RMC Intro (5 min); Reed Migraine — Recognized World Leader in PNS Migraine Treatment

You have to do it for yourself. You have to
do it for your family. You have to do it. And now that my migraines can be fixed… You’ve got your life back, because migraines
can take it away. It’s just amazing that a little stimulation
could take away that pain. Everybody’s looking for that miracle, and
I’m convinced that I found it. Here at Reed Migraine Center, our entire staff
is fully committed to making this a positive experience for you and your entire family. Since I’ve had the procedure, things have
actually been really great. It’s interesting how all this got started.
I’m a pain management specialist. I’ve actually got three board certifications in total medicine,
anesthesiology, and anesthesia pain management, the last of which is the most appropriate
one for the procedure we’re going to talk about today. Implanted neurostimulation for
headaches is a procedure that I originated. We were the first to do it here in Dallas,
Texas beginning way back in the 90’s, in 1992. Over the years after that, we’ve developed
this procedure to what it is today; a more perfected procedure: what we call a combined
four lead occipital and supraorbital nerve stimulator as a treatment for severe headaches,
commonly severe migraine headaches. Patients don’t know, but literally we’re refining
it constantly. Even from when I first saw the technique, in the last two years we’ve
made a number of revisions and refinements. And the fortunate thing is because Dr. Reed
has the largest study sample size, and we have the most patients of anyone in the world,
he’s able to glean data from that. So we’re constantly refining it, improving ways to
do it. In fact, just recently, Dr. Will made some modifications to the technique that are
great. So I’m excited to tell my patients now that it’s even better than it was six
months ago. The patients improve so rapidly and are able
to improve their function. These are patients who a lot of times have had to go to the emergency
room multiple time a month for severe headaches and pain, and they’ve been able now with the
procedure to go back to work, go back to school, interact with their friends and family, not
have the ER visits, not have to take as much medication, and it really has improved quality
of life. You can just hear when we talk to the patients from the post-op visits, even
just the trials. One of the most important things a patient
should know about a stimulator and about the stimulators that we use is that they are unique
and can be customized to your pain. Each stimulator typically has four leads, and you can turn
each of the leads up and down individually, you can change the frequency, you can essentially
change the volume. If you ‘re having a bad day and you’re feeling your migraine creep
up, you can turn it up, like taking another dose of medication except you just have to
turn up your stimulator. As many migraine sufferers know, they might have different
types of migraines. You can really customize it to your pain, which is one of the reasons
we like to stay connected with our patients, years out. Some other ways our patients can find out
information about Reed Migraine Centers. We have an excellent website, www.ReedMigraine.com.
It’s a very, very wonderful website for patients to go. There’s a great Q & A section with
Dr. Reed himself. He answers any questions that the patients may have. We have patient
testimonial videos on there, as well as links to our research that Dr. Reed has conducted
over the past couple of years. We wouldn’t call it a cure, but as close as
you could come to a cure. Dramatic improvement in the pain. At minimum, they have to have
over 50% improvement, and the vast majority had over 80 and over 90% improvement. They’re
going back to work, back to school, and those are the terms we hear: “I have my life back.”
“It’s night and day different.” “I have my wife back.” “Our kids have their mother back.”
We get these kind of reports all the time. It was like, 90% better than I’d felt in so
long. It was honestly the best thing I’ve ever done,
mostly because it gave me my life back. It gave me my family back. They were awesome. Wake up, wake up, you’ve got to know this!
My head stopped hurting, wake up, wake up! It’s just amazing that a little stimulation
could take away that pain. It’s awesome. You’ve got your life back because migraines
can take it away. They can fix anything. If you want to go to the seminar, that would
be great. That way you could know if you’re a candidate, and you might as well give it
a shot. It saved my life. Everybody’s looking for that miracle, and
I’m convinced that I found it.

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