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  1. def very impressed with your videos. Ive tried hypnosis for anxiety problems ,which have bugged me for thirty years ,unsuccsessfully. Youve given me hope that just maybe I can crack this and finally move on. At first I wondered if I could handle your
    accent( Im Scottish ,by the way) but have grown to quite like it. Thanks mate.

  2. Thanks for your comment. If you visit my channel you will also see another hypnosis session that I've done toο»Ώ help with anxiety – Overcome Anxiety Self Hypnosis Session.

  3. i need advice. im in high school and i have alot of stress and anxiety and i just caant seem to conentrate and im worried and scared and im going to break down to my limit one day what should i do πŸ™

  4. Hi Katelin. I would suggest that you continue listening to this session and also my session titled ultimate relaxation which you will be able to find on my YouTube channel. It would also be good if you also learnt self-hypnosis. When I went through school I suffered from low self-confidence but by learning self-hypnosis I was able to change this. *** Continued Below ****

  5. *** Message Continued *** I have a weight loss channel also on YouTube – TheInsideOutApproach and on that channel you will find a 30 day weight loss challenge. During that challenge I teach a three step self-hypnosis process. (1st Step – Day 9), (2nd Step – Day 17), (3rd Step – Day 23). Watch these video and practice the techniques, even though this is for weight you can easily change the suggestions to help you with worries. If you need any help please leave a comment and will do so.

  6. Thanks for the comment I'm happy that you enjoyed the session. Yes my hypnosis practice GFM Hypnosis is based in Greater Manchester – Ashton Under Lyne.

  7. Absolutely amazing! I was having a panic attack when I found you video. Everything from your voice, the music and affirmations drew me into a state of calm and peace. By the time I opened my eyes in the end I felt relaxed and centered. Thank you for your presentation.

  8. I find your voice, wording, suggestions and the music very beneficially calming and wish you success. Thank you and praying you keep up this wonderful dedication. 'God Bless!'

  9. thankyou so much for these sessions!! I don't know if you consider requests..I would love to see a high IQ session, a trying new things session , laying down better daily habits session ( yoga, a green smoothie and such) , …thanks again πŸ™‚

  10. I always welcome request so thanks you for the idea will put that on my to do list. Mot sure if you have visited my channel but I do have a session for increased motivation. This may be a beneficial hypnosis session for you to listen to.

  11. If you are an hypnotherapist and you would like an hypnosis script of this sessions please visit – http://www.freehypnosisscripts.net/

  12. I fell asleep like a minute or two after reaching one but the slowly coming back when its begun to counting up again. Is that normal? I have to admit before I listen to this i'm pretty tired.Β 

  13. Thank you so much for the service you provide. Your musical and soothing voice rocks me to sleep every night. I hope you make one for grief. I've lost every single member of both sides of my family, with my father, daughter and brother dying in the past 4 years and my mother this last Christmas of a brain tumor. I'm alone across the entire US separated from my husband, kids and grandkids while I manage her estate. Again, THANK YOU! Peace, SC

  14. The sad thing is that I don't seem to have many memories. They are fading. It's as if my mind won't let me remember them and locked them away in a box. I feel frozen in time. πŸ™

  15. Hello Gary,

    I just wanted to thank you for giving people a chance to have access to professional and trustworthy hypnosis on a public platform like YouTube. Keep up the good work and may it always be rewarding for you! It is really appreciated.

    If I may ask, is it still okay to add a suggestion/request for possible upcoming work of yours?


  16. Hello Gary, your sessions are a great help . Please do one for grief and survivors guilt. I lost my 19 year old daughter to acetaminophen toxicity in 1999. None of us knew how dangerous it is. She died 5 days giving birth to my Granddaughter.

  17. Hello Gary I was curious to ask I noticed you had quit smoking pot, drinking alcohol, binge drinking and cocaine. Could you make one for either pain pills or heroin users? I have a friend who needs help and I'm an avid meditation/hypnosis user and I would like to suggest this for my troubled friend to get clean. Thanks a bunch

  18. Hi your videos are really helping me. For my christian friends who don't understand hypnotherapy, could you explain to me how hypnotherapy is a psychological practice and not a spiritual one? Also would you mind doing one on child abuse and suppressed memories. I know I have things stored away in my mind but it's like I can't get to them… Thanks so much.

  19. Thank you VERY much for taking the time to help so many people. You have the gift for this. I was wondering if you would ever be interested in doing a lucid dream or astral projection session? Your voice is amazing. I've subscribed and will tell every one i know. Right then..I'm off to listen to this again..kind regards Peta

  20. Thank you for the videos. It's great to see someone taking the time to help out so many other people. Could you do a session for people suffering with chronic panic attacks and overactive thoughts?

  21. Hi, I would first like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing to help improve our lives. It's amazing that you are readily providing such valuable resources to us out of pure kindness. I have been suffering from PNES (psychogenic non epileptic seizures – also referred by many as pseudoseizures) for about 7 years. If you are unaware of what this is like many, it is a seizure that occurs because of stress and anxiety that doesn't effect your brain because there is no change in your brain waves. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, and PNES. The PNES (seizures) only occur in my sleep for me. It all started while mourning the deaths of two of my siblings and a close friend that all three occurred not long after the others. After listening to your anxiety recording, I immediately snapped out of two separate seizures I was starting to go into while sleeping last night. I balled a tight fist, told myself to relax (in my mind) and immediately my body collapsed from the jerking and my breathing calmed. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found you. My question is do you have a recording for PNES I can also join in on, or if not can you please do a recording for my situation that I can listen to for healing? Thank you again and thanks so much for your time. -Sherry

  22. I would like to say thank you for your time to help making others lives better..that's so kind of you..your sessions really are great..it helps me being a calm person and decrease my anxiety level and the tension inside of me..

  23. I just got a question which is how often should I listen to this session to be more calm and able to deal with different kind of stressors..so far I listened to it 3 times, and it did a tramendous effect on the way I control my anger

  24. You may have just saved my life. I noticed my blood pressure go through the roof and had to get it down urgently. Having some experience with self-hypnosis 25 years ago, I knew I could do that with quality hypnosis if I could only find a good recording
    . I came here and checked a couple of pages briefly and took a chance with you (in a rush). Now I see it was not chance. Karma directed me to your page. You are very gifted. I am not easily hypnotized ( it took years to develop the skill 25 years ago) but you had me relaxed like a rag doll the first time. You are truly gifted and I thank you for sharing that gift.

  25. Hi Gary I would like to thank you..I have been doing this for two weeks..I feel different but in a good way ( I just don' know how to explain it..I was wondering if u could do one for over thinking? Thank you

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