See an Online Psychotherapist for Help with Anxiety and Depression

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional
online psychotherapist. If you’d like to see an online psychotherapist
for help with anxiety depression or addiction or other emotional problems, then I encourage
you to go to my website and learn more about the online psychotherapy process that I offer
via Skype. I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy which
I offer online via Skype for the treatment of anxiety and depression without having to
resort to using medications. Medications may have their place but it’s
important to understand that medications will not change the underlying psychological process
that causes your anxiety or depression. For that you need some form of psychotherapy
or other training that will give you the tools to work with your mind, with your emotions
and with your habitual thought patterns, and also for resolving emotional trauma. Medications cannot do that for you. If you’d like to learn more about Mindfulness
Therapy for working with the mind then do please go to my website and feel free to email
me if you have any questions. Working with an online psychotherapist is,
of course, very convenient, but it can also be very, very effective indeed, especially
if you are using an approach like Mindfulness Therapy or CBT or other process-oriented psychotherapy
that gives you ways of working with your mind, practical methods that you can apply yourself. This is much more effective in the long run
than any treatment based approach, because treatment based approaches essentially make
you a victim and don’t really teach you how to manage your emotions yourself. So we want a good form of psychotherapy which
is not a treatment based approach but one that actually gives you practical tools, and
in my opinion there is nothing more effective than Mindfulness Therapy or mindfulness based
cognitive behavioral therapy for doing just that. So during sessions I will teach you how to
use mindfulness effectively to work with your emotions, to learn how to promote their healing,
and how to work with thoughts, as well, so that you can break that habit of becoming
overwhelmed by reactive emotional thinking. So if you would like to learn more please
go to my website and contact me and then we can schedule some online psychotherapy sessions
via Skype. So if you’d like to see an online psychotherapist
for help with anxiety depression or addiction or any other emotional problem please reach
out to me through my website, and let’s get started. Thank you.

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