Schizophrenia Managing Techniques: The Basics

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel Star-
schizophrenic and this is schizophrenia Managing Techniques: The Basics Number One
thing track your symptoms. Track your hallucinations or delusions your
depression anything that’s kind of affecting you start tracking it that way
you can kind of start to see some different trends and maybe know when
things are about to happen all right so a really good way to do that is with “To
See in the Dark” a Hallucination and Delusion
Journal that I actually made. Number Two get plenty of rest, obviously sleep can
help your schizophrenia, it give you time for your mind to reset but I don’t
just mean sleep. Rest away from different stressors in your life whether
it’s work you know different things you have going on even family you know if
helping you rest is playing some video games and just like zoning out reading a
book do something though that can help you kind of unhook. Number Three Exercise
I don’t care if it’s just walking from you know your house to your mailbox and
back. Okay get out there and get your blood flowing it’s your body moving
alright this is like do a few push-ups beside your bed fine that’s something
okay for me I love fighting so I force myself no matter what
condition I’m in to go to my fighting class every Tuesday night and Number
Four socialize. Even if it’s just going out and running errands get out and get
around people We as schizophrenics tend to isolate
ourselves off and that’s not good you need to get out there be around people
interacting okay have a family member check in a friend you know say hey can
we go out and get lunch or something you don’t have to like tell them all about
what’s going on but you do need to get out there and make sure they’re still
connecting with people. I’m Rachel Star so those are pretty much just
some basics of managing techniques in the other videos I will go in more deeper on

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  1. Okay I'm not trying to be mean but I just unsubscribe cuz I just wanted to like for a while I thought why did I scribe to her anyways

  2. Nice!! Go into advice as checking your own thoughts, like counter acting. " Good mental housekeeping ". When having a delusional thought, make sure to counter act and say this is not real. Re evaluate the real event that took place to squash the delusional thought

  3. I love your videos Rachel they have really been helpful with me and my diagnoses of schizoaffective they always reminded me how much there is to live for keep up the grate work 😊

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