seth everman does TikTok

**Tik Tok** Hey guys, uh It’s been about a month since I uploaded my last youtube video And since then I’ve been SO super busy I’ve been playing video games, I’ve been sitting on the coach, I’ve been uh playing video games and I’ve also been on my phone and more and more people everywhere keep talking about *TikTok* And I obviously know what tiktok is since I’m on the internet 90% of my awake hours GOD I hate how that’s me trying to be funny But it’s, like, the actual truth ~aNyWaY~ I thought I could make TikToks Just like as a challenge to myself I don’t even need to gain money or anything like that but then TikTok reached out, so now this video is $pon$ored by TikTok CA$HING TikTok gave me the username @seth like there’s something about short usernames like that I’m basically, suddenly very famous and a celebrity I asked you to send me TikToks with “big Seth Everman Energy” That’s like a tongue twister, I’m Swedish PLEASE help me uWu much approval love this

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  1. i don't think i've ever been this happy in a video ever before. i am so sorry, it won't happen again. enjoy this video of me just saying "tiktok" and "seth everman" several many times. hit that like and sucsrcibe

  2. Can we have a collab between Joe Jenkins, Seth Everman, Davie504, Smooth McGroove, and ValueSelect? That would be e p i c

  3. If you want to Control your Roomber Like 3:30 your Roomber has a Control Port hidden under a Cap or under a big plastic piece. You can Control this Port through a arduino or Raspi! Just Look it Up…

  4. you know what would have made the megalovania roomba that much better? if the roomba ejected knives attached around it, they people start screaming and furiously shaking the camera and the megalovania transitions into full on action remix none roombafid version… you know the one i'm talking about, the earrape version but not really… or maybe the earrape version? ahh yes

  5. Hey guys! Hope you're having a good day ❤ Im a young artist who loves to sing 🎶 If you could simply like this comment so more people can notice it, that would mean the world to me. Thank you ❤️😊

  6. Hittade dig genom Davie. Subbar för du är sveeeensk (och för att jag gillar dina videos lawl) Live long and prosper!

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