Rowdy’s Life (PG13)

hello I’m rowdy and I’m about to do an
interview with Chris. don’t know him just met him seems cool it’s gonna ask you
some questions let’s do this brother I’m okay with that
so yeah let’s do it what’s it like to be born like you well the thing is that I
can’t keep air that anything all I know is this most people act surprised when
you tell them you can drive actually yes and I’m wondering if that’s actually
affected my dating game like I don’t want to talk to me just because like
they take a drive but uh I likely dated a couple of girls that assume that I’ll
let him leave that and they just ended up driving me around which is pretty
badass it was pretty cool this is where our height disadvantage kind of comes
into play because neither the wrong places to meet chicks like a bar or
something I mean unless I’m sitting in a booth or a chair or something I can’t
just be noticed by anybody walking around but I don’t know I mean like what
I came to the conclusion long time ago is when it comes to dating
I mean I’d only want a girl that would like me for me like she likes what she
sees that’s great and that’s all that really matters so and I mean I’m gonna
run into a lot of people that are just like oh god you know I mean I’m not
gonna date him you can’t move along and do chores or do what you can but you
know people think that but you know so whatever but in my opinion let’s just
weeding out the bitches I forget what we’re doing or what was going on but I
was worried about making an impression and my friends like like I was worth
about sure I was worth something I don’t know well my friends like dude the only
thing they’re gonna notice is the fact that you’re on your hands that’s all
they’re gonna notice I mean and I mean as sick as it sounds it’s kind of right
so I mean well no do you mind that that’s what people pay attention to I
mean no I mean if I cared about that cheese I would definitely never leave
the house how would you describe the way you get
around that was always just me but you know
people like said they see what they see sometimes people see just a guy with no
legs running around sometimes they see like our hero or inspiration or whatever
what do you think when they look at you like that you know whatever that’s great
I got the spinner nom so I can steer with one hand and then
this lever controls both the gas and the brake mm-hmm
they won’t let me drive a stick-shift since they’re all my license I actually
had somebody come to me and for like ten minutes I had to explain to him that I
was not doing a magic trick he thought that I was somehow making my
legs bend backwards or somewhere making disappear so do you approach that with
humor you get pissed off no I would never get pissed off I definitely
appreciate working here with it let me see this yeah you asked me about like
the world and things like that like what are some of the perspectives you’ve
gotten from people like like when you interview I guess folks like me like do
they seem more positive or do they seem like sucks
well it’s interesting is I found that the mentalities and attitudes isn’t
really influenced by the condition so if you meet somebody who you would consider
typical you know 60% might be happy 40% might be miserable same is true with
individuals who I met who had a condition so it doesn’t really affect
your mentality that is the greatest answer ever because the thing is it’s a
lot of people cuz I’m gonna be honest like I’ve been you know down down
stressed before things like that I mean I’ve been like so depressed like I’ve
been sleeping like 15 hours a day things like that but you know people might
assume like hello he’s probably depressed because he hasn’t lived and
obviously it sucks man but uh no that’s actually not at all fucked I kind of
like me there’s always a reason to complain
and you just gotta know that I mean there’s always a reason you’re playing
so there’s so basically that means is there is no reason for playing because
there’s always something to complain about
I mean if you look for it so all you can do is not worry life’s too short to be
pissed off on something I’ve never really like made things easier for me
like I’ve always just like just did whatever like like this house for
example like if I wanted to drink a water I was close ever get a cup go to
the sink distant water refreshing

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