what is this [Upbeat Intro Music] hello everybody it is me chase and today
I’m going to be yes reviewing something related because the peens are behind me
uhm there’s this company in Russia that does prosthetics and I have shown
prosthetics from the United States from Canada from Lithuania but I’ve never
actually shown prosthetics from other places in the world and I actually have
prosthetics from Russia to show you so this company FTM prosthetics.RU, as in Russia, have a prosthetic website and a company and they make
Packers and STPs and masturbators and things for sex and stuff like that so
they contacted me or I contacted them and somehow I got a package from them so
that I’m able to actually show you on my channel these different prosthetics that
are available outside of North America and I think it’s super important to show
these prosthetics because it’s not that they’re different and it’s from a
different country and oh so exciting it’s more like more representation from
the other side of the world where mostly these prosthetics are shipping from the
United States or Canada and that shipping could be very expensive to
somebody who lives in Russia whereas these prosthetics are like homemade
homemade homemade house made there they’re made in the country that the
person would get them from so I suppose that the shipping would be a little bit
less expensive alright so I have five products to show you this over here is
the packer simple and I’m gonna bring it up to the camera so you can see the
details so I’m gonna say right off the bat that the silicone that they’re using
is a little bit sticky so you do have to end by a little bit sticking i mean like
it’s really sticky it’s tacky and not tacky like that’s tacky but you could
see here that it was cut not that you would really see that but this is kind
of just on your body like that so it’s good that it does have a flat here so
that it could just go on your body and it doesn’t kind of make a big big big
bulge because the balls aren’t like 3d down here this is an uncut or natural
peen it is not a stand to pee device it is
just a packer that you would put in your pants you could technically put some
adhesive on here honestly it’s like literally so sticky already on here and
stick it to you it is a little bit heavy though so I would just wear briefs
so like tight boxers if you wanted to do that to your body so the price of this
in Russian dollars is three 999 but it’s rubles I think that’s the
the the how you pronounce the name of the money there if I’m gonna convert
that into US dollars for you so this is $60 u.s. and for that price I think that
for a packer like this it is very similar to the Packer from Reel Magik
the squishiness it is a little bit more dense and this one you absolutely do
need to powder because it does get sticky sticky like this one so if you
are gonna get a packer like this make sure that you put some sort of powder on
it you could put cornstarch on it so that it doesn’t just stick so much to
you because it does attract like there’s a lot of cat hair on here right now and
I just washed it this is the STP number three I believe so I’m gonna show you a
little bit closer this is six thousand two hundred roubles and that is
ninety-five of US dollars so if I bring it up close to that you can see some
detail you see that it is again natural it’s uncut this is a stand to pee device
it is a little bit girthy so when you are packing with it expect a bulge and
then there’s the cup so I’m gonna tell you that I am NOT a fan of this cup
because the hole is way too small for me and also there’s like a very big space
here so when you pee the urine actually stays there and gets collected so you do
really have to like squish the balls and make sure that it is an overflow over
the side but also empties out I will say though that they do have a no spill lip
which a lot of prosthetics now have so when you pee it’s less likely to go
overboard because there is this lip over here this is STP number two and it is
very similar to the other one honestly same type of silicone very squishy
however this one is colorized so they did customize painting on this one and
this one is cut or honestly it doesn’t really look cut it looks like there was
foreskin and somebody just retracted it and then that’s what it is so just to
let you know I mean it looks cut but I don’t technically think that it is a cut
peen so here it is in detail again it has a small cup that I’m not really a
fan of and then it has this very big kind of gap over here I will say though
because this one is custom color painted it in colorized it is very very soft and
you don’t need to powder this one and that is going to be
same price as the other ones 6200 rubles which is 95 American dollars so now we
have this thing this is a rod okay it’s a rod that that you look at it when I
open this package I was like what is this so first of all it is 1,500 rubles
I’m probably saying that wrong and I’m really sorry which is 23 American
dollars by the way and I literally was like what is this so this is a rod that
you actually put inside of the STPs because the stp turns from Packer to a
stand to pee, to something that you can use for sex now there are some really great
advantages of this and then some really not so great advantages of this one
really bad thing that I’m not really a fan of is try getting this in in less
than a minute so I I have skills because I have a lot of these prosthetics
and I’ve also been playing with this one for about a week now and so you really
have to work it in there okay you know that was actually faster than any of my
other times that’s pretty good but as you can see this is still pretty squishy
so there is more leeway that you can put it in I don’t know about the life of the
prosthetic if you keep having to do this because you are stretching it it’s not
supposed to rip so here it is here’s what it looks like when it is erect so I
really like that it goes from like an actual packer to something that is erect
that is actually erect um this is a little big for me I’m not really a fan
of this this it is made of harder silicone so it’s not something that I’m
super invested in I guess just because I have really sensitive junk if this was
softer it would make me feel better but it is because it’s hard the ridges just
don’t they’ll feel good on me and then I will say something that I think this
company nailed it okay and this is something that we look for in all of the
toys how the rod fits inside the thing area here but how it feels okay so you
look at other prosthetics like the peacock and freedom the Sam STP and all
of these other ones that I have where you have to put a rod inside in order
for it to become erect for it to be a three-in-one now this one I’m saying is
different than all of the other ones because how you
feel it here because the inside isn’t like like a plastic rod or like one of
those like this thing here that makes a lot of noise that a lot of companies
have and because it is made of harder silicone when you feel it it actually
feels really realistic so in the past I’ve talked about two prosthetics that I
think feel extremely realistic in terms of touching them this is the Mustang and
then the Ellis by The New York toy collective when you squeeze them it’s
dual-layer right so it’s a harder silicone layer inside and you can really
feel it so when you feel this and you wet it does feel really good and this is
the impression that I’m getting with this prosthetic I will tell you okay I
do have the colorized one so because this is the colorized one it is a little
bit softer if you’re going to use the one that’s a little bit more sticky you
have to make sure that you do powder it before you put this in also putting the
rod and this one get yourself some lube because it is a challenge
let me just bring this up too so you can actually like kind of see the color and
the details of this so the ball is pretty good pretty big though pretty big
I’m gonna say pretty big and girthy and then this is what the inside looks like
it’s not a perfect match but you really do kind of have to like shove it in for
it to fit more but you see this it’s a little it’s a little too hard for my for
my junk and that’s obviously not to say that it’s not gonna feel good for you
obviously some people like it harder I’m just super sensitive this is just
hilarious to me what it looks like I don’t know why now this here is called
the FTM play me it is 999 rubles which is 15 American
dollars so this is a masturbator, it’s a masturbating sleeve so this is something
that you put over your Anatomy and then you’re able because of the
suction to kind of move up and down so that you can feel like you’re using a
masturbating sleeve this is extremely similar to this one which is the sexy
pill from Love Blue Valentine which is one of my favorites of all time I like
this because you can put lube in it and the lube doesn’t fall through because
it’s not two holes on the side you can also move it like that
so this is very similar to that I will say that this silicone is a lot thicker
than this like this is a lot thinner you could kind of see my finger through it
when I do that this one like it’s just it’s very very thick
and the silicone that they’re using is very squishy I will say that I did try
this and it did feel really good not as good as this one I think because I was
just so used to this one however because the silicone is like thicker I think
that the suction on this one is actually better than that I haven’t really
compared the two too much but from my like remembering of that and just trying
this right now the suction of this was like Im impressed, it was really good
so I was nervous because this one’s a little more girthy and there’s more
silicone inside it is a little sticky but throw some powder on there some like
cornstarch and roll this on yourself the suction is actually really really really
really really good which at first glance I was like I feel like this is gonna be
too squishy it’s just gonna fall off of me but because it’s so thick I think
that that makes the suction better I don’t know and the last thing I want to
show you are the underwear that you can buy so these are nine thousand nine
hundred and ninety roubles and which is again 15 American dollars so these are
what they look like and at first I was like oh these are way too small for me
because I’ve gained a little bit of weight or like my hips are too big but
they stretch a lot and I was actually super comfortable so I’m actually going
to put these on right now and put the packer and the STP in here so you can
take a look because I am gonna tell you that there are like a million
compartments in these underwear which are really really cool could open it
here there’s a hole for the for the STP you could take the STP out from here you
can take the STP out from here you could put it in here so it doesn’t touch your
junk let me just show you there you go so I’ve put it in this compartment let
me put them on to show you what it looks like so this is what it looks like here
you could pull the peen out from this side and you could also do it from the
other side and if you want you can do it from the bottom as well so there’s a lot
of different things that you could do in terms of the underwear I will tell you
that this here kind of bothers me a little bit because it does end up being
open you could I guess sew it so that it is a little bit closer but it does
create like a small gap just so that you’re aware of that here there is a gap
this is the STP colorized by the way with the underwear that you could buy
these are mediums I would probably have gotten too large and then to pee you can
lift this part here and then bring the cup down and you could
like this and then putting it back undo that there and then then you kind of
back to normal there you go that was this one by the way so when
you’re wearing pants that are tight your it still looks big okay it still looks big
but it definitely reduces the size of peen because the tight- the pants are like
really tight and then it shorts it is a little bit bigger and I’m showing you in
shorts like this because these are kind of like swimsuit consistency and also
sweatpants so it is it is still pretty big I also I’m still wearing the
underwear by the way look at the underwear feel really great it just
really looks like you’ve got a big dick so this is honestly my favorite thing
that they have it’s like their basic Packer I feel like it fits really well
in these underwear here and it does give like a really great bulge which I really
really really appreciate and then if we go here you know the bump ends up being
a little bit bigger it looks like no idea why it does that but that’s just
what like looking down oh my goodness and then it pants honestly it’s super
comfortable like I can move around I could walk and it’s not uncomfortable at
all like I barely feel like it’s there but I know that there’s something there
so it eliminates my dysphoria which is great all right so that’s it thank you
so much for joining me thank you for FTM for sending me these
prosthetics I’m very happy that I’m able to show different types of prosthetics
that I don’t think a lot of people know about these and it makes me happy to
kind of promote other prosthetics if you know anybody who’s ever reviewed any of
these prosthetics please let me know in the comments below because I would love
to put that in a playlist so that people could have a range of different
experiences that they could look at and yeah so thank you so much for watching
if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below and I will
see you later have a great day bye [Upbeat Music]

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  1. I’m not trans but I am bisexual I found your video from watching Alex burtie and I fell in love with your videos. I find you funny and interesting but I watch you for your personality if that makes sense

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  3. I asked you a few times to review the packer. Thanks so much for reviewing it and the other products. I found FTM Prosthetics Ru on Instagram and I wasn't sure if I should purchase a packer because I didn't know how it would look. I'm pretty happy with my Archer but it feels semi erect. I don't go for the bulges, I want something that looks authentic. But I'll definitely consider the underwear.

  4. Also, I'm glad things are getting better for you. Any popular trans person has a beef with the community, or basically gets ex-communicated aka. cancelled. I'm glad you rose above that.

  5. OMG! I'm from Lithuania and since you said you reviewed prosthetics from here, can you please tell me which company there is in LTU?? I really didn't know :O

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  9. Please review fukena dual density dildos. They're really cool and pretty fucking cheap for the quality and variety 👍👍

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