Self Care Routine – Cheap & Simple Ways to Fight Stress

Today I want to remind you guys about self care Was there a time when you feel like giving up And dont want to see or talk to people That’s probably a sign of burnout Getting too stressed or burned out may lead to mental breakdown So its important for us to recognize its early signs before we experience a breakdown Stress is not easy to address because we have different triggers, tolerance, and signs of stress hence the different approaches to addressing it What’s important is we do address it. The first aid for stress is called self care Self care is basically doing things that make you feel good This varies per person For example, I like hiking to relieve stress – so it is a form of self care for me But I know people who would feel like dying if they hike So that is not self care for them For this reason, it is important for you to plan your own self care routine This is my sample self care plan for myself When I’m greatly stressed, I like to travel for long period If you noticed, some of my self care routines are easy and simple to do Like walking, exercising, cooking This is because, you dont know when youll get stressed But when you do, you should have something you can do immediately to care for yourself Traveling is a nice self care plan, but it isn’t easily doable If you’re working, you need to take off from work You need sufficient budget / money for it. Consider these things when creating your own self care plan and routines If you dont know how to start with your self care plan Try to assess your lifestyle first I usually look at 6 factors when assessing my lifestyle 1. Physical Physical – Do i get enough sleep regularly? Physical – do i eat a balanced diet? Physical – Do I exercise at least 3x per week? Physical – Do i get sickly? Physical – Or am I regularly exhausted? 2. Emotional Emotional – Am I irritable? Emotional – Am i able to express my feelings properly? Emotional – Do i have healthy ways to cope with stress? Emotional – And do i practice positive self talk Rational – do I normally have extreme positive or negative thoughts? Rational – Do i have healthy mindset and thought patterns Spiritual – this doesnt mean you have to be religious this means, do you have a general sense of peace? Spiritual – or do you feel connected with your purpose? Occupation -do you enjoy your work? Occupation -does the outcome of your work match the effort you put in? Occupation -do you grow with your work? Occupation -and is there a work-life harmony? Network – are you genuinely close with at least 3 people? Network – are you aware of how you make others feel? Network – what is the quality of your relationships? And do you have a strong support group when you feel down? After assessing your lifestyle, think about the changes you want Do it slowly. For tips on how to start a lasting habit, click on my first vlog – Kaizen Way Remember, it is normal for us to be stressed as humans Do not feel guilty if you catch yourself in a slump Or when you want to give up and is generally thinking negatively What you need to do is ask help – from friends and family Or a professional – therapist To avoid worsening your state and experiencing a breakdown Mental health issues are not just imagination We’re not just pretending to be unwell These are very real conditions that affect the quality of our lives I hope you follow your self care plan no matter how busy you are If you have comments, please write down and I’ll reply later

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