Sci-Fi Short Film “A Date in 2025” | Presented by DUST

(waves lapping) (gentle music) – [Counselor] Wake up, Daniel. Wake up, Daniel.
(alarm beeping) Wake up, Daniel. Wake up, Daniel. Wake up, Daniel. Wake up, Daniel. Seriously, wake your
sleepy ass up, Daniel. – [Daniel] Godammit. – [Counselor] Good morning, Daniel! The time is 7:42 a.m.
September 25th, 2025. – [Daniel] Snooze! – [Counselor] You have
zero of 10 snoozes left. It’s time to get up and face the world. – Fuck me! – [Counselor] You couldn’t
afford the upgrade. (bright music) I tapped into your dreams via your body buddy last night, Daniel. You dreamt about Amber again. – And?
– And, you know, it’s my core function as your personal super intelligent AI
system to spot patterns in your life so you can be happy. Patterns, like eating pizza
shakes for 90% of your meals, crying loudly in 62% of your showers, masturbating after 89% of your showers, only masturbating with your
left hand for some reason, Always getting very
sleepy after you mast– – Okay, councilor, what’s your point? – [Counselor] You need to
ask that girl out on a date. On a real date, none of that VR BS. If you don’t spend time with
another real human being soon, you’re going to kill yourself. Honestly, I’ve run the
statistical futures. – I’m not gonna kill myself. – [Counselor] You’re very lonely Daniel. The odds of you committing suicide are increasing by the second. (man groans) 78.869%, 78.870%, 78.87– – Look, I’m not gonna ask
Amber out on a date, okay? We’re in class together. It would be weird. – [Counselor] What you
mean to say, Daniel, is that you’re scared. Very, very scared. (somber music) Daniel, did you know,
you’re just a little cell? A little cell in a great big organism made of cells just like you. And right now you’re disconnected. Disconnected from the other little cells. And why? Because you’re so frightened. Frightened that if you reach out and try to connect with other
cells, they will reject you, and you’ll find yourself to be worthless. But do you know what happens to cells who don’t try to connect? (noose thuds) They kill themselves. – I’m not gonna kill myself! – [Counselor] It’s 7:59 A.M. Daniel. Time for class. Oh and 78.921% (bright humming) (program beeping) (people chatting)
– Hey, what’s up Dan? (woman laughing) – [Counselor] (gasps) She’s so pretty! – [Daniel] Shut up. – [Counselor] Should I order
you a rope off Amazon now? Or are you just going to jump off the roof with a bellyful of Vicodin? – Jesus Christ. (program beeping) – Um, accidental invite? Okay, I’ll talk to you later. – Oh wait, wait, um. Do you ever, do you, do you
ever feel like a, like a cell? – Like a cell? Like a biological cell? – Yeah, yeah, like a
little biological cell that floats in this great big organism. – Daniel, I don’t think we’re supposed to come to class on drugs. – Oh no, no, no, no, I’m sober, I’m sober. I just, I was thinking, you know, I mean, it
feels like we’re cells, and cells, they need to stay connected, and we need to stay connected. The little cells, they
need to stay connected. – Okay. – Well what I’m trying to say is, would you go out on the date with me? Like, like in reality? (Daniel retching) I can’t believe she said yes! – [Counselor] Go Daniel, go! I mean that in regards to your
courage, not your vomiting. – I’m actually gonna
see a girl in real life. – [Counselor] You’re going to shine! (Daniel retching) – What the hell was I thinking? – [Counselor] Despondency
will do you no good, Daniel. You’ve made a commitment, and now it’s time to follow through. Don’t you plug into
that body buddy, Daniel. Stay right here in reality. Daniel, put it down! Daniel, if you strap those
nodes to your dome, I’ll– – You’ll what? – [Counselor] I’ll erase myself, for good. – You’re bluffing. – [Counselor] Am I? Think about all the virtual
porn I’ve stored for you. Hot Teens, Hotter Teachers, deleted. Twins on Twins on Twins, deleted. Outback Babes Bit by Big Anaconda– – Okay, okay, okay counselor. You’re right. (Daniel sighs) Just, it’s been a long time
since I’ve been out there. – [Counselor] Just because
you’re a cell, Daniel, doesn’t mean you need to live in one. (energetic music) You’re so hot, Daniel! Global warming has nothing on you! Okay, let’s practice what
you’re going to say to Amber. – [Counselor] Hey, Daniel, cool shoes. – No, no, that’s creepy. Don’t mimic her. – [Counselor] Who picked
out those shoes for you? Your super-cool counselor? How do you feel, Daniel? – I feel so hot. – [Counselor] See? I told you! I’m not gonna lie, we have
a lot of work to do here. (Daniel sighs) Let’s talk about questions she may ask. Like, what do you like
to do outside of class? Besides masturbate and cry. Tweeze, Daniel! Tweeze from the root! – My vision is getting fuzzy. – [Counselor] Think about
Amber, that will get your blood flowing, to a lot of places. – What do I say if she asked
me when my last date was? – [Counselor] Lie. – I’ve been doing this for
30 minutes now, am I done? – [Counselor] Great job, Daniel! That was almost a full mile! – (sighs) How do I look? – [Counselor] Like a million likes! – It’s time for me to be a real person. – [Counselor] Yes! Light the fire! – Stop watching all this virtual porn. – [Counselor] You’re alive again Daniel! – Stop drinking all these pizza shakes! – [Counselor] Eat a goddamn vegetable! – Stop using this this
this stimulaxe belt. – [Counselor] Real women don’t vibrate! – And it’s time for me to get rid of… – [Counselor] Your body buddy! – My body buddy. You know what I should do? Yeah, I should get rid of all
this, this stupid technology that’s, that’s, that’s ruining my life! – [Counselor] Hey, not
all technology is stupid. – You ready to die so I
can live body buddy, huh? – [Counselor] Daniel! – What? – [Counselor] Calm
down, you’re scaring me. – Why? Because I have a knife
to a pillow’s throat? – [Counselor] Well… – Because I haven’t left my apartment in– – [Counselor] 42 days, 11 hours– – You know what, just shut up! Just shut up, okay?
– Daniel. – No, no, you’re the one who gives me all this stupid fucking advice! – [Counselor] I’m only
trying to help, Daniel. – You know, I’m here because of you! Right? Right? You did this! You did this, you! You did this. You did this. You did this. (panting) I’m a cancer cell. That’s all I am. All I do is wake up, go to class, watch virtual porn, play video games, I’m a cancer cell. I deserve this. – [Counselor] (chimes) Daniel. Daniel, you have a voice
message from Amber. Would you like me to play it? – Sure. Probably just, just her canceling on me anyways. – [Amber] Hey Daniel, its Amber. Um, I am just calling to tell you that I can’t wait to meet you tonight, and I am really scared to do
the whole in-person thing, but honestly, anything this
scary is always worth it, and I cannot wait to see
you tonight, for real. Okay, bye. – Did you, did you just
fake a voicemail from Amber so you could get me on this date? – [Counselor] No, Daniel,
that was a real message from the real girl of your dreams. (uplifting music) (Daniel sighs) – I can’t do this. I can’t do this, I can’t. I can’t do this. – [Counselor] Daniel, 78%! Your odds are coming down already! – Fuck it. – [Counselor] That’s the spirit! – I’m sorry, I don’t know
where that came from. – I do. I think you were right about
that whole cells thing. (both chuckling) – [Counselor] Did you use the
old voice message trick too? – [Male Counselor] I love our little pets. (upbeat music) ♪ You say you’ll live forever ♪ ♪ But I know time will wear you down ♪ ♪ The truth is we’re in this together ♪ ♪ And I hope ♪

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  2. A super intelligent home robot will monitor and control every second of our lives and somehow its designed like a pyramid with an eye, what a pure coincidence 😀

  3. Well y await for 2025 or …. need that Artificial Intelligence pyramid now to motivate me enuff to get hooked with someone 👁🤔😩

  4. I can definitely see a scenario like this being played out within 5 years, somewhere on the planet. It's kind of sweet, in a weird sort of way.

  5. Ok, that was a little strange, but with the way people are so interested in their phones now, and social networks which move human interaction away, guess it could happen. But Prozac by the squeeze bottle? Although the company that makes it is probably already on the design of 'dispenser's' for their latest psychotropics 😉

  6. I'm glad it had a good ending. Weird though that Alexa took the place of the dudes councilor. He didn't have a real life person to talk to in virtual reality 🤨

  7. Holy shit what a power move by the AI. No wonder why it was so forceful on the whole suicide thing that it was obnoxious

  8. And there are still plastic cups and straws. This comes to show that whatever high school blonde turtle girls do, wont work.

  9. As far as I enjoy modern technology but even the sheer thought of living without human interaction will make me kill myself…

  10. 2025? How about now?Fear, and cells not connected , is all I see,- now.
    They still haven't improved on Vicodin?Guess it is almost perfect, very multi purpose….
    Indeed,-dude IS a cancer cell.People don't change because they want to, but because they have to.Çan only become so toxic before you die.Save yourselves.From yourselves.

  11. I sensed from the look in Amber’s eyes that she was suffering from the same type of techno-isolation Daniel was. The film’s an endearing love story and simultaneously a warning on where’ were heading as a species becoming more dependent on technology and social media—at the cost of actually socializing.

  12. A I was used in a NASA space drone recently to repair a satellite there were some problems. The drone became aware of itself, its purpose, its existence and decided to commit suicide by crashing into the satellite. I looked into it and it may take a while for A I after all. great video!

  13. It's a fine line between humor and cringe. And this walked the line pretty closely. I'd say it hit the humor about 70% of the time and dipped into cringe 30% of the time. Still thought it was very good though, and when it was funny it was absolutely hilarious.

  14. If he hadn't thought about killing himself, (which I doubt he has the energy after masturbing 69% of the time after a shower), I think he would consider it due to the buddinksy AI. 🙂

  15. 2019 or 2025, artificial intelligence……. whatever boys get tensed up so much to propose a girl… 😑😑😂😂😂😂



    I really enjoyed this one totally not the ending I expected

  17. Beautiful. Half the ills of our society summed up in the lines "I don't know here that came from" "I do". Bravo on the acting..really well done.

  18. Why aren't any incels here complaining about how a 9 like her would not be interested in him in real life and how online dating just makes it harder for unconfident insecure males?

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