Signs and support for depression – Melissa Cook, Lakeland Mental Health

If somebody you love is depressed, be there for them. Make sure that they know that you’re there. Give them just the love that they need at that point in time. It’s not something that you need to fix. There’s people in the field that can help them and your job as a support person is to just make sure that they know that they’e not alone. And that it’s common and it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. It’s going to get better and you’re going to see it through with them. Some things not to if someone you love is depressed, is to tell them “Get over it. Just get up, get out of bed and take a shower. Just be done with this.” Those kind of things that you’re telling them might sound okay to you, but to them it can sound condemning and shaming and they get nervous they’re not doing the right things and they’re already in a point in their life where they feel like things aren’t going well. So telling them what to do, telling them it’s all in their head, those things are not helpful.

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