Sarasota Chiropractors Treat Headache Symptoms

hi I’m dr. Michelle amor and I’m dr. James Haley headaches are not a normal occurrence at least around here as a chiropractor we see people with headaches in these areas usually in the back of the head above the ear that comes around top of the ear and then from the back of the head all the way to the top of the head and in front of the eye that happens on both the right side and the left side so really the vertebrae get misaligned in the back of the neck the muscles tightened down and it pinches on the nerve and where those nerves go that’s where the pain comes out that results in a headache so someone who has that for example that headache that usually comes up above the top people often think it’s a sinus headache before the first questions I ask is do you have a runny nose if they don’t have a runny nose you know it’s not sinuses so a lot of times it stems from the back of the neck so week our practice get the vertebrae to move we take the pressure off the nerve and voila headache is usually much better and the people do a whole lot better

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