Schizophrenic Asian Woman Fights with Aggressive Homeless Man on S.F. Muni

[Girl] Fucking racist to everybody on the
bus… [Man] You come outside here, come outside
the bus [Woman] I’m scared!
[Man] Come out! [Woman] I’m a stupid bitch, okay!
[Man] You bring your bitch ass off this bus right now! Get your ass off the bus!
[Woman] No I’m not… [Man] Come here bitch! Come off the bus! You
wanna threaten my life!? I’m gonna break your fucking jaw!
[Woman] Yeah, you threaten your own life with your own damn shit!
[Man] Get your bitch-ass off of her! Come off of here, you fucking whore!
[Driver] Hello? [Woman] Who’s a whore!?
[Man] BRING YOUR GOOK ASS OFF HERE RIGHT NOW! [Woman] Bring your… regarding a… (unintelligible)
right now! [Man] Come here gook bitch! STEP OFF THE BUS
YOU SICK FUCKING WHORE! [Woman] You get off the bus! Don’t get on,
don’t get on again! You cannot get on this bus again!
[Man] When I say… I’m going to bust your fucking jaw…
[Driver] Hello? [Me] Could we, uh, I think we should leave
that guy behind. [Woman] Yeah, see who fugazis who first!
[Driver] Yeah [Me] He’s threatening her.
[Man] No, you threatened my life! You justified it by (unintelligible)
[Driver] You okay? [Woman] Yeah.
[Driver] Everybody okay? [Somebody Else] Yeah.
[Me] Yeah. [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] You’re scared of death too, uh-huh. Pay me? How much have I given you? For free?
There’s no free lunch! Go get free samples from Costco! Fuck you! [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] (Screams) [Woman] (Crying) [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] Look into my eyes, see the evil, wouldn’t you!? I’m okay with everything! [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] (Laughing) [Woman] (Hyperventilating) [Woman] (unintelligible)

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  1. i used to show this video to my sister and weโ€™d laugh at it so much. years later and iโ€™m crying. i have psychotic episodes now and i feel so bad for laughing at her. i was diagnosed schizo. i met a woman in a psych ward a month ago that looked and acted just like her. she was kind and this woman reminds me of her.

  2. I understand that mental illness is most definitely real but something in me tells me that that is not mental its spiritual and that lady was possessed. I know some will say Im crazy but real talk that was a demon.

  3. Nigga every time I see this it's like watching Platoon. FFS lady just tell him where the weapons cache is before they burn your whole village down.

  4. Sad to say she shouldn't be allowed anywhere in public like this, even though I'm sure it's out of her control it's just not safe

  5. So sad, there needs to be a global mental health awareness day. Mental health is invisible, you won't tell someone with a broken arm to just 'stop being in pain', right, that's ridiculous. But we'll quickly tell someone to just get over their feelings, or suck it up, or something. In a lot of people these invisible feelings can lead to more problems and then it's just too late, like maybe with this woman. No one can ever know what goes on is someone elses head.

  6. Seeing this reminds me to much of me, just I had to go through high school dealing with this and also trying to keep people from petting my service dog at the time.

  7. Poor lady โ˜น๏ธ. Her illness is horrible. I bet the neurons in her brain are firing off in all directions causing certain chemicals to be released unwillingly. Poor lady

  8. This isn't paranoid schizophrenia I know because I have paranoid schizophrenia I fukin hate it when people see a bad mental illness and they automatically choose the worst sounding one to label someone with most people don't know this but mainly all paranoid schizophrenics are not dangerous

  9. Homeless guy sounds like 80s wrestling characters ," GET OFF THE BUS I'LL BREAK YOUR JAW ! He looks like Plankton from Spongebob.

  10. Have not seen this video in years always a good laugh crazy Chinese and violent homeless on a packed California bus beats any movie I would be like haha thanks for the entertainment..

  11. There's nothing funny about mental illness it is torturous for any individual having to live like this cuz no one understands it and it's sad and they're isolated and alone

  12. She's hot, I'd impregnate her on the spot.
    FYI My birth mom was a schizophrenic and they took me when I was 9 days old.
    Everything's fine.

  13. I don't understand why u just sat there n filmed it n uploaded it on you Tube; so ppl can laugh at her; she clearly needs help u Dumbshit!.

  14. Bullshit, she is an actress. She us not psychotic .. Look at me, look at me. Total bullshit, I work with real psychotics and she is 100% faking.

  15. Growing up with a father whoโ€™s bipolar Iโ€™ve seen some crazy stuff before. I have a place in my heart for people who are mentally ill. She has no clue whatโ€™s sheโ€™s doing and without the proper meds she will continue to have these episodes. She deserves the help she needs because sheโ€™s not only a threat to others but a major threat to her own safety.

  16. She was probably sane before moving to SF! The apathy of the average SF resident has scenarios like this play out EVERYDAY. In all seriousness, CA has had a largely broken mental health system for over 5 decades. SF voters do not like laws or policies that hold people accountable. Energy, time and money have gone towards everything from how one owns(or should I say be a guardian for) a goldfish to "towel law" to naming the sewage treatment plant after George W Bush.
    It is awful that if someone has a toothache, it is an emergency and treatment can be obtained in less than 24 hours. If someone has an equally painful mental issue, it takes up to weeks and months for them to get help.

  17. Iโ€™m sorry but that was hilarious. When she said โ€œyou only can get free samples from Costcoโ€. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. Usually when they are having an active episode you can help them by engaging in conversation about the surrounding, tv, whatever, it helps them get distracted from what is going on in their heads, but with schizophrenia you have to always be careful cuz if they suffer from delusions of persecution they sincerely believe people could be out to get them and they could act aggressively

  19. What this man talking to a woman like if she's a man.i wonder what the hell happened,she's the crazy.oh oh.girlbshe spreading lice or bedbugs run away.

  20. Sheโ€™s in need of medical attention for medication, this poor woman, my aunt has bipolar which is no where as near worse and just seeing what she goes through and what this woman is going through just breaks my heart

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