love puzzles ! I agree I need to also focus when my pain is high. Thank you so much for bringing awareness about clinical depression and the thought process I truly think this helps others understand the depths of despair that person may be in ! Thanks again for sharing this !

  21. I'm so sorry you have had to go through this. My mother suffered from manic depression and when she was having a bout, it was horrible. I was in high school then, back in the late 70s/early 80s, long before people openly discussed this. Prayers for you, sweet lady.

  22. Serious topic, but the title made me chuckle. Talk about depression and suicidal thoughts and Sephora at JCPenney – which is both depressing and suicide inducing. 😉 In all seriousness. This is a hefty topic that deserves focus and continued study, talk and work to help people overcome it. Yes, it's definitely something that isn't just lip service, it is debilitating and an illness. I love puzzles too!

  23. yeah depression is not a joke, been there, trying to working and never get there again.Amazing tips darling, I am so glad you talked about it and shared it. Thank you so much darling for a wonderful video!

  24. You are such a breath of fresh air, Julie for speaking on this taboo subject. I too suffer from depression & severe anxiety. My 1st Love committed suicide back in 2010, & it was a very violent death so I now suffer from PTSD bc of it. I see a psychiatrist & a therapist monthly. I am on meds, & it helps but like you…I do a lot of praying. I suffer from low levels of vitamin D bc I am allergic to the Sun so I don't go outside very often @ all. So I take vitamin D shots. I am always around online if you ever need to talk, Sweetie. Again, TFS! ~ Nona

  25. Still loving this hair Julie! As suspected I did not comment yet. This is going to be a hard video to top in my opinion! You explained everything about ALL of your topics perfectly 😀 xoxo

  26. Hi Julie, you are being so open and real with this video. Gratitude is so important. It does make a big difference. I love the nail polish you are wearing and how it matches your top. I wear sun block on my face and neck but not on my legs or arms. I take vitamin D. Great details about the vitamin D.

  27. Good morning, Julie! I have found you through various other people I subscribe to, and now I'm a new supporter of yours. I look forward to getting to know you! I love this 'real talk' idea and discussing really important things that we all go through! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  28. I could relate with this so much. I have the same tendency to depression. I have learned over the years to do certain things that usually lift me out, and get me back on my feet. I'm not currently on any medication for it, and want to keep it that way, but will pursue help if I need it. Now, when I feel it coming on, I do things to combat it and they usually work =) 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  29. Thanks again for talking about this! Prayers that you can keep yourself from the worst of it! Have a wonderful day, Julie! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  30. Prayer is powerful! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Hope IS what keeps us going. Be still and let Him fight for your =) 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  31. Julie – thank you for sharing this. You are so brave! And beautiful! Both my mother and daughter suffer depression. You’ve given me a softer heart for them. You’re in my prayers. ❤️

  32. Haha! "Man down!" Oh, my gosh! I have a Pennies/Sephora story too! I bought a LOT of things at Sephora in Pennies during the holidays as that is the only store near us (2 hours away). I had to return 4 items (I ordered about 25ish lol) and it was a huge HASSLE to return. After driving 2 hours to return the items I was informed that returning to the Pennies store would result in a gift card instead of a refund because "they do things separately!" I wasn't happy. Anywho, I hear you!!! 😉 One of my besties suffers from severe depression. It was so bad at one point she wasn't really talking with anyone. We felt so helpless. I began sitting out in the sun for 20-30 min/day when I was D deficient! Most of me was exposed except my face as I always wore a hat. It felt amazing and I always felt better afterward! Had to be careful though as I would get a weird, itchy rash if I was in the sun too long! Thank you for touching on these issues, especially the D deficiency. Sooo many are deficient these days and it causes so much damage! This was wonderful! Sorry I'm so late! Have been away and will be away a few weeks again but have a video scheduled for Wed. Hoping my channel won't suffer too much but…life happens! Missing you! See you soon!💚💙Bren~

  33. Thank you so so much Julie! This is a subject thats needs to be talked about it affects so many of us.. And I am a 1000% sure you are helping someone with you story!! Love you my friend! Big HUgsss! Xo

  34. I just realized that You have a Channel so I came over right away and I Subscribed right away ❤❤❤ Thank You SO Much for 1-Always being SO Supportive of Me and My Channel and 2-For Making this video!!! I never suffered from Depression before I got sick but for the past 8 years I have suffered from Depression myself and I think it's Amazing how Open and Honest You were about all of the things that go along with truly being depressed. This is the first video of Yours that I'm watching and I cannot wait to watch MANY MORE!!! ❤❤❤ Much Love!!! ❤❤❤

  35. You are really a woman with strong will power….actually we all are facing such kind of things but just take little care and family support makes me very happy… sweet of you,blessing too….new frnd

  36. I appreciate your candor and honesty. Depression is no joke. It’s real and it can be physically heavy riding around on your shoulders like 50lb weights. Bless you for sharing this important topic and your experience. Yes we can only control ourselves and our situations. And yes there is always “hope”. 💗

  37. I think of us, it's just our nature to worry. We get a little carried away but the world has gone crazy so… I don't like what's going on with the points 🤷‍♀️👍🏻

  38. New sub here you must be awesome because we share the same name I’m JULZ god bless thanks for sharing yes depression needs to be talked about pple have it and don’t really know or want to accept it . God bless sis

  39. #33
    Hello dear my new friend
    Very nice to see U channel
    Thank you for sharing it
    Live always from korea
    Have a nice day

  40. Hi Julie, As a retired 41 year Behavioral Health professional, you did a fabulous job talking about Depression! By the way, calling Mindfulness medication is accurate. Meditation is accurate also. If I was still working, I would refer my clients to this video! This is an excellent video and worth everybody watching. This video should go viral! It speaks to the lack of acceptance that this probably will not. The name of this illness is the problem because everyone that has had a depressed mood for a couple hours on one day thinks they know what Depression is about and they do not have a clue! I think that is why Depression, as an illness, is so misunderstood! People confuse mood with illness. Such a huge difference that they don’t understand. Dr Google can be dangerous! Love and hugs, Susan PS you look fabulous! Love you in orange, it really lights you up! Or is it red?

  41. Hey Julie i would love to say that you have such a magnificent channel and i love everything about your channel i hope you will do extra well soon and im always proud of you and im always here for you if you feel down or sad your doing great and amazing keep up the awesome work and stay strong and dont give up and you will do excellent and spectacular and also would you like to subscribe but you dont have to its okay ^_^
    -Lots of love and support, hopes and wishes from Drewyn

  42. I love your story & channel.
    You touched me deeply.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I support u from Korea.
    See u soon again. 237sub

  43. Thank you Julie so much 🙏 for sharing with us , I’m so sorry for your depression . I understand reasonably well.
    I often feel depressed , mine might be situational . Both my adult children have Bi polar . I’m learning that I can only support them . They both need meds . It’s so painful for us all. Their Dad suicided , none of us have accepted it. I never judge anybody . ❤️❤️ I’m not religious. The serenity prayer holds a big part of the answer. ❤️

  44. I thank you so much for putting this out there and for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I have people in my life that suffer with depression. Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out how to reach them, how to help them. This is a very brave of you to share.. I for one very much appreciate it, I know I am late in commenting. But I still wanted to comment. Much love,💕

  45. Hi Julie, the word “depression “ in your thumbnail jumped out at me like a bolt of lightning! I too have been suffering for over 20 years. My list is soooooooo long of things I’ve tried and I’m at the point of exhaustion and stay on a very low dose of an antidepressant because any normal amount restricts my breathing. I had double pneumonia a few years back and I can’t do the aerobics I loved to do because I get so winded. I have low levels of vitamin D and I should sit out 15 minutes a day, but what would I do in the winter? 🤷‍♀️ And my story goes on and on…

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