Real Talk: Depression, Anxiety, and Asking for Help

Hey y’all, it’s Ashley with Candor & Coffee. I’m coming to you from the minivan today. I know a lot of mom bloggers get hate for
that, but, y’know what? I snuck out of the house for a Starbucks run
and this is the moment that I find myself on my own with relative quiet. I’ve got three carseats in this car and no
children. So this is–this is where I find myself right
now. I wasn’t planning on recording a video this
morning, so we’ll keep it short and sweet, but I just really felt like it was time for
me to share a little bit about what’s on my heart today. The thing that I want to talk to you about
today is anxiety, depression, and suicide. So GREAT BIG TRIGGER WARNING for anybody who
just feels like they’re not in a good space to listen to a conversation about those things. That’s–that’s okay. And, just go find a happier video. Put yourself in a good space. That’s important. With the loss of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain
this week, it just has me thinking so much about mental health and how isolated we can
feel. Because we don’t feel like we can talk about
where we are. I know that a lot of people have felt a connection
to Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade and this is such a shock to a lot of people, even if
they didn’t know them personally. And certainly within their own personal communities. I know that Kate Spade’s father had said that
he had just spoken with her and she was planning a trip and she sounded happy and, y’know,
that–it–it just goes to show that you never know. You never really know what somebody’s struggling
with. And it really can vacillate from one moment
to the next. She may have been having a good day when he
spoke to her. She may have been feeling hopeful that day. This is coming up for me this week and specifically
today as an issue that’s close to my heart because of my own struggle with postpartum
depression and anxiety. I’ve been struggling with that on varying
levels for…oh…since I lost River to a miscarriage, which was back in 2016. The beginning of 2016 was kind of when it
really hit me. And I’ve been struggling with it since then. I just–I just wanted to take this moment
to tell anyone out there who needs to hear it that you matter. And the thing that’s causing you pain, and
the thing that’s causing you fear…it’s not stupid. Maybe you’re not struggling with suicidal
ideation. Maybe you’re not about to hurt yourself. But you just feel hopeless and you just can’t
stop crying. Or you can’t get yourself out of bed. Or you can’t make yourself feel anything. It doesn’t have to be The Worst Thing to be
serious and to be worthy of attention and worthy of having somebody hear you. So please know that I’m here. I see you. I hear you. And you matter. You matter to me and you matter to others. I just feel like this is something that I
need to say out loud this week. So if this is something that you need to hear,
if this is a place that you find yourself, then just know that you’re not alone. My inbox is always wide open and I’m always
happy to listen. There’s always somebody that wants to hear
you. And I’m gonna put the information for the
Suicide Prevention Hotline at the bottom of the screen and in the notes so that you have
the resources that you need–either for yourself or for somebody that you might know that’s
going through something similar. Take some time and just get the help. Just talk to somebody. Even if it’s just talking. And if the first person that you try to talk
to isn’t in a space to hear you, find someone else. I know that that sounds impossible sometimes
and I know that it sounds like it’s all that you can do to get out of bed, but find someone. There is always someone that wants to hear
you, that wants to see you for who are, and that wants to be the person that walks alongside
you. I guess that’s all that I wanted to say today. I’m hoping to share a little bit more about
my personal walk through depression and anxiety soon, but in the meantime, I just really felt
like this was something that I needed to share with you. And if there’s somebody out there that needed
to hear it, just know that this was for you, then. And that I care about you. You matter. I see you. Be good to yourself. Be good to others. God bless y’all.

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