Self-Help Tips : How to Help a Depressed Person

Hi my name is Dr. Art Bowler and I am a psychologist
in Manhattan New York City where I have my own private practice. In this clip we are
going to talk about how to deal with depression. Depression is a very serious illness and it
effects many many Americans and people across the globe. Depression is evidenced by depressed
moods for more than two weeks ever day, loss of energy, difficulty sleeping, appetite changes,
loss of energy, thoughts of suicide. The best way to help a depressed person is to first
notice that they are depressed and when you do notice, talk to them about it. Sometimes
people will be a little bit closed off because of the feelings related to depression but
often times social support is really helpful for someone who is really depressed but because
depression is so serious, it does kill via suicide, it is really important that you discuss
with your friend or loved one the idea of being evaluated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist
related to the extent that they are depressed. There are many different treatments helpful
for depression by psychologists and psychiatrist alike including behavior modification, cognitive
therapy and medication management. So if you have a loved one who is depressed those are
some of the things that you should think about doing. This is Dr. Art Bowler and this has
been how to help a depressed person.

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  1. if a person is depressed….how do they seek help if they have NO insurance to pay for it? Say they live paycheck to paycheck and cant afford to pay for it themselves as well?

  2. look for some support groups that offer free help and advice..go to a happy church… be in a place where you can hear something that will give you a new perspective or some hope. Pray, what you cannot handle, place in God's hands..and try helping someone else who is worse off than you.. you may find some of the depressed feelings lift. I hope you feel better.

  3. I think if someone close to you is depressed, you need to also think about what kind of effect you may be having on them, and try and be careful not to "dominate" or subtly abuse them. Also, to the extent that you can, try and be sincere with them. A lot of people are depressed because of the "inauthenticity" and — brutality — of the people around them. The problem is not always in the "depressed" person per se.

  4. You are so correct! The people around you DO make a big difference, especially if you are considered "different" from the group norm.

  5. @daveyork0 sometimes i dont speak for the whole day and i live with my parents its like they dont even notice or care

  6. Having been depressed and got out… I can tell you that denial and enclosing yourself is not making shit any easier for neither yourself, or the people around you.
    If you are closed and negetive to everything without trying, people will just say
    "fuck it, be depressed then" You need to open your mind and TRY!
    One thing:People CAN NOT fully understand you so dont think that they can, why? Because nobody is just like you! People can understand somewhat, but not fully. It's the truth nothing more

  7. @perfumistaful – right freakin' on. Inauthenticity is epidemic. Brutality as well. I don't trust people who aren't ever depressed.

  8. what if your loved one wont admit they are depressed or seek help – im at a loss,my son desperatly needs help but wont go………………dont know what to do??????

  9. its the hardest thing to understand 🙁 I am helping my younger friend, she is 17 and its so difficult to understand or even to recognise it, Its quite taxing you the person from the outside so you have to be-careful and learn to set boundaries, I didn't know this at first and sadly lost it at her once.

  10. pray for him/her, God will answer, Jordan:) just have faith. Constantly tell God your problems and your needs, He honors persistance

  11. You people who follow the abrahamic religions disgust me.

    Might as well have told him to sit on the couch and do nothing.

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