Schizophrenia and Depression

[MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT: The philosopher,
Ernest Becker, in his book, “The
Denial of Death,” says that the human
situation (LAUGHS) is so terrifying,
when you really consider the big picture,
that, to not go mad would amount to another
form of madness. Now, the philosopher,
Kierkegaard, has an interesting definition
of the schizophrenic, and he compares and
contrasts the schizophrenic to the depressive. Now, basically, he says
that the schizophrenic is overwhelmed by
too much possibility, that the schizophrenic is
privy to too much vision, too much ecstasy. He simply is overwhelmed, he
is flooded by an overbearing amount of sense
impressions, impregnated with so much meaning, with
so much signification, that he is torn apart
by the simple fact that there’s no
possible way that he can ride every single one
of those sense impressions. He can’t be here, and
there, everywhere. The schizophrenic is torn
apart because he simply is obliterated and is
not grounded in any way. He’s pulled in the
every possible direction he could be pulled, unfiltered,
terrified, like a living wake-walking nightmare. The depressive,
on the other hand, has the illusion that the
walls are caving in on him. He simply cannot envision
a different situation for himself. The depressive is subject to
a failure of the imagination. He is stuck with too much
entropy, too much gravity. The here and now sucks, and
he cannot imagine another possibility for himself. In other words, the
world is caving in. There is nothing but despair. He is too grounded. So again, the schizophrenic,
not grounded enough, pulled apart by too
much possibility. The depressive, too
grounded, too in his body, cannot transcend his own weight. It’s a failure of
the imagination. Two contrasts, two extremes,
loosely-defined, most of us probably finding ourselves
somewhere in-between. But nonetheless, an interesting
definition, and a creative challenge to each
and every one of us. How do we partake in
these beautific visions, these ecstatic visions, and
nightmarish perspectives, and leverage them, and try to
create life for ourselves that is, at the very least, filled
with a little bit of grace? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. You're describing mania in the first minute of your video, a manic shows the typical symptoms you're talking about, schizophrenics are often paranoid & have fearful delusions, they dont have the eruption of ideas, enthusiasm & energy as the manic… Mania is opposite of depression, might want to look it up…. I like your energy and creativity by the way…keep it up

  2. If I could deem someone the best it would be Jason Silva.  Somehow the stress persisting from a tumultuous work day disperses effortlessly with these shots of awe.  I love the feeling.

  3.  Its REALLY important to be aware that most people take definitions / words such as Schizophrenic and Depressed more rigid and defined than they are in the reality of… biochemical structure per se and what it portends, and experience by the person living with such biological structures…. what I mean is we are all on the spectrum of somewhat Schizophrenic and somewhat Depressed… we are all THIS… the reality is neuroscience and neurobiological structure is more complex than most people / most all people are able to understand therefore we render estimated definitions and frameworks such as Schizophrenic and Depressed to make our way through life and relate to each other.

  4. As someone who has battled with depression Ernest Becker's description of the depressed individual really makes me feel like he has never experienced true clinical depression nor does he have a very good understanding of it. Im not schizophrenic so I can't evaluate his take on the schizophrenic individual but considering how off base I feel he was bout depression he's lost all credibility on the subject in my book (and shouldn't have been allowed to write a book about it).

    Anyone else who has personally experienced depression and/or schizophrenia have any thoughts on Becker's descriptions? Everyones experience differs a bit so I'm curious if other people find him as off base as I do or if I'm just an outlier.

  5. I find it odd that he said that Schizophrenia and Depression are opposites because my sister suffers from depression and I recently discovered I have Schizophrenia.

  6. This Philosophy is very similar to what i've figured out through my life experience. Finding a balance between these two concepts is VERY powerful.

  7. Yes Jason your comment below may be referring to Kirkeggards a sickness unto death a treatise on psychoses, However they didnt in his age understand what sciences no partly do!

  8. Theres theories mixed on schizophrenia and some empirical studies now! You can look at theories as far back as RDLang Scottish analyst etc,

  9. Of some interest this view!Syd Barret of Pink Floyd Vivent Van Gogh Einsteins daughter all schizophrenics by definition,!

  10. I can get behind this way of thinking in my own experiences with depression.  In my case though, I also have periods of anxiety and feel that the way you described Schizophrenia is how I feel during my anxious times.  I'm on edge and needing something productive to do.  I have a hard time settling on just one thing, because there is always too much needing to be done, and I feel that all have the same value of importance.  I am incapable of making a sound decision in either state because during depression, I just can't care enough to worry about it and during anxiety, one decision always seems so life altering.

  11. Just a thought, maybe suggest that the depressive isn't choosing to feel that way, but it is based on unbalanced brain chemistry.

  12. Difficult for the people in the middle ground to grasp, they tend to want to fit into one niche or another, afraid of the brand "normal"(?).

  13. Damn I know how it feel too be sizoprenia and depressed but most policy that were born with it are going too therapy too get help or suffering I'd rather suffer with the mental disorder then to get help I am used too hearing and seeing my childhood demonic friends it's like different kind of ppl talking to me and I guess my father Jesus wanted me too be born as a sizoprenic and depression no pills are gonna as help me cause I'm going to refuse to take them and I usually taking my sleeping pills but I'm refused too take it cause it made me gain Weight but most of the Weight gain was part my fault cause when I was getting lots too eat I didn't think it would get me big but now I'm wishing that I've starve too death like ppl in other country or as a Matter of fact I'd wish I was born when Jesus was born so that Jesus traitor could have gotten me next too my father Jesus my other father be gotten son omgosh I'm so depressed rite now I'm wishing that I've never sin I'm dying in the inside💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔my heart has been feeling broken since the day I was created

  14. Jason Silva seems to have and unfiltered sensory input like the schizophrenic but can immediately turn it into poetry so he isn't destroyed by it.  

  15. This is interesting and I feel that I'm at a weird place on this scale. I'm the creative type and often find myself very depressed. However, it doesn't feel as though my creativity is stifled as much as the feeling that there is far too much rattling around in my brain that it is jamming my third-eye, clogging it's escape. But who knows, maybe some shots of philosophical espresso might help.

  16. I half-disagree with this perception of depression.  The feelings described are an accurate description of my feelings, but the conclusion – that it's a failure of imagination, that I couldn't imagine a better situation – is completely wrong.  I could imagine better, I could picture myself in the kind of life I want, but it felt like there was an enormous chasm between me and the future I was imagining, and this paralyzed me, keeping me from even starting to take the necessary steps because I felt like I was predestined to fail because I was alone in a hostile world.

  17. Old video, I know, but pretty decent.  🙂  Of course, some of this is the nature of the beast–you take the quotes you have and run with them.  I do think there's some confusing schizophrenia with manic mentality here, even if both of those can lead to disordered thought and/or psychotic breaks.

    Having said that?  I really believe that we are only going to make progress on treating depression and other mental illnesses, once we get OUT of the One Size Fits All box that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies like to put us in (for profits).  Because the truth in my experience with depression is that there isn't just a floor, emotionally, that's dictated by serotonin within the brain.

    There's a ceiling too–that's dictated by the dopamine system and stress hormones.  But there lies the rub: pharmaceutical companies have to work with anti-drug agencies and the Media and convince people that feeling good is bad, that taking a pill to enable a euphoric state is somehow doing it wrong.  And if you're talking about abusing a healthy brain with something like methamphetamine or cocaine, I couldn't agree more.  But….

    What about the unhealthy brains?  We already admit that people with ADD/ADHD have a problem of needing more stimulation than what they have.  They need more to their lives than what they've got: the pills barely substitute for that.

    How is depression so different?

  18. This is nonsense. First, many depressives are super creative.

    Second. (chemical imbalance aside), depression isn't simply about the inability to imagine a bigger picture, especially in the case of existential depression.

    It's the realization of seeing the bigger picture: the futility, cruelty and meaninglessness of existence and being unable to reconcile that with being "happy".

    Beware of armchair philosophers who've read a few books and possess an adequate vocabulary. 

  19. I know people with both…I'm depressive but that does not mean my world is bleak yet I do have some struggles. I think it would be more accurate to say people with depression have tendencies.

  20. This seems kind of silly. As far as I'm aware, schizophrenic people are often depressive, and they often hear voices rather than being overwhelmed by sensory perception.

  21. @shima it's called Schizoaffective disorder. It's when a schizophrenic is also affected with a mood disorder such as Depression or BiPolar

  22. Fascinating! I always thought that both depressed and schizophrenics were great spirits embodied in mediocre minds and that their mental anguish was the price to pay for there sanity.   

  23. Schizophrenia feels like a nigtmare,
    It doesnt pull you in 100 directions it pulls you in 1, in the 1 direction thats is 100 percent agants your nature, and because of this the walls are caving in, the world is falling apart.

    I sincerely ask you to pray gor us that suffer.

  24. Well Kit

    Well Jason Kirekege wrote A sickness unto death it should be remembered Kierkegaard didn't have our knowledge that we have concerning the brain!And though Kierkegaard wasn't clinically schizophrenic Malcalm Muggeridge somewhat correctly noted he had a schizophrenic mentality in his book a third testament!Schizophrenics in general need our empathy they suffer isolation are robbed cheated even if a few our violent but much less so than the majority of the public!

  25. Pink Floyd's Syd Barret was schizophrenic Einsteins daughter schizophrenic and Vincent Van Gogh all these great men schizophrenic!The Singularity will be perhaps a time when some form of schizophrenia will be in vogue if it arrives!

  26. I'm more on the schizophrenic end of the scale.  People talk about multi-tasking; I'm multitasking all the time whether I want to or not.  Note that I didn't say that I'm any good at it…

  27. an interesting perspective but I'm not sure is completely true, many depressives are extremely creative and schizophrenics can be so grounded in themselves that it tears them apart and vica versa with the depressive, i think that both of these are in fact the combination of each other extremes grounded in the others realm of madness/genius. just my opinion of course, based on my own madness 😉

  28. As someone who is very "ADD" and slightly schizophrenic, I must say that just because schizophrenia and depression may seem to be polar opposites, it does not mean they cannot coincide in the same person. I myself experience these bouts of depression, and when I examine them in a more rational state, it is unclear why I can't get myself to understand how irrational that depressive state makes me. On the other hand, my schizophrenic aspect fires a cloud of nothing and everything at the same time, all the time. My mind races with the possibilities of anything it can think of, and I, the conscious observer of my mind, must sit back and watch. I don't consider myself to be a  schizophrenic. I don't experience the hallucinations, unlikely delusions, or the antisocial aspects; however, my mother is diagnosed with depression with psychotic symptoms, and I can't help but that that some of her DNA has slipped into my adult mind. Fortunately, I'm both hyperaware of myself and inattentive to myself, so my ADD helps to balance out the mess of hyper fast thinking that goes on, while at the same time scrambling my mind into a deeper abyss. Somehow, I am able to function. Anxiety attacks creep in once a week, but for the most part, I'm fine. I'm very intelligent (not narcissism, just an observation), and yet I am trapped in a never ending battle just to feel "normal". Stimulants help my ADD, but they don't fix the fast thinking, and I don't think any combination of medication could. I need my thoughts to slow down and be clear at the same time, and no combination of medication I'm aware of could accomplish both of those things. A stimulant would counteract an anxiolytic and vice versa. Damn evolution. Why must our generation be the ones to undergo mental selection.

  29. wow they reckon I've got both and they call it schizoaffective disorder but here you actually saying I can be one or the other only… I disagree. How many schizophrenics have been driven to the point of suicide, no one commits suic. unless they are depressed correct me if I am wrong

  30. What if you suffer with symptoms of both schizophrenia and depression at various times, is this possible or could that be something diffent like bi-polar disorder?

  31. I am currently affected by depression and thus let me try and explain to you how I feel, within limitations which my understanding of the English language permits me of course.

    I remember only being truly happy when I was younger, but ever since I grew up and found out about our Universe our place in It (In relation to other Galaxies at least) and I just couldn't help but feel sad, but that was not the only cause, it was also loneliness, and after a while it evolved into what my psychiatrist calls "Depression" Now I never actually believed that I had depression, Why would I?, What could possibly give me a reason to be sad?, I never had a traumatic experience, Never really experienced anything bad happen in my short life and even had everything delivered to me in a silver plate (I think that's the expression) and so I started feeling guilty, feeling like I had no right to feel bad, it kept evolving up to when my psychiatrist started giving me medicine, Then I thought I could overcome this creeping feeling of emptiness and sadness but I couldn't, then after two different medicine types I thought It wasn't even helping me I still don't know, But the thing is that; when I started thinking about getting rid of the sickness that's when the depression really kicked in, I started trying to exercise but I couldn't help but think that even if I ever got fit it wouldn't be enough to hide my attitude, and whenever I tried working on my attitude I thought that my attitude didn't matter as much as my fiscal appearance and so everything I ever tried doing was instantly rushed by another feeling of frustration and just helplessness and so, I still battle this thoughts, I keep having ideas and want to try new things I have Ideas for writing, acting, singing, painting, drawing, programming, composing, but whenever I try, I feel like there is no point to them, and somehow, every thought I have, bends into a way that makes me and my thoughts look like a person not worth being in history not worth thinking of or even meeting and thoughts not worth mentioning to anyone. Even though I recognize this thoughts and try and make reason of them I can't, I just can't wrap my head around that they could actually be lies.

    That is my idea of depression, but if it is depression what I have it is merely my idea of it.

    I hope that someday my disease (whatever the hell it is) goes away and doesn't find it's way into the same path of another person.
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  32. It just so is disorders within the schizophrenic spectrum and depression often go hand in hand, I think the contrasts are a bit too passionate and overboard.
    As much as I appreciate Ernest Becker's quote, then as a person with schizotypy, I find the capability to think outside the box is way too glorified by people who aren't suffering from mental disease. You'd rather think inside the box than be confined outside it

  33. Thank you Jason.. I actually liked the definition of depression and it's so true. It's a failure in the imagination. keep it up! I love your videos

  34. I was diagnosed, without being diagnosed (weird situation where my dr believed me stable & is against fully diagnosing personality disorders), with SPD, or schizoid personality disorder, and I kind of get the whole "spectrum" terminology more now. It's eerily similar hearing about how schizophrenics endure anxieties considering I've have episodes (or breaks) myself that have lasted mere hours to weeks and it's very nightmarish to say the least

  35. No actually thats not my experience at all with schizophrenia.

    All that it really was was an absolutely malevolent interdimensional force that has been harming me for about fifteen years now, they are really torturing the shit out of me here and im almost dead.

    The first being that showed up was the grey alien, it came in and stared at me just after my "psychosis" began, my mind was taken over, it was flooded with unnaturally occurring information and it was quite painful.  I spent the next month being tormented inside and at times outside.

    There was also a being made of light.  And then the shadow person directly in front of me.  Some time later the ufo showed up right overhead, to close to mistake it, so close.

    And then there was a ghost, it looked human, they would call it a ghost but i don't know what the fuck it is, just some human looking thing made out of energy or some shit.

    And then the greek god called pan showed up, some say faerie though, some say spirit.  You won't ever forget a man that is half a fucking goat appearing while you are being tortured, it was so fucking wierd i almost forgot how bad it hurt.

    Also after seeing pan a guy calling himself a "witch", don't know if you use those terms anymore because everything is so advanced now, was able to induce a vision or visual hallucination in my mind, i saw it plain as day but he tapped my brain to make me see something visually.

    In actuality we're just being tortured inside by some evil fucks who like to murder people and hurt them.  You should have heard them out there the other night, they were in my mind explaining to me how you can create slaves by severely traumatizing someone enough to rob them of their desires.

    They've shocked me, they've burned me, and even bent my spine backwards once.

    All of these beings are seen by shaman as well, we're not shaman though, don't really know where terrance came up with that one.  We are simply murder victims.

  36. schizophrenia and depression are not of the same spectrum or family one is natural or genetic and the other is nurtural or acquired through experience

  37. I feel like he's using the words schizophrenic and depressed very loosely. Almost the same as a love and hate continuum

  38. The solution is to shoot videos of plastic bags floating in the wind, and show your new girlfriend you abusive dad's Nazi plate…

  39. simple of the how,its kill ourself and give the 'world' its fanciful delusion to choke on till its own violent degradated end.the whyfor,why fuckin not,,? ?? as my aboriginal brothers and sisters would say,unna???? in this case to self terminate would fuck up the being too grounded and dick-screw the cunna outta being too out there… cunna btw is my word for cunt and dick-screw,well thats fuckin it all like its a cunt!!! bless yoo all even in your curses!!

  40. hm I weirdley can relate to both of those but for the first time it crossed my mind that I might be more on the schizophrenic end of the spectrum rather than the depressed end…thx

  41. I'm a depressive. Very well stated, needing wings to fly. To not be so grounded and for the walls to stop caving in is the closest to flight and creativity beyond this despair. Mad to be free and mad to be loved.

  42. Wow, that was just AMAZING!!
    Your style, your way to express your thoughts, you philosophical mind everything just FANTASTIC!!
    And that difference between Schizophrenic and depressed was just Fabulous, beyond my thinking.
    Thanks a lot for such amazing videos with extremely important Topics…. Keep it on man

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