Recovery? From Depression Schizophrenia Bipolar…

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel Star
schizophrenic so recovery I don’t like the word um because I feel like it gives
like false hope oh I don’t think I mean you don’t really
recover from a mental disorder like it’s not going anywhere I mean my
schizophrenia definitely isnt and if yours has awesome to you oh but I don’t
really like the idea of recovery because what does that mean does that mean that
you won’t need medication does that mean you’ll be able to live by yourself does
that mean you won’t be in a mental institution of some sort like what does
recovery mean and I I don’t know because that would be you know different to
every person and at the end of the day though I talked to so many different
people with mental disorders and myself even you know what does recovery look
like like what would it look like for me I don’t know not feeling suicidal all
the time being able to live alone I I don’t know so I it’s just weird
um I just feel like the word itself it’s it’s not good um I just give so many
people false hope of well one day I’ll be recovered from this thing but there’s
nothing to be recovered from you know you didn’t get depression you didn’t get
bipolar anything else like that because you got sick I mean it’s not like you’re
gonna you know suddenly get better with me I like to view schizophrenia as just
like a neutral it’s not good or bad okay it’s just what it is and I can’t really
come back now I can recover from let’s say a really bad episode but I can’t
recover from schizophrenia it’s not going anywhere I think you know a lot of
people get so frustrated and they’re in and out of whether it’s like
medications programs hospitals and they’re just in like that vicious cycle because
they have like these false ideas of what recovery looks like and it’s not normal
it’s not you know being without a mental disorder what it is though is learning
how to manage it learning how to manage depressive episodes learning how to
manage you know hallucinations learning how to manage you know urges to hurt
yourself with self-harm that’s what it is so instance with me
will I ever recover no no cause there’s nothing really to recover from but
I do have to constantly be on my toes learning how to manage it learning how
to manage you know new hallucinations learning how to manage my depression
which just continues to spiral and I think it’s hard because a lot of times
we look you know at other people and you’re like well they have schizophrenia
they have bipolar depression and like look how great their life is I get it
with me all the time people will message me being like you can’t possibly be
schizophrenic because you talk to to clearly you know like guys yeah I just
organized thoughts behavior and speech is part of schizophrenia but it’s not
part of it 24/7 and I only make videos when I’m in a good state oh but it’s
easy to look at other people and think oh my god they have it together and and
you don’t really know you you have really no idea what that person is going
through and while you might look at them and think like they have it together I
want to be in their spot you you really don’t know some of us are just manage
better at managing certain parts of our lives than other parts so you can easily
you know if you only see one part of my life and I got that on lock you’re like
oh wow Rachel has everything together like no is one thing one thing right
there so yeah I’m Rachel Star thank you so
much for watching like subscribe unsubscribe resubscribe I don’t know I’m Rachel
Star I don’t know this is not how you grow an audience at all, eh *outro music we’ll cut that part out

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  1. Sometimes, mental disorders can recline into a 'dormant' phase of no episodes or less symptoms for a while, but that's not recovery and it doesn't mean the person is cured. Stable moments have caught me off guard before. It's safer to accept the continuous nature of mental disorders. I think "recovery" is the idea of working towards finding better management skills for your condition. I think it's supposed to be a process, not something we arrive at. Like you said, symptoms can change, so we need to continue to search for new solutions. I agree that recovery isn't the best term in this context.

  2. Quick question… Let's see how I word this without sounding weird. Okay so am in a depression stage where I just don't want to do anything but go to work come home play video games and forgot the world exist. My Girl want to do stuff all the time (STUFF) but am never in the mind set to do it. I love her I do and we have been together for a year almost 2 and I haven't been in a bad depression stage till now but it hard for her to understand why I don't want to do stuff and making her feel unwanted. I don't want to lose her I just don't want to tell her what's going on because she'll start to worry a lot? She always saying I look mad but I just don't have any emotions right now. She sees me at work and I have all these fake emotions that I give to my co-workers and dosent understand that it's an act.

  3. "Recovery " Makes us sound like alcoholics. You know we just need to go to some meetings, get some will power then ten steps later we are healed. I believe what we need is the word "AHA!" then the flowing sentence " I must do what ever it takes to learn how to deal with my mental disorder , with out killing my self. Thank you Rachel . Cheers

  4. Well recovery is how you manage symptoms and it means also letting go of the label schizophrenia to define yourself or aspect of yourself I guess. Too, I feel recovery can mean different things for different people. For example, being off medication for a time! You begin to feel different and make better, healthier decisions

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I am in an art based recovery program & very vocal about my feelings about the word "recovery". I have been depressed most of my life & schizoaffective since the early 1980s. I replace the word "recovery" with "coping skills" and I can live with that

  6. My bipolar is like that. I have to manage my episodes. I have no delusions about my medication. it is a tool to help me manage my episodes. I have it everyday, thankfully it is not overwhelming but they are there. I can function and thrive but my bipolar is not going anywhere.

  7. I’ve suffered from mental illness since I was 10 and that’s when I first found your videos, now being 20 I just wanted to tell you how much your videos have helped me feel like I’m not alone and not crazy so thank you so much for helping I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thankful!

  8. "You speak to well to be schizophrenic" always gets me because people do know that youtubers edit their videos right?

  9. I agree with you, no one can really recover. You may be able to subdue the symptoms a bit but they never go away. Love your videos as usual! 🙂 Hope you will be able to alleviate the depression symptoms soon. They are a pain.

  10. Thankyou for making your videos and sharing your experences. It has helped me alot, Ive shared them with friends and family.
    My main dx is sczoaffective.

  11. Amazing wisdom and knowledge in this great video, as a paramedic seeing the bad and never the good, you are a great success story and your videos help so many people, i recommend your channel to patients that have a hard time with their schizophrenia, thank you for your videos and for having the righteousness and courage to share your mental condition and your coping skills that most people lack. God Bless You Rachel and your family. 🙂

  12. I shared your channel on Facebook with this comment/information about you and your channel: (for our family friends with mental health illness) I have been watching Rachel's videos on her channel for 5 months now, she has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, she makes awesome videos, she is a stunt woman that appeared in movies and is living with this illness, most patients with her diagnosis are 100% disabled, this illness is incredibly hard most of the times is incompatible with social environments and impossible to be productive enough to live a normal life with a job a few kids and other little things in life that the rest of us take for granted every day. Rachel's videos are so inspiring and motivating that i had to share her hard work making her videos, she performs amazing stunts on camera and what is so important is she shares her coping skills along with the blunt truth about mental illness and how you can help yourself to overcome some of the symptoms and have a more normal productive happy life just as she has mastered. One out of one hundred people in the US has Schizophrenia, the future life diagnosis is so bad that many of patients with this illness have a tendency to harm themselves. Coping Skills and a Positive Support System along with medication can mean the difference between life and death. so if you have a friend or a family member suffering with a mental illness I would suggest Rachel's videos on her channel (link below) as a form of positive suggestions of coping skills from a victim of this illness not a therapist that doesn't and never had a mental illness diagnosis. Always ask your Doctor before changing Anything in your treatment! This is Very Important!
    And of course may God Bless All of you, may he give us all the strength to live our life in a positive and healthy way.

  13. Recovery means that you no longer have the symptoms of schizophrenia. You have to ignore your hallucinations, phobias etc. Try it. The more you ignore them, the more they will go away. It's not easy to want to give them up and ignore them but it works.

  14. schizophrenia is not go anywhere but you can be productive and good…… or unproductive and bad… i loose 4 years, from my psychotic episode and now i am good.( with medication of course)

  15. i have been diagnosed with "mild" paranoid schizophrenia. i have recovered. i still hallucinate sometimes, and have other symptoms (negative, cognitive), but the delusions, depression and other stuff are gone (for now). i'd say that i have recovered. recovery means to recover your life. to be able to live like you did before. it's still a chronic illness, so i might have to recover a few more times. but right now, i feel great and can do the things i could before it all started.
    (and i don't want to hear from any people in the comment section that i seem too happy or anything like that, because mental illness is different for everyone, and people don't usually get ALL the symptoms for schizophrenia.)

  16. I have my Schizophrenia since I was 8 y/o. It was very bad, after to many hospitalizations, it’s better now because I leaned how to deal with my voces, táctil hallucinations and faces desfigurations. It tucked me long long time to manage. And I still leaning every minute of my life.

  17. Stay strong, and be you, thank you for this. Helpful video, and one I watch at least once a week. Something soothing and true words. Thank you, and good luck.

  18. Recovery from schizophrenia to me means being “functional” long term. Yes, not being suicidal and with few symptoms…

  19. I totally agree with you about recovery….phenomenal video, thanks for sharing. Made me feel better.

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