SELF-CARE TIPS & ROUTINE To Help Depression and Anxiety (with Fitatu app review) | Raquel Mendes

so hey guys what’s up
I’m really kind of nervous doing this video because i’ve been promising if
we’re so long but it’s such a complex video for me to make that i didn’t and i
don’t even know where to start so i’m just gonna be if i’m all over the place
I apologize but I’m gonna try to be as consistent as possible not consistent as
organized as possible in my thoughts my train of thoughts okay so today we’re
going to talk about something that’s very dear to me a very close to me which
is self-care well if you’re if you click the video you’re probably in touch with
mental health awareness you probably maybe have mental health issues yourself
in case you don’t know me from before I do suffer from depression and anxiety at
the moment I’m on medication for both things and if you want to know more
about my relationship with depression I’m gonna link two videos in the
description box that I kind of went over everything I have started medications a
few months ago and I’m a lot better but I still have a real long way to go and I
feel like more and more I realize how this is gonna be something that’s gonna
be with me for the rest of my life even in the positive periods of my life
it’s always gonna be a little bug like in the back of my head that is sort of
gnawing at me and I’m always gonna have to watch out to not let it get too bad
and sometimes I may need medication sometimes I may not but it’s something
that I know that I’m gonna have to deal with for the rest of my life because I
have a very depressive personality the ways to deal with it sometimes his
medication all the times I think therapy is really
really helpful especially for me because I feel like I have a lot of like
childhood traumas that I even never realized until very very late in life
like it was really like this past year that it all came rushing down into me
obviously if you can afford therapy and counseling it’s a really really good
tool for you and it’s about finding also the right you know therapist and the
right counselor for you some of them you might not like as much but then when you
find the right fit I feel like it’s really really good for you too
honestly just to unload everything to a person that doesn’t have any judgment
does it have any reservations about you and doesn’t have any like expectations
as well it’s pretty liberating and it also helps guide you in the right
direction sort of and helps you understand your actions your past
actions so you can learn from them and do better in your future actions but the
main thing that is really really important and not all that expensive is
self-care and self-care can be like a million different things four million
different people self care is really about what makes you you what makes you
comfortable what makes you healthy what makes you happy what makes you get the
Machine going and push away the depressive thoughts and there are so
many things to look into when it comes to self-care I feel like I have my own
little niche of things but of course it’s down to you if you love to do
something I may not like so I’m gonna list like some of the things that I have
been doing towards my self-care routine and maybe you’ll find helpful tips as
well that you may like to introduce into yours so the first thing I’m going to
talk about is actually about my eating habits just before I went on medication
I was really down in the dumps and I feel like I had never experienced this
before previous episodes but in this one I was really lacking appetite I couldn’t
eat anything just a thought of food would make me sick I couldn’t when I was
chewing stuff it was like chewing paper I couldn’t feel the taste of the food it
was all very yeah and so I lost a lot of weight I’ve always been around 50 kilos
and so I was now at 45 kilos which was pretty scared for me my face was
starting to get something in and actually at the time I wasn’t feeling
too much but I did film one video with that weight which was the ASOS haul
which I’m gonna link up here if you want to see like my face it’s really like
different than what it is now and I was so tiny and so like I looked fragile
even and so one of the things that has been most
to me is making sure I get all the nutrition I need and mostly that I get
all the calories I need in my day now this is gonna sound weird but I’ve
actually been using a fitness help to help track that and the app I’ve been
using is called feet satchel actually I’ve been doing a sort of self
journaling of my food to make sure I ate at all the right times and make sure the
overall day of food looked great and then this app actually reached out to me
and I thought this is such a good idea such as ingenious idea and the app was
really like self intuitive and helpful for example today is very unfilled
because I haven’t finished today but for example yesterday I didn’t reach my full
calorie intake so I didn’t eat that much wasn’t really a great day actually I was
moving the whole day and that’s why that happened because I have been trying to
keep it to the full so when you sign up to the app you kind of put your weight
your height your definitions what you’d like what are your goals what you’d like
to achieve and then they give you the lengths of calories that you should
intake to you know make that happen and mine are 2135 so yesterday that
didn’t happen and you can see a huge gap but if we go like before yesterday you
can see that I filled out everything and went a little overboard which is great
you have like breakfast snack you have lunch you have another snack dinner and
then another snack and workout I mean you can have it can add every sort of
food that you want and I’m gonna show you how I do it here for example for
lunch you can go here and you can even go on scanner and you can scan your food
perfectly and it actually really shows up it’s really helpful and then you can
adjust the portions the grams you’ll find out calories you can also add stuff
of your own so for example if I go eat out yesterday I went to joe & the juice and
I searched up online all the information about the food that I was eating and I
just logged it into the app and I created my own sort of food and so I
have it readily available if I do eat that again it’s gonna be there just
click Add and a lot healthier in terms of weight right now and I am almost
my normal weight which I’m really happy about I’m like ecstatic about not only
because it was I was afraid to go down and get really sick but also because my
clothes weren’t fitting I’m gonna leave a link down below in the description box
for you to sign up to the app if you want to partner with that I’ve also been
trying to hit the gym a lot more cuz I was willing lazy about it before I had I
I was paying for J I’m like for months and months and months I’m never going
not even once and now I’ve started going again and I’ve been trying to do two to
three times a week and it’s been a challenge because I hate the gym I hate
working out but I’m doing it and it is so helpful for mental health illnesses
for depression especially when you’re working out your body’s just producing
serotonin which is what you lack of when you’re like in the depressive state and
so it just helps you get that motor started it just helps you get a little
bit more free and also helps like free your mind of stuff if you’re like
running or weights we’re dancing whatever workout you want to do and
you’re like listening to music and you’re thinking more about the action
than you’re thinking about your thoughts and I know like when you’re very
neurotic like I am I’m always thinking or always overthinking things and when
I’m at the gym I hate it but I hate it so much that I focus all my energy on
getting through that it also really helps my sleep pattern because when I
come out of gym I just take a bath got really relaxed and then I sleep a lot
better and I fall asleep a lot faster as well I don’t know if that happens to you
and that’s why I usually go out to the gym at the end of the day I know some
people do morning but I really like to go to the gym and then just come home
relax and lull myself into sleep and that’s are another thing that are real
real helpful baths candles aromatherapy candles that are very sleep inducing a
real life as well because they calm down I have like this neom de-stress bath oil and
I’m gonna put a picture up here that before I go into the shower I just put a
little on my shoulders I inhale deeply like just let it feel me
let it feel the room and you really really calls me that especially if I’m
really anxious and my heartbeat is accelerated I destroyed it deep breath
and smell really works in your mind and kind of slows everything down a little
bit I find that super helpful also the physical acts of lighting a
candle dimming down the lights it’s just very relaxing towards the nighttime and
I really like to do it another thing I’ve been really really liking to do is
kind of taking care of my plants I have some cactus and succulents and then I
just got a fern which I’m really excited about and I think I’m gonna kill it but
I’ve never had a fern but I know they’re really complicated and but it’s
really cute on whatever pictures I bought my plants here because they’re
really cute and I really like taking care of them and like looking after them
nourishing them and while I’m doing it it’s just like I don’t know it’s sort of
uh um it does help kind of ease your mind also taking care of your place and
making sure everything’s like really tidy I’m a really really messy person
and when my room is messy when my house is messy I feel like it also interferes
with my mind like my mind gets a little bit more messy if the house is super
clean and super tidy and super organized I feel so much better like inside my head
it’s a totally psychological thing but you know that’s what we’re talking about
here and it does clear out the space in my mind as well it kind of mirrors
itself in my mind I don’t know if that happens to you let me know in the
comment another thing that I really like to do now especially now that I’m
working from home if I’m staying home then I it’s important to have like a
waking up routine it’s important to wake up semi early early depending on your
and I mean I know it’s really hard when you really depressed us to wake up but
it’s important to wake up in the morning to open up your curtains let the light
shine in it’s really important for you to do that and then also I try to do my
skincare routine right when I wake up because it does wake me up a little bit
and I don’t get as drowsy the water splashing on my face kind of wakes me up
a little bit so I tried to do that as well and most importantly get out of my
PJs when I’m at home if I’m working from home I can’t I have to switch into like
workout clothes or activewear something that is not a pajama because if I stay
in my pajamas I literally get more lazy and again this is all very psychological
but it’s the little things that add it up all together make for a clearer
headspace and a more calm headspace I also really think it’s
helpful to have a pet if you can pets are the best and I obviously recommend
the cat because I love cats dogs are also really good if you like
like the neediness of dogs that might be a really good thing as well because they
take so much more care of you than a cat does but to be honest I love cats and I
think that my cat really helps me through a lot it was like bad moments I
just look at him and he’s so cute he instantly cheers me up a little bit and
he makes me so so like grateful that he’s in my life he’s just a little ball
of fur and I love and I think yeah having pets is really helpful as well
especially if you live alone if you spend a lot of your time at home alone
I’ve also started journaling so yeah I mean I don’t do it every single day
because I feel like sometimes I don’t have stuff to say and that’s fine but I
try to journal like regularly so I’ve been doing at least once a week but
sometimes two to three times a week and especially if I have a bad day and I
just want to get it out of my head it also is a good aid to therapy or if
you can’t afford therapy or if you don’t have the means to to go to therapy it’s
a really good second option it’s not gonna substitute it but it’s a really
really good second option that you can sort of make work
I feel like letting the stuff out is really good it even if you’re just
writing to no one letting the stuff out it’s just really really cleansing and
purifying and it just gets rid of all the nasty stuff that you’re thinking
about one thing that you should always always also do is reaching out to other
people I’m not saying like in a way of help and if you do need help definitely
reach out to other people get help and make yourself better but also if you are
very if even if you’re recovering if you’re already healthy it’s really
important to go out of the house to meet people to socialize
I hate socializing it’s my worst nightmare and I don’t have that many
friends so I try to like rotate between my friends for them sort of babysit me
through the day and I know it can be hard to make friends when you don’t have
friends when you just moved to a new place and you don’t have friends you
don’t know anyone but it really is important to mingle and just have those
people that you know you can count on and right now I’m trying to
organize my whole life and just reach out to people that I haven’t reached
that in so long because you know depression kind of pushes everyone away
in the sort of unconscious involuntary sense but now that I’m a little bit
healthier and I’ve also been I know that is healthy I’ve been trying to reach out
to people make lunch today to make tea dates make whatever dates but I
just can see people and talk to people talk to different people because it
really nourishes the mind it also gets you thinking about other things when you
talk to one person you kind of get that person’s perspective but if you talk to
like five people then you get five people’s perspectives they also talk to
you about their problems so you kind of take your mind off your problems a
little bit talk to other people and kind of engage in their problems and their
kind of concerns that the stuff that they’re going through it really does
help mix it up a little bit if you know what I mean and finally I think this is
gonna sound really weird but one that I really feel is really really super
helpful to me it’s keeping my Instagram updated when I’m not keeping my
Instagram updated you can tell that I’m going through something through a rough
patch to a depressive episode because I have no will to do it so I kind of force
myself to do it even when I don’t want to because I know that if I stop that
ball from rolling then it kind of becomes a square and it’s harder to roll
I think that was a really weird metaphor but you know what I mean I mean it’s
it’s once I stopped posting for like a week then it’s so so so hard to get back
on that horse again so I really try to update Instagram daily if not daily then
every two days or something like that I’ve been trying to keep it going daily
because it really helps me just be productive and feel productive as well
and I feel like when I feel productive and and when I do like I make lists and
I when I do all the stuff in my list I feel a little peace of mind that kind of
you know makes me motivate it for the next day if that makes sense I do like
making lists a lot so that’s another thing I do like making lists a lot and
then when I check everything off the list I feel so much so much more calm
somewhat less anxious so much less paranoid about all the problems that I
have in my life I think just kind of aligns for a brief
moment and it kind of makes me look forward to the next day where I have a
different tasks to get through yeah that’s pretty much it that is sort of
what I go through with my self-care routine it’s more of a sit down video
I’d also want to make a more like guided video where I actually you see me do the
stop so let me know down below if you’d actually like to see me do a self-care
routine like when I get home from work when I’m home working and when I’m doing
up until nighttime from morning to night time what are all the steps that I do in
a regular normal day I think that would be really fun as well let me know if
you’d be interested in that this video thumbs up and leave a comment down below
saying yes or no yes know if you’re interested say yes and yeah that’s where
my chit subscribe to the channel don’t forget to click the little bell button
so you know every single time I’m uploading and that’s it you

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  1. Funny how I just admitted to myself that I am extremely depressed and not getting better and this video popped up. Took time off from work to do self-care, the job caused the depression, and it is not getting better. I think in the back of my mind I now have a lot of doubts about myself and I am discovering that I do have a lot of fake folks in my life. But God has sent me some amazing people. I have been doing some really bad retail therapy. So I need to learn to deal and control my impulses.

  2. When I was going through a lot of things last year, my pastor suggested little acts of charity throughout the day. Even if it is just simple like for who you live with. Like I might do the dishes while my husband is at work, or send out little compliments to others friends that I know are struggling. I think regardless of what people believe, reminding ourselves that our world is all a team and helping others can maaaassively with depression. Also, I love your channel, I'm so glad you are feeling better these days!

  3. Como sei que és portuguesa, vou escrever em português hehe
    Adoro ver os teus vídeos, és uma inspiração ✨ um beijinho grande ❤

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m super happy that you’re doing better.
    Keep fighting, chickadee💥👊🏻💥. Your down to earth personality makes you easy to relate too. You’re brought up tons of great info and tips. I’ve mentioned in a previous video that I, too, suffer from anxiety/panic disorder and depression. I also have a rare chronic illness (Gastroparesis) which has gotten very severe over the past 4-5 years. It’s almost impossible to mention one without the other, as they effect each other incredibly. I’ve actually been on a 27hr feeding tube for the past 3 1/2 years via a Jtube. Gastroparesis is pretty much paralysis of the stomach, as my stomach doesn’t empty and I can no longer tolerate food by mouth. It can be fatal due to malnutrition. Three or so years ago I would never be sharing this, but really want to make people aware of this horrible illness and how it affects every aspect of my life. People in my (Gastroparesis) community are literally starving to death. Because I’ve been home bound since getting my feeding tube it’s difficult to do many things to helps my depression and anxiety. I’m currently at 74 lbs, and was 64 in the ICU at my worst. I was up to almost 80 but have been having complications with my Jtube (waiting to see my surgeon). I am scheduled to have a fairly new procedure called “POP”. Trying to stay positive. I find that it’s difficult to juggle both. Right now I’m more focused on my physical health and I can tell it’s taking a toll on my mental health. But…I have amazing support. Honestly the best parents. There isn’t a word to describe how amazing they’ve been. Plus I have extremely fantastic drs/surgeons. So I feel guilty when I start to complain, because so many others do not have these things. You touched on the subject of social media/instagram which I totally relate to. Everyone knows if I’m not posting on my Facebook page I’m not doing well. But yes, it helps to keep at it.
    Sorry for the ultra long message (again).
    Oh, I would love to see a “self care” video that shows how you manage your days.
    Stay strong:))

  5. I just love you sooo much ur every vedio has a fun element and. It's just soooooooooooooooopooooooo gud

  6. Try to make more vlogs cuz I love them and more bout ur life
    But yu should so what makes u happy so even if u wanna make skincare and beauty vedios great
    I'm always there to watch them

  7. Loved this ❤️ Therapy really helped me I had my first session a few days ago, she really illuminated the way I’ve been acting, I wish I started earlier! I started bullet journaling but because I had to design everything myself I got lazy and put it off, going to start again. Definitely gonna start exercising too 💕

  8. Thank you for this video. I have been struggling with depression for years and self care is a thing that I always found very difficult. I really appreciate your honesty and openness. Keep up good work!

  9. Thank you Raquel, I really did relate to what you were saying… Particularly the part about the messy house. In theory I don't really mind it but I've been noticing it does get to me.
    Obrigada 🙂

  10. I really want to try some of this selfcare tips, like the journal. I found hard talking about my feelings and stuff because sometimes when i have tried i end up feeling disapointed about their opinion on my like it's me overreacting or not been tough enoungh. So, writting might be hepful.
    Thanks for sharing, Raquel!
    Plants, pets and trying to keep on with routines always help me.
    I'm really happy that you're doing better!

  11. anyone that’s depressed reading this right now ever been depressed and have a weird sensation in the legs and is super scared in the morning

  12. Careful with counting calories
    From a self destructive behaviored peep I tried that multiple times before and would always end up after a few months intently eating less calories than I should because I would see the numbers and it would always be a trigger slippy slope

  13. I recently was officially diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I recently was also in the hospital for it ( where I was officially diagnosed) and I’m out now; I just need counseling now which we’re looking for but I do need to take care of myself because I know I will bad days where I just don’t feel like myself and I want to get into the habit of taking care of myself because I do know that my loved ones can’t always take care of me and I need to take care of myself and I want to more motivated because I’m in my last year of high school and I want to graduate and go to college and pursue my dream job.

  14. Hi Raquel 🌹 Sweet video. I can relate to being neurotic!! Lol.
    Are you French? Ur very beautiful. I love the nail polish & hair


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