Sadhguru -next time you’re angry – know you’re stupid

Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Let’s talk about
the inner life and the outer life. One thing that strikes me as so powerful about
your mission in the world is that you seem to successfully broker both
of those worlds… Sadhguru: Oh, bro… you must take off the
word broker (Laughter). Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: I guess… How to say… You successfully pursue both of those worlds, if you will. The Isha Foundation educates the young and
plants trees. And then you also teach people about Inner
Engineering. And I think that could be a challenge for “we” in the West. We in the West perhaps love the outer world and maybe at the expense of the inner world. But I’d love to hear your perspective on
that. Sadhguru: See all these massive projects of
health, education and ecology that we’re doing in
southern India have mainly happened only because of an inner
experience. There’re millions of people who had a powerful
inner experience. It’s out of that we are able to generate
this action. Because these massive projects are all completely
done by a volunteer force. Volunteers means (Laughs) nobody’s trained for the job (Laughter). And (Laughs) And you cannot fire them for inefficiency
(Laughter) because they’re volunteers (Applause). At the same time, even if they’re holding a key position, at any time without notice they can just vanish
(Laughter). You manage an organization like this, you
will go crazy in no time. That’s my job (Laughter). So (Laughs) having described my job, which is a sure route to madness (Laughter), if I was not as well established as I am within
myself, it would have driven me bonkers. Because I’ve managed businesses before and at that time, I used to wield my authority on people to
get things going. And the main thing was, they were on my you know, I was doing the payment for them. That was the main control. Now I don’t make any payment for anybody, everybody is not paid, nobody is paid. In fact, they spend their own money and come
and do everything. To keep them going is essentially the inner
engineering. Because there is a powerful experience within, which drives them to do all this work. It is… It is unfortunate that people always trying
to divide the world. You must understand this, that the very basic nature of human intellect
is this Human intellect – you know, all of you – the sharper it is, the better it is. Isn’t
it so? You should agree with me (Laughter). The sharper it is, the better it is, I think,
intellect. Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: I actually wanna
talk about being a prophet. Sadhguru: Hey, don’t go that far, let’s
finish the project (Laughter). Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Let’s go there. So, because one of the things about sort of be mindful of the inner life… Sadhguru: Mhmm (Indicating negation). You cannot be mindful of the inner life. Now you talked about being a prophet, now I can say no (Laughter). Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: So I don’t think… I wouldn’t say you’re a prophet, I’m talking about the Judeo-Christian tradition
of prophecy… Sadhguru: Oh! Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: …so in the Hebrew
Bible, in the Old Testament, there is the role of those who speak truth
to power, who speak out against injustice, who sacrifice themselves for a cause because
of injustice. And there in that narrative, there is anger and there is rage. And there are significant groups of people
in the world, in our country, who have due cause to be angry about the world
– the refugee, the ethnic minority, the poor. And one thing about inner engineering and sort of finding peace within oneself, the other side of that coin is, you know what, is there ever a time to be angry, to march, to be enraged at the injustice of the world? What would you say to that? Sadhguru: You know Che? I know you… This is not a popular name in America. Che Guevara said, “If you are in rage, you
are one of us.” I said, “If you are out of rage, you’re
one of us” (Laughs). If you’re really out of rage, you’re definitely one of us. Because you think there is a reason for your
anger, which is a wrong perception. If you look at it, people get terribly angry with their loved
ones. There’s a whole lot violence within the
homes because they get terribly angry with their
loved ones, somebody that they’re living with. And they have a good reason to get angry. Because she did not cook the breakfast properly. Or the dog peed where it’s not supposed
to pee. Or I have seen people yelling and screaming
and breaking their clubs on a golf course, where they’re just having a good time (Laughter). So I’m saying everybody has a reason to
be angry. Anger means just this. When you’re angry As a doctor, you know today that when you’re
angry, literally you’re generating poison in the
system – literally. If you are poisoning yourself internally And when you’re angry, you know you do the most idiotic things in
your life. When you turn back and see, you can’t believe
you did it. But most idiotic things happen when you’re
angry. So I’m asking, is it… is anger an intelligent expression of human
life or an idiotic expression of human life? Hello? Idiotic. So that’s all you need to know (Laughter). The next time you’re angry, you just know
you’re stupid (Laughter) because you’re turning against yourself. Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: So… Sadhguru: But… I will tell you. The reason why this anger has been eulogized
is, in a moment of anger, some people who were sleeping all their life
propelled themselves into action and that action produced some results. Yes, that can happen. It may so happen, you know, that if I throw a stone at you, instead of hitting you, it hit the apple in the tree and the apple
fell into your hands. But that’s by accident. Generally, if I throw a stone, your head will crack. That’s what is supposed to happen. Yes? So I got angry and something got done, so I think anger is a great way of doing things. So when you’re angry, you yell and fume
at somebody. I’m asking all of you, how many of you enjoy being yelled at and
fumed by somebody else? Whether it’s your boss, or your husband, or your wife, or your parents or anybody, you really thoroughly enjoyed this (Laughter). Hello? Did you? Participants: No. Sadhguru: No. And what makes you think somebody else enjoys
it? They endure you, they don’t enjoy you. And when they’re done, they’re done (Laughs). So, it doesn’t matter whether the anger happened to a man that you
call as a prophet, because we have a way of eulogizing everything which… with which we have a distance of time. Suddenly anything which is over 1000 years
becomes sacred in most people’s mind. But whatever is happening right now, however great it is, they don’t have the intelligence to recognize
this. People are saying the past things are great simply because everybody else is saying it, not because they truly recognize. But we are coming to a time, if you don’t do it, your children will do this, that is, a time is coming in the world, where unless it makes sense It doesn’t come… it doesn’t matter from what source it comes
from, even if god comes and speaks here, the next generation will reject it unless it makes sense to them. This is a good development because instead of authority being the truth, truth is becoming the authority. It’s a good way to go. But once this happens, questions are going to rise – all kinds of questions. With all due respect to every religious tradition
on the planet I come from a land, which has immense traditions, unbelievable. Most… Most people in the world, most Indians are not even conscious of this, how many traditions, how many ways are there
in that land. When Mark Twain came to India, he said, “Anything that can ever be done
either by man or god has been done in this land” because the exploration is so incredible. But with all due respect to all of them, I say this, that if you raise three fundamental questions, ninety percent of the scriptural knowledge
on the planet will collapse. I’m sorry, but this is the truth. If you ask three pertinent questions, you will see ninety percent of the scriptural
knowledge on the planet will just collapse, it can’t stand scrutiny. Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: So what are the
three questions (Laughter)? Sadhguru: You are not a scripture, so why
should I (Laughs)…? Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Oh no, you said
ask three questions. Sadhguru: Yes, the fundamental questions. If you ask, simply… You… See, the fundamental thing is this
– you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you will go. You can believe. If we work hard enough on you, we can make you believe anything. You must know this. I was just talking to a group of people in
Nashville, Tennessee, where our center is. I was just telling them a joke. In the joke, I referred to god as him. Immediately, a few ladies stood up and said, “Do you believe god is a man?” I said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!” I know what I’ve gotten into, you know (Laughs). I said, “I was just telling you a joke.” They said, “It doesn’t matter, you said
him.” Now this is a debate in America – is god a man or a woman? I think this time in the election they’re
trying to settle that issue (Laughter/Applause). But where we come from, we have no such issue. We have a man god, we have a woman god, we have a cow god, we have an elephant god, we have a snake god, we have a bird god, we have a dog god, we have every kind. Crawling ones, creeping ones, flying ones, all kinds (Laughter). Because we are a very wise culture, we foresaw all the future problems that may
arise (Laughter). And there is also a debate, which in the last election they tried to settle, but it did not settle, I think. People are debating in southern churches – is god black or white? It’s a big serious debate happening. People really debating about this – is god white or black? Well, you know Idi Amin, the Uganda man. Idi Amin declared, “God is black.” I agree with him because if a white man can have a white god, why can’t a black man have a black god? But you know, these people do not know, because in these parts of the world, only
messiahs, prophets, sons, others came. They don’t know. In India, we know god is brown (Laughter/Applause). Yes? Because god himself visited India nine times. Are you aware of this (Laughter)? You didn’t know? God visited India nine times, himself. Indians are very proud of this (Laughter) because god visited us himself nine times and he sent his son and messenger and others
and others to other places (Laughter). I keep reminding them, that’s because god wanted to do the job hands on with Indians
(Laughter), he couldn’t trust anybody else with Indians
(Laughter). He came nine times and he failed (Laughter/Applause). Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Let’s… Let’s
talk about… Sadhguru: No, coming to belief (Laughter),
I’m saying we can make people believe anything if you work upon them from their childhood
– anything, believe me. You just have to work hard enough and make them believe this, that, everything. Belief gives you a confidence without clarity. Confidence without clarity is a disaster on
this planet. There is no substitute for clarity. There is no substitute for clarity. But if you have confidence, you can just do
something just like that. Sometimes it works. Even if you’re not clear, you can simply do something and it’ll work. Can I tell you a joke? Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Please. Sadhguru: This happened in New York City, tch. Late afternoon, a eight-year-old boy came back from school. He had a very progressive mother. Obviously she was single (Laughter). I’m saying they couldn’t… nobody catch up with her (Laughter). He came home and he asked, “Momma, is god man or woman?” She thought about all the gender issues and the coming election and everything and then she thought about it for a while
and she said, “Both.” The boy went into deep thought. After a little while, the boy came back and
asked, “Momma, is god black or white?” Again she thought about all the racial issues
in the country and after considering this at length, she
said, “Both.” The boy went into very deep thought. Then after some time, he came back and asked, “Momma, is god straight or gay?” She again thought about it and then she said, “Both.” The boy jumped in joy, “I got it! I got it! It’s Michael Jackson” (Laughter)! So how… how we arrived at our belief has cultural
backing. Every culture has made up their own stuff. But I’m asking, do we genuinely know where we came from and
where we’re going? If you’re so clear where you’re going, that is for an appointment with the Creator, I don’t think you should postpone the appointment, you must take it today, isn’t it? But that’s not true. If death is next moment, you don’t want
to go. If you are so sure Only that fanatic who blows himself up seems
to be sure. Everybody else has a doubt, isn’t it? Every s… working intelligence has a doubt. Yes or no? If you have frozen your intelligence with
overriding belief systems, then you’re going (Laughs). Every other working intelligence, if death is next moment, there is hesitation or no? For sure, isn’t it? Because you really don’t know where you’re
going. You can believe what you want, but you really do not know. Belief is of social significance, to some extent of psychological significance, but existentially it means nothing. Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: Can I ask your
thoughts on this? In some ways, in many ways, we are the inheritors
of our traditions and they can… and they do influence us and
shape us. Is there a positive role for the traditions
from whence we come? For example, if I’m gonna try to inner engineer my inner
life and try to get some direction and meaning
and faith and hope and values, I can’t do it alone. And there are rich traditions, Hindu traditions, Judeo-Christian traditions, Muslim traditions that give some context, some meaning, some structure upon which to anchor my life. What do you think about that? Do we throw away all the traditions and inner engineer our lives or can we use these traditions? Sadhguru: As you said, to anchor our lives. Now that is… that is the decision that every human being
has to make. Do you want to be anchored or do you want to set sail? That is a decision that everybody has to make. If you’re looking for confidence, if you’re looking for stability, then you have to anchor yourself to something. If you’re looking to go far, then anchoring will not help. Traditions, all traditions – with all due respect to all of them – particularly traditions that are coming from
India and also elsewhere – I’m… I’m not in any way an expert on…
to make a comment on the traditions that you’re talking about but essentially, tradition means this – what somebody did yesterday is today’s culture
and tradition, what you do today is tomorrow’s culture
and tradition. I’m asking you, how much of what we’re doing today in this
world and in this country is consciously cultured? But all the rubbish that we do, will become tomorrow’s culture and tradition
of this land, isn’t it so? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: I’m saying, do you believe that
people who lived here 1000 years ago were such super human beings, they did everything perfectly and you’re
doing everything wrong? It’s not so. They were also just people like you. We have a way of eulogizing everything with which we have a certain distance of time. but are they of no value? Not true. There’re a whole lot of things, whole lot of things that we as human beings simply know today, which is thanks to the traditions in which
we have grown up. We cannot say no. But if you want to know this life, which is
myself, no tradition is… Tradition can inspire you, tradition can put you in a direction, tradition cannot take you there, because this has to happen now, to you, only
then it’s a living reality for you. Otherwise you will read in a book and believe
it. But how do you know this works? I’m saying it should work. People ask me, “Sadhguru, how do we know whether we have
met a real teacher or a guru or not?” I just tell them, “Look at his face, whether it’s worked
for him, what he’s talking (Laughter).” Has it worked for him? That’s all the question. If it’s worked for him, it doesn’t matter
what it is, you must go with him because it’s worked
for him. If it’s not worked for him, what is the
point? Dead tradition. Dr. Benjamin R. Doolittle: So one of the traditions
here in a medical school, in a Western medical school, is the tradition of the evidence – show me! In this tradition, which is only really maybe two or three hundred
years old, the randomized controlled trial, the cohort study, the… all of that. And it’s good, that’s how we’ve gotten cures for pneumonia and drugs to help alleviate pain and it’s all been done through this pursuit
of the evidence. The evidence… and also I’m a pastor and I fully embrace the life of the spirit and the truth that we find in our faith traditions, and I love that tradition. But I do recognize a tension, if you will, between the truth that we discover in the
lab and the truth that we discover in our spirit. And I love that tension, I think that’s a great way to live in a
way, that sort of loving and joyful pursuit that
is both the truth that I see around me and the
love that grows in my heart. But I do recognize the tension. What is your perception of that? Sadhguru: See, when we talk about the evidence-based
approach, it is not a tradition. When it happened, when the Renaissance happened, it was breaking
of all traditions. Till then, because it was written in a book, because a certain authority was espousing
it, we said, “This is it.” When medical science evolved from Jenner (Referring
to Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist who was the pioneer of smallpox
vaccine, the world’s first vaccine) to others, the fundamental thing was they broke all tradition. So now if that is becoming a tradition, I’m very sorry. Because this was an exploration. An exploration cannot be traditional. An exploration means you’re constantly trying
to step into new terrain. That’s what an exploration is. But if that has become traditional, then we are treading the same track and thinking
it’s exploration. This evidence based approach has done wonders
to many many things No question but this entire process is dependent upon
human intellect. This is what, we are just coming into we went off little bit human intellect by nature I am just asking you would you like it sharp or blunt if you want sharp If you have a sharp instrument let’s say you
have a knife in your hand what could you do to this flower with a knife? you could cut it finely if you want but you can cut into pieces that’s exactly what the intelligence does whatever you give it it will cut it open and
try to see the way of evidence based science is disection
fundamentally Well, even in the medical school, I’m sure we’re in the pathology labs we are opening up, fortunately the dead (Few laugh). But if you really want to know somebody, someone whom you love very much, if you really want to know them, I think you should dissect them to know them. Would it work like that? No, obviously. So, there is one dimension of life, which is physical in nature, where dissection will work. But what is physical about you, the body that you carry, is an accumulation that you gathered over
a period of time. It’s just the food that you’ve eaten. It is actually a piece of the planet. Most people don’t get this when they’re
walking, but the countless number of people who walked
on this planet before you and me, they are all topsoil today. You and me also will be topsoil, unless your friends choose to bury you real
deep (Laughter), fearing that you may raise from the dead (Laughter). This is just the soil, isn’t it? Hello? Tch, this is just the soil that you walk upon. So this is an accumulation. What you gather, what you accumulate, you can claim, “It is mine”, you cannot say, “It’s me”, isn’t it? Right now, as I’m speaking, I say, “This is my glass.” You will think, “Oh, Sadhguru seems to have a problem (Few
laugh). But let’s listen, everybody says he’s
wise” (Few laugh). After some time I’ll say, “This is me.” Then you will say, “Let’s go home” (Laughter). Because if I claim this is me, you know it
is… it qualifies for madness, isn’t it? Whatever you acquire, you can say, “This is mine.” But if you say, “This is me”, this is
madness. Yes or no? Are there any psychiatrists? Do I… Do this… Does this qualify (Laughter)? It does. So, every day you’re doing this. Food appeared on your plate, you said, “This
is my food.” You ate it and then you say, “It’s me.” This is madness. But you have enormous company (Laughter). And we believe in democracy. Whatever the majority says must be right. So, it is going on. But the moment you believe something that
is not you as yourself, you kind of lost it. You’re derailed from life. So, turning inward does not mean dissection, turning inward does not mean contemplation because the content of your body and the content of your mind is an accumulated
substance, isn’t it? You gathered it from outside. What you gather from outside can be yours but can never ever be you. So, we’re talking about Inner Engineering, not as twisting and turning the body, not about taking on new attitudes of love
or generosity, compassion. Whatever great values and emotions that a
human being can have, I see all that as a consequence of a certain
way of being, rather than looking at it as a means to get
somewhere. Everywhere, people are talking about whatever… See, if you deprive somebody of something
for a period of time, simply qualities will raise to heaven. Today, anywhere you go, people are talking, “Peace of mind is the ultimate goal of human
life.” Why? Because they’re freaked out in their minds
(Laughter). Why would peace be the highest goal? Because you’re talking about Judeo-Christian
thing, the origin of where it came from I happened to be in Tel Aviv. I am to… I was to get there that morning and speak
at 6:30 in the evening. I was flying in from Atlanta. Because of some delays in the flights, I landed there at 6:00 in the evening. So, I’m quickly changing in the airport because in these thirty-five years, I’ve not been late to a single appointment. I don’t want to break that, so I’m rushing. And I am famished because I’m traveling an American airline and there’s nothing edible on the plane
(Laughter). I’m super hungry and I rush to the venue. And to my joy, I find the talk is in a fine restaurant. life can’t get better (Laughs). So as I went in, people are greeting me and one man comes up
and says, “Shalom.” I ask him, “What does it mean?” He says, “This is the highest way of greeting.” I said, “Well, that’s your opinion, but
what does it mean?” He said, “No, this is the highest way of
greeting.” I said, “That’s all right, but what does
the word mean?” He said, “It means peace.” I said, “Why would peace be the highest
way of greeting, unless you’re born in Middle East” (Laughter)?

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    In the poor place "Be rich!" is the highest way of greating.

  34. I just had a few moments away from my work so I listened to Sadhguru again. He is entertaining. No prophet. No . But fun.

  35. If anyone had read the Bible even once he would know that God is referred to as the Father. So, here is a man who doesn't seem to know or to have studied outside of his own Hindu religion that consists of thousand's of god's and goddesses. This man said "we" don't know, which is an untrue statement, it is 'he' that does not know. Why hasn't even one of you seen the stupidity in Sadhguru's comment on the color of God? The HU-MAN is made up of FLESH and God is of pure SPIRIT therefore, God has NO COLOR. Yes, it is written that when the Kingdom of Heaven was brought to India that the people rejected God and His teachings so God cursed them and their land. This man twist's facts by pretending to joke about God being a failure, which is an impossibility. It is the believer's of Hindu idol worshiping that has blinded their own eyes and deafened their own ears to truth This Hindu man never stops blaspheming the One true God. This time he insinuates that the God of the Bible is a pedophile like Michael Jackson…and his follower's laugh.

  36. Why do people always talk about Judeo-Christian traditions? There is nothing like that. Jews were always discriminated in Europe by Christians. A very big portion of European Jews fled to the Middle East because they were persecuted in Europe (nowadays known as Sephardis). Besides that, Islam and Christianity are closer than Judaism and Christianity (e.g. Muslims also believe that Jesus is the Messiah, etc.) and on the other hand Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity is to Judaism (e.g. kosher/halal, praying, etc.).

  37. He's completely missing the point of the question about the anger.. The anger I feel right now about senseless killings, mass shootings with nothing being done to even attempt to prevent them in the future, injustices, is that invalid? Does that make me stupid? There's a difference between being angry at your wife for not fixing breakfast properly, or angry at a dog for peeing in the wrong place, and being angry at the powers that be, about injustices, about racism, etc.. I'm still waiting for him to actually answer the question that was actually asked.

  38. I laughed at this idiot man….who in the caleed of Dr. benjamin …….

    I NEVER LISTEN TO THE DUM STUPID man like this before …….I cannot believe…..he is dr…….something

  39. Anger is important and increases the body's ability to function in certain situations. maybe the problem is not anger but rather the situations we've created to bring us anger. if we are creating the situations then that's not good but if a unjust situation is created somewhere else by other people and inflicted upon other people and caused us to anger which might bring us into action for a righteous cause

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