Ricky Speaks on His Drug Problem: “I Was In Denial” | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– I told him, along
with some other people– [INAUDIBLE]. – –some people he works with–
– Yep. –hey, Ricky, look. I said, I love you. You know, I’d do
anything for you. But I’m not gonna support
you in killing yourself. Right. So if you want to be with
me, if you want my support, you’ve got to go
get treatment today. [INAUDIBLE] And if you don’t, I’m out.
I can’t support this anymore. I can’t–
– Right. –keep chasing you
around, finding you, because it’s starting
to affect my life– Right. –to where I
can’t do anything. Right. And it really did affect
my life at the time. Yeah. And you know, that was the
first time he’s like, OK. It wasn’t easy to get him–
– No. –to go the first time. I was in denial about how
serious my situation was. At the time, I was just
thinking, yeah, I’m doing this. I’ll do this for
everyone else just to kind of shut everyone
up, not realizing how serious the issue was.

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  1. Chevy Chase said, " that he'd notice that his addiction was like poisoning himself over and over again"..

  2. One more thing, help come from within, nobody helped one get on it and only you can get off it.. Lol, God is really real in a addictive situation.. Fact

  3. When one doesn't have the true Love of God, one will go astray blindly walking around with eyes open and blind in the daylight..

  4. Got a real life challenge for y'all WS, AC, AS and whatever..Ask God for help and taste and see what happens…

  5. This is not “black love.” Y’all need to just call this show “Love” and stop throwing everything non-white into the black category.

  6. If you’re reading this, you’re awesome 🙂 Be well, be BLESSED, and stay in touch ❤️

    -Josh Otusanya

  7. This show is toxic and dangerous. Where are the healthy black marriages? Why is it with every single one of these couples, the woman is tolerating some form of abuse or she is fixing her husband? The researchers of this program need to do a better job and stop pushing this narrative that black love equates to misery and abuse. Please, find more healthy couples.

  8. People keep stating why is this called black love and why are they showing toxic marriages. I believe half of the people stating that are not married. Anyone who is, would know that, there will be times your marriage will definitely be tested. It’s actually those times that teach you about yourself and each other, to help you grow together. I appreciate them opening up and showing that if each person works, you can make it.

  9. Oprah please change the title of this series. Great content. Wrong title. You and your team can find a better title and then go deeper with these topic. I grew up watching you. You majorly influenced my life. The title is a misnomer and can be detrimental to young black people.

  10. Ricky if you are reading this. You look great. I always knew it was you singing on many of the old songs. You have a beautiful voice. Be thankful that you have found a woman who cares about you enough to see you get better. Do not abuse her kindness. You have to do the work. Not her. Sis stay strong but don't stay too long.

  11. All these people are black or biracial or mixed.Rebecca Crews is biracial(black/white).So if you don't consider their love "Black Love" then Barack who is also biracial(black/white) and Michelle must not be an example of "Black Love" either. You can't have both ways.

  12. If you are watching this, know that love will find you wherever you are. You are blessed!

  13. Why can’t their situation be defined as “black love”. Vows are for better or WORSE. Everyone wants a pretty situation. But you got a real keeper when that same person still in ya corner when things ain’t as pretty. I see lot of folk bashing him for his troubles and her for staying, smh. I salute them both for making it threw the ugly times and finding a brand new pretty!!

  14. They both enjoyed doing drugs together which by the way she admitted that she influenced him to do in the first place. He gets hooked and she decides to stop. Then his drug use becomes a problem for her…smh.

  15. Everyone wants to see perfect marriages portrayed in this show but guess what? That doesn’t exist 🤷🏽‍♀️

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