Sad, Anxious, Depressed, or Moody? You Could Be Protein Deficiency | 11 Signs You’re Deficient #3

You feel sad or anxious or depressed or
moody or are you accused by your friends of being kind of a sad sack? Does that
happen to you? it could be that your protein deficient. Now here’s how this
works. All of the neurotransmitters these are the things that nerves used to
communicate with each other. When one nerve talks to another nerve it doesn’t
actually touch it, it sends a messenger across to tell this nerve what to do. Go
faster, go slower, go harder, go less, turn right turn left whatever the instruction is. They’re called neurotransmitters there’s
probably 60 of them or so known in the body. These are all proteins, okay? If you
don’t get enough protein and you’re able to digest it, and you’re able to
assimilate i,t your levels of neurotransmitters will be off. If you
don’t have enough GABA, GABA is a neurotransmitter. All of
the benzo drugs are supposed to improve GABA. They don’t improve it at all,
but if you get enough protein, and your intestines functioning right you make
gaba and when you have gaba you’re not anxious. When you have another
neurotransmitter called serotonin you’re not depressed. When you have enough
dopamine, you have drive and you have satisfaction. When you have melatonin you can sleep. These are all neurotransmitters. They all are dependent
on proteins, and if you have enough protein your body can make these things,
and you can, not feel sad, not feel anxious, have good mood, have good sleep, and be somebody that all kinds of people want to be around okay.

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  1. Your right – after coming across a book called "The Amino Revolution" a while back i have been taking free form Amino Acids as my eyes were opened to the importance of Protein.

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