Shame, Stigma Keeps Us from Getting Depression Treatment

Hi. I’m Veronica. And I’m thinking a lot about the stigma and the shame surrounding depression and mental health in general. I believe that shame is the thing that prevents us from asking for help and from getting better. I know that’s what prevented me. When I was depressed and self-injuring and anxious in secret, I felt terrible about myself. I felt like I was a bad person. And I felt “less than”. I kept blaming myself for the feelings and the emotions and the thoughts that I had in my mind. But now I know that all of those things are totally normal. If you had strep, your throat was aching, you had a major headache, the body aches, you had a fever, would you prevent yourself from going to the doctor and getting treatment, getting medicine? Would you feel ashamed for needing to stay in bed? Probably not. You probably want to get help immediately so that you feel better. And I think that if we start to change our mindsets and the way we feel about even how we feel, then things will start to change. So if you’re feeling depressed, if you’re struggling
and dealing with a mental illness and if you’re just, you know, thinking that you might need to take more time taking care of your mental health, there is totally nothing to be ashamed about. Depression affects more people than we know, than we talk about. And the best thing you can do is ask for help.

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  1. Your sweater looks so comfy 😍😍 and story if my life . I waited nearly 10 years to say "I need help " to my parent and even then it took me saying things like "I don't care if I die " and other off the hand comment like those for her to see I was begging for it . I guess depression is discussed more now than when it was when I was in school , or growing up , because there were no posters on the halls , no hotline numbers or nay of that . I was afraid if I told my parents I was depressed they'd think it was something they did , or that I'd get labeled as crazy , and sent away . I did end up spilling the beans about my third suicide attempt at age 12 and I got a really bad response . One that lead me to keep it bottled up another few years .

  2. Feeling depress is bad enough but when coworkers and people in public call you crazy and yell it at you that makes it worst to the x90000power.

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