Reason of depression is thyroid | Connection Between thyroid and Depression

Hello, friends welcome into our channel. In this video we will discuss about a common disease whose name is Thyroid. In this video we will know about that what is thyroid? If you search on google that how many people are suffering from thyroid disease in India then you will get a shocking result because in India 42 million people are suffering from thyroid disease 1 million=10 lacks so you can imagine that the number of people. further we will know that what is relation between thyroid and depression. because if you have depression problem then you can easily affected by thyroid disease lets continue video and what things we will discuss in video i have made a small list first we will know that what is thyroid symptoms of this disease How to confirm that you have thyroid disease or not? in last, some extra useful information so lets know what is thyroid thyroid is a gland which name is thyroid gland and it is on both side of the breathing tube in the neck it looks like a butterfly as you can see in image it mainly make two hormone t3 and t4 if this gland make these hormone in high amount or low amount in both cases you will have a thyroid disease and these hormone control many parts of the body like metabolism and protein and sensitive for other hormones of the body and also responsible for energy and also effect other part of body like kidney now we will talk about symptoms in starting we can not notice any symptom of this disease that why in India a big amount of people suffering from this now talk about depression i had made a video on depression you can see , link is description if you have depression then your chance is high to get this disease weak immunity pain in joints and muscle because this causes calcium deficiency in your body other symptoms like hair fall, constipation, too much sleep is also symptom of thyroid disease. weak memory ,laziness,dry skin and if , in your family someone has this disease then your chances is high How to confirm , for this you can consult your nearest hospital but if you have depression problem then you will not want to go to hospital for this you can download these apps form play store i have given link in description these apps are very friendly and easy to use you can book thyroid test from home Other useful information if you want to read more about thyroid, link is below you read from there if you like my video then please subscribe the channel and press the bel icon Thankyou

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