Schizophrenia Managing Techniques: Hearing Voices

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel star,
schizophrenic and this is schizophrenia managing techniques: hearing voices
Number one thing to do is to track your audio hallucinations, the voices that
you’re hearing. Write them down certain medications you’re on might affect
certain one might make ones go away and others worse okay certain stress is
going on in their life keep up with it a great way to do that is with To See in the Dark: a hallucination and delusion journal that I actually made to help
different people like myself. Number two what does the voice look like? Here’s the
thing it’s really scary to have like voices and audio hallucinations and
noises and stuff going on inside your head or even outside your heads aren’t
real. Figure out what does this voice look like okay is this an old woman? is
it a man? okay are there bigger they short? kind of start to visualize it and
then try and pick someone to be like hey okay so this person was walking up to
you and saying this stuff would it bother you as much as when it’s inside
your head. Number three name them. alright just like when you get a pitch what’s
the first thing you do you name it all right now you’re going to take ownership
of this voice because you’re in control they get to be in you not the other way
around Number four acknowledge the voice okay
ignoring it probably isn’t going to make it go away
alright but it’s going on it’s saying things like whoa stop all right. No, if
it’s calling you stupid I’m not stupid all right chill your voice
might get louder- you acknowledge it but you are in control
Tell it I’m the one in control not you and you really don’t have to listen to you
talk all you want but I dont have to pay attention. Number five talk to
someone about the voices that you’re hearing and what they’re saying- write it
down. okay a lot of times when people are hearing voices they feel the need to
isolate themself and it’s like they just end up trapping themselves with the
voices and all that stuff and they’re just getting beat up inside. NO don’t let them. Whether it’s a family member, friend, doctor, therapist all these different
people share it with someone okay you need to get it out a lot of
times voices tell you to not share all right no you need to share get it out
there because especially even talking about it and you start to be like yeah
I’m not these things this voice is saying right so get out there
bottom line take control. I’m Rachel Star

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