Rodney; Explains How Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Worked Wonders for His Migraines

My name is Rod Clark and I’ve been a migraine
sufferer since at least the age of five. I remember at age five telling my family when
I closed my eyelids I could see lightening bolts because my head was hurting. They thought
at the time it was just sinus related like so many people do, I think. For years, I was
treated as if I had sinus headaches and too all sorts of, Dimetap, and all that sort of
thing as opposed to being treated for migraines. What happened with my headaches, I think,
from that point I would have headaches periodically that were bad. I remember lying in bed with
a cold washcloth on my head just trying to get some relief, and then trying a warm washcloth,
or trying whatever. Generally, the headaches I didn’t have them very frequently, and so
you could deal with something that happened on a short-term basis.
Then, what happened was about 2006, toward the end of 2006, I was working in a building
where they were doing a complete renovation. They kept opening the new part up to the old
part and paint fumes and sheetrock dust and all this stuff came in. I’m convinced that
that really triggered this major episode of just suck severe headaches that I couldn’t
function, and I was off work for about three months. I went to a neurologist. He diagnosed
migraines. He said they were a number of things that could cause migraines, but that I had
never had sinus headaches. They were migraines. At that point, I was treated with virtually
every medication that was on the market. Things would work temporarily, maybe two months or
three months. I would think, “Ok, this is it.” Then, one morning it just wouldn’t work
anymore. then, they tried the cocktails. We’ll give you this one and this one, and we’ll
give you these three together, and then we’ll keep mixing and matching. Eventually, it just
no longer worked. I was going to the go-to guy in Dallas for neurology. I knew I was
getting the proper treatment, but it was wasn’t solving my problem.
My major triggers were weather, weather changes, and stress, stress at work, stress at home,
whatever’s going on. I think those were really the major causes of mine. I tried to even
track for a while the barometric pressure and storms coming in, but it never seemed
to be the same. Some days my headache would start as the storm was coming in. Some days
I wouldn’t have a headache until the storm was leaving. There was no rhyme or reason,
but it seemed to be connected to weather somehow. I heard about Reed Migraine. I call my little
miracle because it happened on a Sunday for one thing. I was driving my son home to Denton.
On the way back, as I had a headache, I looked over on the left side of 35 and there’s the
billboard. All the way home I’m going, no migraine pain dot com, no migraine pain dot
com, so I can get home and look at the website and look at the testimonials that were there
and Dr. Reed’s statement and things and just thought maybe this is it. That’s why to me
it was just miraculous that I saw it just by the side of the road after everything I’d
been through and all the doctors I had seen. I called the office and came to one of the
seminars. The lady who spoke at the seminar, the patient, the former patient, so many things
that she said were so similar to what I was feeling and other people in the audience.
I could tell it was really connecting with them. I was very hopeful. When I met with
Dr. Reed, he said I would be a good candidate, which I was very grateful for. We did the
experimental procedure in the middle of December, the first one. I forget, I had it on a Thursday
, so I got to keep it a little longer than some patients because I had it over the weekend.
I had five really great days. It was just the difference between night and day. That’s
all you can say. Then, we didn’t schedule the final until the middle of January, that
was 2010. I’ve just been great ever since. I think it’s real interesting because the
stimulator is unique just we’re all unique. Cher, my rep, told me early on, I can’t tell
you exactly how to program this. I can’t tell you which program to use. I can give you some
suggestions, but you really have to play with this and learn what works for you, so that’s
what I did the first several months was I would up the stimulus. I would change programs.
If I felt a headache coming on I would just try different things. Now it’s almost second
nature that if I feel something happening in my head I just change the program or maybe
up the stimulus a little bit. There’s no science to that, I don’t guess. It’s just what do
I feel is going to make this work better. It’s just a matter playing with it and seeing
what works today. Going from sitting in a chair, keeping my
head still, afraid to move it for fear of a headache, now I can do anything. I’m out
in the yard all the time, cutting limbs and gardening, and just whatever, playing with
my grandchildren. I can do it all. For several months I was unable to do anything, so it’s
just really made a big difference in my life. My family has been great through this whole
thing. Everybody’s been so supportive. You know that a 8 or a 10-year-old child gets
really tired of hearing, “Dad’s really not feeling good right now. Can we go to that
movie later? Let’s don’t go. Can we play that game later?” It was a regular thing for people
to hear that I’d like to do that but my head is hurting. You get tired of saying it, and
you know people get tired of hearing it. Really, my family, I think, it’s like they have me
back. I can participate in Six Flags or football games or all those things I just had to sit
out because I was having a headache. Because I have had the neurostimulator and
family and friends know that and know the difference that it’s made in my life, various
people have come to me and said, “My cousin is having migraines and can’t get any relief,”
“A lady that works with my brother over in Mississippi, what can I do?” I refer everybody
to the website and just say, “Start here, and then see if maybe might be for you,” because
everybody’s looking for that miracle. I’m convinced that I found it.

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